Days Short Recap Thursday, February 4, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan went to see Marlena to tell her that she had a premonition that Brady got shot. Marlena said he was shot. Brady wanted to know why he was in the hospital. Chloe told him he was shot. Lani tried to convince Eli that Vivian was behind the kidnapping. He said Vivian died of a heart attack. He said she died of a massive heart attack. Lani asked if there was a death certificate. He said he saw it. She asked if Ivan claimed her body right away. Eli said he did. Vivian told Ivan to take the babies back. He said he couldn’t. He said he got them from a reputable place. He said the deal was done. She said she wasn’t young enough to take care of the twins. Rhodes tried to tell Ciara that Ben thought she was dead. She said he would never think that. He said Ben probably moved on already. Ben told Claire that he thought Ciara was alive. He said he knew it in his heart that she was alive. Ben wondered if Claire thought he was losing it. She didn’t think he was losing it and she didn’t think Hope was losing it either. She hoped he and Ciara had the connection like the other couples. She had to go to Marlena’s place and she suggested he go with her. Susan arrived and let Marliena know she had a premonition Brady would be shot. Marlena told her that he was shot. Susan wanted to know what happened. Marlena explained what happened. Susan thought Kristen was behind it. Susan couldn’t believe Brady would be with Kristen. Marlena defended Kristen to Susan. She told Susan that Kristen broke out of prison to be with Brady. Eli wanted to know why Vivian’s body was released so quickly. Ivan told Vivian that all she had to do was love the twins. She said they could do worse than have a mother like her. Chloe told Brady he was in her room when the mob showed up. She asked if he remembered that. He said he remembered some of it. She said the mob was trying to kill Philip, but got him instead. She said it was her fault. Ben and Claire went to see Marlena. Susan told Ben to stay away from her. Ciara pretended to have a pain in her stomach. Rhodes asked what was wrong with her. She said it was the food. She said he poisoned her.

Rhodes said he didn’t poison Ciara’s food. He said Vincent needed her alive. She told him to help her. Marlena told Susan that she wasn’t in danger. She said he wasn’t going to hurt her or anyone else. She said Ben had the same therapy he did. Susan said she was going through a hard time. Marlena said Ben wouldn’t hurt her. Brady told Chloe it wasn’t her fault. She said she dragged him in the mess. He said he chose to get involved. She said Sarah told him he was going to make a full recovery. He said Philip was the one to blame for not turning down her offer. She said Kristen blamed her. He asked if Kristen was upset. She said she broke out of prison. Eli and Lani talked about the warehouse Nicole was in with Vivian. He wanted to call Nicole to find out where the warehouse was. Claire told Marlena that Ben had to tell her something about Ciara. Marlena said she wanted to hear it. Ciara told Rhoades to open the door. She passed out. Rhodes went in the room. Eli and Lani went to the warehouse. He tried to open the door, but it was locked. He wanted to shoot the door, but she stopped him. He said their babies were inside. She said they couldn’t go in there shooting. Chloe told Brady that Kristen had a gun. He said she could have added years to her sentence. Ben told Marlena why he thought Ciara was still alive. Ben told Susan that he thought Ciara was alive. Susan said she believed in premonitions. She said she believed that Ciara could be alive. She said she would do everything she could to help him find Ciara. Rhodes tried to help Ciara. Brady told Chloe to tell him what was going on. He thought she wasn’t telling him something. She told him that Kristen threatened to kill her. She said John stopped her, but Kristen warned her that it wasn’t over. Susan said Ciara was alive. Ciara hit Rhodes on the head with a tray when his back was turned.

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