Days Short Recap Friday, February 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan called Kristen to let her know she lied to her. She knew that Kristen had another agenda to keep her in prison. Kristen wanted her to hang on a little longer. Kristen tried everything she could to to get her to stay in prison for her. Allie talked to Nicole about Claire recording Charlie’s confession. She told her how Charlie found out about it and tried to hurt Claire. She didn’t want him to do anything to hurt her. She wanted to stop him. Nicole wanted to know what happened. She told her how she wanted to get him out of her life for good. She decided not to focus on the negative things and be happy. She considered Charlie dead to her. Rafe questioned Sami about being at Charlie’s place. She was vague about what she was doing there. He asked her when she arrived back in town. She gave him a few details. She didn’t seem too worried about Charlie being dead. She felt like he got what deserved by being dead. He wanted her to answer his questions or he would have her do it at the station. She kept quiet so he called the murder in to the police. Kristen was relieved that Susan would stay in prison when Ben and Claire arrived at the townhouse. They needed her help to find Ciara. Kristen didn’t know how to help them. They told her how she could help like she did before. They told her about the book and about Ben’s dream. Kristen had to play it off as if she lost the feeling she had. She didn’t give them any useful information so they ended up leaving.

Tripp went to see Ava at Rafe’s house. She let him know that Charlie threatened to kill him. Tripp wasn’t worried about him now. She told him how Rafe went to check out a gunshot at Charlie’s apartment. Eli showed up at Rafe’s place to tell Ava about Charlie being dead. She thought he committed suicide. Eli informed them that the police were talking to a person of interest, but there weren’t any arrests made. He asked them about their whereabouts for the night before. They told them their stories. Eli seemed satisfied with their answers for the time being and left. Ava told Tripp she was glad Charlie was dead. Rafe took Sami to the station for more questioning. He wanted to know why Sami was in town. She told him how she talked to Lucas about the fact Charlie wasn’t getting charged with Allie’s rape. She couldn’t believe Charlie said their sex was consensual. She said he got what he had coming. She asked Rafe if he thought she did it. He admitted he thought she was guilty. He told her how she would have been screaming more if she were being framed. He noticed how she wasn’t saying much. He wanted to help her out, but she had to talk to him. Sami told him that she wanted to talk to a lawyer. Eli went to see Claire to let her know that the restraining order was done and that Charlie was dead. Claire thought about what Allie said about Charlie. Eli wanted to know what she was thinking. She lied and said she was trying to process what he told her. Rafe went to Nicole’s place to talk to her and Allie. He told them what happened to Charlie. He let them know he had someone in custody. He said the person was Allie. Sami sat at the station and thought about what happened in Charlie’s apartment. She thought about standing over him with a gun in her hand. She told him how he got what he deserved.

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