Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Ben, Claire and Shawn that Ciara was out of surgery. Ben was going to see Ciara, but Kayla didn’t like the sound of his cough. Marlena wanted to know why Belle threw Sami to the wolves. Nicole took Allie to the police station and told Rafe that Allie wanted to see Sami. Lucas went to see Sami. He wanted to know if she killed Charlie. She told him that she was innocent. Belle told Marlena that she made it clear to Sami that she couldn’t represent someone who lied to her. Marlena said the stakes were high. Belle told her that Sami needed to understand that if she was convicted of murder, she would pay with her life. Lucas told Sami that her prints were on the gun and she had residue on her clothes. He said she went to the apartment to kill Charlie. Sami said everything was true. He wanted to know what happened. Rafe told Allie and Nicole that Ciara was alive. Shawn went to see Ciara. Marlena asked Belle if she would consider representing Sami. Belle said she wouldn’t do it. She said she would recommend a good attorney. Lucas promised Sami that she would keep her secret. She said after he told her about Charlie, she got on a plane and thought about what Charlie did to Allie. She said when she landed she went to his apartment. She said she was determined to hurt him. She said she went in his apartment. She said it was dark inside. She said she knew she wasn’t alone. She said her anger was replaced by fear. She said she saw a gun on the floor. She said she ended up seeing Charlie on the floor. Lucas asked what he said. She said he didn’t say anything. She said Charlie was dead.

Shawn told Ben, Claire and Allie that Ciara was alive and well. Ben rushed off to see her. Marlena told Belle that she hoped she was in Sami’s corner. Belle said she was. Marlena said she thought Sami was innocent of killing Charlie. Belle wanted to know why. Marlena said Sami was smart and savvy. She said she loved her family and would never do anything to harm those relationships. She said she didn’t understand why Sami lied when her story could be checked. Sami told Lucas that she checked Charlie’s pulse. She said she pulled her hand away because she was cheated of getting her revenge. She said she picked up the gun and shot him in his heart. She said she dropped the gun and ran into the bathroom to splash water on her face. She said when she came out Rafe was there. Lucas wanted to know why she didn’t tell the truth. She said she thought it wasn’t her. He said it wasn’t him. She wanted to know who had the biggest score to settle with Charlie. He asked if he thought Allie did it. Claire and Allie talked about Sami being arrested. Allie said her mother was arrested because of her. Sami said she lied because Rafe would investigate who did it and it would lead to Allie. Rafe talked to Nicole about Sami not denying killing Charlie. Belle told Marlena that she went over the case file and everything pointed to Sami being guilty. Marlena said there was something more to the story. Belle told her to convince Sami to help herself. She said she didn’t want to see Sami go back to prison. Lucas told Sami that she could go to prison. She said he went to prison for Will. She said she was willing to go to prison for Allie. He wanted to talk to Allie. Sami said he couldn’t tell Allie. She wanted him to keep her secret so they could keep Allie safe. He agreed to keep the secret. Claire wanted to know why Allie said Charlie’s murder was her fault. Claire asked Allie if she killed Charlie. Ben went to see Ciara. She told him to get away from her. She said she he was the necktie killer.

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