Y&R Short Recap Friday, February 5, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren promotes Sally to junior director of internet marketing. Jack takes her out to lunch to celebrate her new job. Kyle tells Summer he is worried about the growing friendship. Kyle also tells Summer that she should not use the information they know about Sally just yet. Gloria asks Michael for his support when she tries to get the job as Lauren’s assistant. Adam asks Sharon to use a confrontational approach with Chelsea during their therapy sessions. Sharon does that and when Adam walks Sharon out Chelsea imagines that Adam and Sharon are kissing. Chelsea moves her arm because she is a afraid she will lose Connor if she doesnt get better. Adam thanks Sharon for her help and they hold hands and Rey walks into Crimson Lights and sees them holding hands. Theo returns to Genova City to tell Sally that when Kyle lived in New York, he fell in love with an older married woman who is the wife of ruthless businessman Ashland Locke. Ashland never knew about the affair that happened four years ago. Theo recently found out that Ashland has a son named Harrison who is three years old.

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