Days Short Recap Friday, February 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian didn’t believe Jake was himself. She said he was Stefan. Kate told her that he was her son. They talked about Vivian kidnapping the babies. Vivian said she was their mother, but Kate reminded her that she wasn’t. She let her know that the babies were rescued and Ivan was in jail. Rafe warned Nicole to stay away from Charlie because she was going to ruin his chance of putting him away. Ava warned Charlie that no one would believe him about his innocence. She said she was his mother and didn’t believe him. Ava couldn’t believe Charlie could rape a woman. He didn’t care what she thought of him. He said he had a good job and a good girlfriend. She told him how a Salem cop found her kidnapped in his apartment. She was determined to tell the police everything he did so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. Ciara assured Rhodes that she and Ben would be together again. Ben was convinced he and Ciara were together and thought they were Romeo and Juliet. Claire had trouble believing it. He wanted to go to Statesville to see Vincent. Ciara reminded Rhodes that Vincent was in prison for life. He said he was being paid well. Ciara noticed his phone on the table. She thought she could get to the phone. Kate told Vivian about taking Philip from her and how she refused to let her take another woman’s babies from her. Rafe talked to Nicole about having Ava’s statement and she was willing to testify against Charlie. He wanted her to stop pursuing the idea of going after Charlie. He promised he would make sure Charlie would go away for a long time. Charlie couldn’t believe his own mother would hate him. She said she hated what he did. She called him a loser and said he would get what he deserved. He thought she would get what she deserved when he killed her. Charlie was about to choke Ava out when Rafe and Nicole arrived. He wanted to know if he interrupted something. Ava grabbed for her neck.

Kate apologized to Jake for what she said to Vivian. He was okay with what she said. She regretted letting her get to her. She didn’t think she had a soul or a conscience. Claire didn’t think Ben should let Vincent know he was looking for Ciara. She explained why it would be a mistake. She convinced him not to go see Vincent. She said there was someone who could help him find her. He hoped she didn’t mean Susan. Ciara tried to get Vincent’s phone. Kate let Jake know that Vivian cared about her kids. He was surprised because she treated him like an errand boy. Charlie ended up leaving Ava’s room. Ciara found a hanger to try and get Rhodes’ phone. Ben didn’t like the idea of getting Susan’s help. Claire told him how it was a good idea to get Susan’s help. Nicole asked Ava if Charlie threatened her. She said he did. She also said Charlie was going to get hurt. She was determined to stop him from hurting a woman ever again. Claire wanted to talk to Susan so they could figure out where to find Ciara. Ciara was able to get the phone. Kate revealed to Vivian that she was seeing Jake. They started kissing each other until Vivian went off on her. Kate knew Vivian was faking. Vivian wanted Jake to tell her that Kate was lying. He said it was true. Vivian was upset. Kate asked her if she liked the fact their conversation was recorded. Ava planned to testify against Charlie. Nicole reminded her that Charlie was dangerous and she shouldn’t go back to her place. Ava knew she didn’t have room for her. Nicole offered Rafe’s place. Charlie tried to call Claire and she ended up being behind him. Ciara called Ben and he finally answered the phone.

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