Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah told Nicole that Ava was running the Vitale family. Nicole didn’t believe that Ava was doing that because she was locked up. Sarah told her that Ava was making people launder money. She said people would get hurt. Nicole wanted to know who would get hurt. Brady got shot while he was talking to Kristen on the phone. Kristen wanted to know what was going on. Chloe got on the phone and told her Brady was shot. Chloe hung up the phone. Kristen was upset that she didn’t tell her what was happening. Gabi and Rafe talked about Jake and Kate being together. Kate told Jake that she was afraid Gabi was going to take him from her. He said he was with the one he wanted. Tony went to see Kristen. He told her Jake was in charge of DiMera. She said she didn’t care. She said Brady was shot. She told him she needed to know if he was safe. He told her he would find out something. She said she was going with him. Nicole went to see Ava. Nicole wanted to ask her about the mob. Chloe and Philip got Brady to the hospital. Gabi walked in on Kate and Jake while they were spending time together.

Gabi told Jake and Kate that she wanted to show him her proposal for Gabi Chic. Kate told her that he wasn’t interested in the proposal. She told Gabi to go home. Gabi told her Jake was the CEO. She said he was the only one who could tell her to leave. He said he wanted to see the proposal. Nicole talked to Ava about being in the mob. Nicole tried to talk her out of being in the mob. Nicole told her Tripp’s life was in danger. Ava said it was her fault Tripp was in danger. She said she had Charlie follow him. Ava asked her to go to the police station to check on Tripp’s case. Kristen attacked a guard and got his gun. She put it on Tony so she could get out of there. Tony tried to talk Kristen out of breaking out of prison. She said she needed a hostage and a driver. Chloe blamed herself for not listening to Brady. Philip told her it was his fault. He said she was probably in danger because of him. She didn’t care about it. Sarah showed up while they were talking. Nicole went to Rafe and told her that Ava sent Charlie to London to follow Tripp. She thought it would help nail Charlie. She told him Allie was going to by hypnotized to see what she remembered. Jake told Kate that he agreed to look at Gabi’s proposal. Gabi warned him that Mr. Shin would be upset if she took her company somewhere else and it was successful. Gabi wanted to talk to Jake alone. Kate was willing to let them talk. Gabi told Jake that he was pretending to care about Kate. He said he didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Kate. He said he could look at the business proposal without her being there. He told her to leave, but she said she wasn’t going anywhere. Sarah told Chloe and Philip that Brady was stabilized. When Chloe went to see Brady, Sarah asked Philip if the bullet was meant for him. He said it was Xander’s fault that it happened. She told him not to blame Xander. She said it was his fault. Philip said Xander only started digging because he wanted to run the company. She said Victor would never forgive him if Brady died. Philip went to see Ava. He told her that Angelo put a hit out on him. He said Brady got shot instead. She said she had nothing to do with it. She asked why Angelo would do it. Philip told her to find out.

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