Days Short Recap Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack told Julie that he was thinking about the way he yelled at Laura for writing the checks. He said it made Laura go to Gwen and now she was dead. Julie told him not to blame himself. She said it was Gwen’s fault. Jennifer and Doug stopped her from blaming Gwen, but Julie didn’t care. Julie called her a sociopath. Jennifer told her she was talking about Jack’s daughter. Abby told Chad that she thought Gwen didn’t accidentally kill Laura. Abby said Gwen threatened to kill the person who destroyed her life and now Laura was dead. She said she was going to make Gwen pay. Chad wanted to comfort her. Philip told Gabi that Xander didn’t work at Titan anymore. She told him that Xander wanted to sign a deal with her. He said any deal she signed with Xander wasn’t worth the paper it was signed on. Gwen read an article about Laura’s death. Gwen said she wasn’t sorry for Laura’s loss because she ruined her life. Chad wanted to go to Laura’s funeral with Abby. Jake and Kate offered Abby their condolences. Abby didn’t expect it from Kate. Kate told Abby that she was sorry for her loss. Abby told Chad she wanted him to go with her. Jennifer told Jack she didn’t blame him for what happened to Laura. She said he had a right to be upset. She said she was the one who left them alone together. He said he should have had more control. Jake wanted to know if Kate was going to work with him. She found out that Philip was running Titan. She told him she had to think about it.

Jake ran into Gwen. He asked her if she was going to the funeral. She said she wasn’t. He said he thought she would want to gloat. He confronted her about drugging Abby. He said she destroyed Abby this time. Gwen wanted to know why he was talking to her like that. He called her out for being entitled and ruining people’s lives. Gabi told Philip that she needed the deal with Titan. She asked if he wanted to stick it to DiMera. Kate showed up while Gabi was there. Kate wanted to know why Gabi was there. Kate wanted to know if they were going into business together. Philip asked if she had a problem with it. Gabi said she did. Kate told Philip he should go for the proposal. Gabi thought Kate wanted her to work with Philip so she would stay away from Jake. Gwen told Jake that Abby had everyone looking out for her. She told him that Laura ruined her life and then came after her. She said it was an accident. He said she was scared that she might have to pay for something she did. Abby thanked Chad for being there for her. He said she and their children mean everything to them. She told him to be with the kids. He asked if she was going to be okay. She said she had to be for the kids. Philip told Gabi that he would think about her proposal. Gabi told him not to take too long because she was hot property.

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