Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 19, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Its Valentine’s day in Genoa City and everyone finds a way to celebrate the romantic day. Rey gives Sharon a replica of her wedding bouquet and a romantic card. Sharon gives Rey a card and they agree to postpone their talk about Adam while they talk about Faith and how to help her. Rey advises Sharon to talk with Faith and not at her. Sharon remembers when Faith was in her first horse jumping competition and she was nervous for Faith but Faith assured her the jump was a piece of cake. Nick gives Phyllis flowers and she rents Society so they can have a romantic dinner. Elena gives Nate a present that she bought on their vacation. Devon and Amanda exchange presents even though they want to keep things low key. Billy and Lily have their celebration interrupted by Victoria who brings Billy and Lily cards from the kids. Katie falls on the ice and Billy and Victoria go to check on her. Once Katie is okay, Billy tells Victoria that he is happy for the first time in a long time. Devon tells Amanda that Mariah is going to be Abby and Chance’s surrogate and he admits he wishes there was something he could do to help Chance and Abby. Lily tells Billy she is falling in love with him.

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