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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Gwen about Laura dying. Gwen wanted to know what she was going to do if she was responsible for her death. Abby said she was going to give her a real black eye. Kate and Philip talked about Gabi and how she was after Jake. Kate mentioned that she and Gabi used to be friends. He wanted to know what Gabi did to ruin it. Kate told her that Gabi tried to go after Jake. She said Gabi was trying to throw herself at Jake. Gabi told Jake that she was going to ruin him when Philip took her deal. Shawn stopped Abby and Gwen from fighting. Abby told him that Gwen admitted to killing Laura. Abby wanted Shawn to arrest her. Gwen wanted him to arrest Abby. He said he was going to take both of them to the station. Ben went to see Clyde to find out what happened to Vincent. Clyde said Vincent killed himself. Ben thought Clyde killed him. Ben said he needed Vincent alive so he could tell him where Ciara was. Rhodes told Ciara that Vincent was dead. She told Rhodes that he didn’t have to keep her captive anymore. Shawn wanted Abby and Gwen to talk to each other. He handcuffed them in the interrogation room. He left them alone so they could talk. Ben told Clyde about his theory about Ciara being alive. Ben said he talked to Susan and she confirmed that Ciara was alive. Clyde wanted to know what Susan told him. Ben said Susan said she saw a glass box and a shark. He said that was why he came to see Vincent. Clyde said he needed proof. Ben said Ciara called him for a few seconds. He said he heard her voice. Clyde wanted to know how Ciara could have called. He asked where could she be. Ben said she was being held against her will. Ben said Vincent was the only one who knew where she was. Clyde said that wasn’t true. Ciara told Rhodes that she wouldn’t tell anyone what he did. Rhodes said he didn’t believe her. He said even if he wanted to do it, someone else wanted to keep her. Clyde told Ben that Vincent had a visitor. Ben asked if he knew who the visitor was. Clyde said he didn’t, but he could find out. Ben realized that he would find out Vincent’s accomplice if he found out who the visitor was. Abby wanted Gwen to admit that she murdered her grandmother in cold blood.

Abby tried to get Gwen to admit to killing Laura. Gwen told her that Laura tried to apologize and make things better. Abby wanted to know what she did. Gwen said she told her that she destroyed her life. She said she asked Laura to leave. She said she was probably being set up by her and Shawn. Abby said she was arrested too. Gwen said it was probably an act. Ben went to see Shawn about Ciara. Ciara asked Rhodes why he wanted her to be there. Rhodes said she was wrong. She said his boss was dead. Rhodes said Vincent was dead. She asked if he was working for someone already. She said he didn’t seem upset about Vincent’s death. Rhodes said he still had to eat. He said his partner was paying him well. Orpheus told Clyde that he heard about Vincent. Clyde thanked him for telling him Ben was coming to visit. He wanted to know how he knew that. Orpheus said he knew everything. Clyde asked why he was back in prison. Orpheus reminded him that Kate got the better of him. Philip wanted to know why Kate was determined to take the deal with Gabi. He thought she was trying to keep Gabi from Jake. Gabi tried to convince Jake that he still wanted to be with her. Philip told Kate that he was going to make the deal with Gabi. Kate told him it was a good company. She suggested that he remain professional. Ben told Shawn that he needed to find out who went to see Vincent. Shawn said he talked to Hope and she was checking a lead. Ben said Ciara was still alive. He said she called him. Shawn said he would check on the man who visited Vincent. Rhodes asked Ciara why he should tell her who he works for. Ciara said she would figure it out on her own. She said he was in the prison so it was someone there. She asked if it was Eve. Rhodes said she was cold. Ciara wanted to know who else knew she was alive. Gwen told Abby about how she grew up. She asked if Abby could find it in her heart to care. Abby said she would care if it was true. Gwen said it was true. Abby told her Laura wasn’t perfect, but she didn’t get to play God with her life. Abby said she was going to make her pay. Shawn showed up and gave them the option to leave if they dropped the charges against each other or they would sit in a holding cell. They chose to drop the charges. Rhodes told Ciara that his new employer was paying him. He said if he didn’t pay him, he would have no reason to keep her alive. Orpheus wanted to know why Ben wanted to see Vincent. Clyde told him he believed his wife was still alive. He said Vincent knew the truth and it might have died with him. Shawn found out that Rhodes was the alias of the man who went to see Vincent. Ben wanted to go to his address.

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