Days Short Recap Friday, February 19, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rhodes was taunting Ciara when he was suddenly shot. It turned out to be Christian. He asked her if she remembered her. Shawn and Ben went to an abandoned building. Gabi called Abby out for accusing her of drugging her. Abby tried to apologize to her. She said Gwen was responsible for everything. Claire told Belle about Ciara being alive. Belle tried to explain the evidence to Claire. Claire let her know that someone kidnapped her. She said Vincent was the only one who could tell them where to find Ciara. Ben got frustrated looking in the abandoned room. Shawn said a woman said they were in Rhodes’ apartment. Ciara was surprised to see Christian. He knew she was looking for Ben. Gabi wanted to punch Gwen in the face. Abby told her how she hit her. She talked to her about Shawn stopped their fight. She also told her how she was her sister. Abby recapped everything Gwen did. Abby was determined to make sure Gwen paid for what she did. Charlie talked to Gwen about Allie’s rape. He said the sex was consensual. Gwen was upset that he got away with what he did. He said he lost the love of his life. Claire couldn’t believe she fell for someone like Charlie. Belle tried to make her feel better about it. Claire revealed to her how he reacted when she saw him in the park. Ciara wanted to know why Christian killed Rhodes if he was his boss. Abby asked Gabi to help her with Gwen. Gabi wanted to know why she should help her after she sent her to prison. Abby said she wasn’t in her right mind. Gabi said it was her three personalities. Abby said she wasn’t in her right frame of mind. She said Gwen knew what she was doing when she tried to ruin her life. She asked if Gabi wanted to get pay back for it.

Gwen couldn’t believe that Charlie had a soul mate when he didn’t have a soul. He said he loved Claire, but people took her away from him. He tried to explain how much he loved her. He said he wasn’t going to lose Claire. Gwen wanted to do what he was going to do. He said he had to get her alone. Gwen said it wouldn’t work. Claire was worried Allie wouldn’t get justice for what Charlie did to her. Belle was afraid Charlie was going to get away with what he did. Christian told Ciara about what happened when he got out of prison. He said he turned on his father and didn’t think he would talk to him again until he told him about her being alive. Shawn was convinced he and Ben hit a dead end. Ben asked him if he believed Ciara was alive. Shawn said he believed it, but he couldn’t go by psychic visions. Ben refused to give up because he knew Ciara was out there. Ciara wanted to know how Orpheus knew she was alive. Christian explained how he knew. Ciara didn’t understand why Orpheus wanted Rhodes to work for him. Christian said his father gave him an opportunity to get revenge on her for ruining his life. Gwen advised Charlie to stay away from Claire. He wanted to see her. She thought he didn’t like the bad things people were saying about him. Abby wanted to team up with Gabi to get revenge on Gwen. Gabi was willing to think about it. Shawn wanted Ben to prepare himself for the fact that Rhodes might not have Ciara. Ciara realized that Christian was mad at her. He blamed her for ruining his life. She said he was the one who killed Jordan and allowed Ben to go to prison for it. He felt Ben deserved it. He was happy when he found out Ciara was dead until he heard she was alive. She told him to kill her if he was going to do it. Gabi found Gwen and confronted her about what she did. They went back and forth with each other before she walked off. Ciara taunted Christian and tried to get him to shoot her. He refused to do it.

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