Days Short Recap Monday, March 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan kept slipping up while she was talking to Lani. Kristen tried to throw Chloe out when she brought food over for Brady. Gwen went to see Jack to thank him for believing her when she told him what happened with Laura. Gabi wanted to know why Abby wanted to work with her. Abby said Gwen was a b*tch. Gabi wanted to know why she should care about that. Abby said Gwen drugged her and framed Gabi. Gabi said she cared about that, but Abby hated her. Abby said she didn’t hate her as much as she hated Gwen. Gabi said she didn’t know anything about revenge. Abby agreed. Abby reminded her that she would have gone to prison because of Gwen. Gabi wasn’t interested in helping her. Susan slipped up again while Lani was talking to her. Brady showed up while Kristen and Chloe were arguing. He wanted to know why she was upset. Kristen said Chloe was why. Susan tried to convince Lani that Chloe was the one responsible for Brady getting shot. Susan said Chloe was throwing herself at Brady. Lani wanted to know how she knew. Jack told Gwen that he didn’t do anything. She said he stopped her from hiding the body. She thanked him for believing her. Abby tried to convince Gabi to help her, but Gabi wasn’t interested. Abby said Gabi would be able to help her get Gwen without losing control. Gabi wanted to know why she would do that. Abby said she wanted to get back at Gwen because of Jake. Gabi wasn’t interested. Abby said she would get her something she wanted if she helped her.

Abby told Gabi that she was going to get Gwen whether she helped her or not. Gabi said she wanted her to break up Jake and Kate and she would help her. Jack reminded Gwen that she drugged Abby. Gwen said she shouldn’t have come to see him. He said he cared about her, but he was on to her. She said Abby thought she killed Laura. She asked if she really believed her or if he was setting her up. Kristen wanted Brady to eat the breakfast she made for him. When Chloe was about to leave, he told her not to go. He wanted her to eat the muffins with him. Susan told Lani that Chloe was throwing herself at Brady. Lani told her she knew what was going on. Brady and Chloe wanted to know what was going on with Kristen when she kept getting upset with Chloe. Lani told Kristen that everything she was going through was too much for her. She told Kristen to tell her how scared and lonely she was. Kristen blamed Chloe for Brady getting shot. He wanted to know why she cared so much about him. She said she was concerned about what it would do to John and Marlena. Jack told Gwen that he was a journalist and that it helped him see when people were lying to him. She said she wasn’t used to people believing her or standing up for her. Gabi tried to convince Abby that she could go after Kate when Abby wasn’t sure she would be able to. Abby said Jake was a nice person. Gabi was offended by that remark and told her she wouldn’t help her. Abby agreed to break up Kate and Jake. Abby said she would do it if Gabi swear to help her make Gwen pay.

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