Days Short Recap Monday, January 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Eli that he had a number where he could reach Rayner. Eli wanted him to call the number. Sarah told Maggie that Philip was in trouble with the mob. She told Maggie that he owed Ava money. She said that was the reason why he came home and needed a job. She said the Vitalli’s said they would kill Philip if he didn’t launder the money. Maggie wanted to know how she found out. Sarah said she and Xander worked together to find proof. Maggie thought they broke up. Sarah was afraid that the mob found out and that was why he didn’t come home. Brady was upset that Philip was with Chloe. Chloe didn’t have a problem with Philip staying with her. Brady wanted to know how long he was staying. She said he was staying for as long as it took. Abe told Julie that Dr. Rayner was the one who kidnapped the babies. She didn’t understand why a doctor would steal the babies. He said it was the same doctor that stole a baby before. Lani told Kristen that Dr. Raynor was the one who stole the twins. Kristen was shocked. Kristen wanted to know how she could help. Lani asked if she tried to reach out to her. Kristen said she didn’t. Lani said Nicole told her Dr. Raynor felt guilty about what she did. Kristen said she didn’t. Lani told her Xander was the best lead to finding her. Xander told Eli that he wasn’t sure if Dr. Raynor still had the phone he gave her. Eli said it was their only chance. Xander called the number. Eli recorded the call. Dr. Raynor answered the phone. Dr. Raynor wanted to know what Xander wanted. He said he wanted to talk to her about the babies she stole. She said she didn’t know what he was talking about. He said a witness saw her at the park with the babies. She said the person made a mistake. She wanted to know what it had to do with him. He said the police thought he was involved. She asked if he wanted to call the police and tell them he was innocent. He said he wanted to help her. Brady told Chloe that he was going to call Victor and tell him what he was doing. She told him that he promised he wouldn’t say anything. He said he was going to do it to keep her safe. Sarah told Maggie that it would be all her fault if Philip died. Philip came in and said he was fine no thanks to her.

Chloe tried to convince Brady not to tell Victor about Philip. Brady told her that she was enabling Philip. She said she wasn’t. He said the best way to deal with it was to cut him off. Philip reminded Sarah that she was the reason why he was in trouble. Maggie tried to defend Sarah. He was upset that Sarah told her. Maggie suggested that he tell Victor. Philip didn’t want him to know. Dr. Raynor wanted to know why Xander wanted to help her. He said Sarah taught him to be a better man. She didn’t believe he would help her out of the kindness of his heart. Xander said he had another motive. He said he hated Eli and Lani for what they have done to him. Xander said he wanted to help her disappear. He told her to tell him where she was. She said she wasn’t telling him where she was. He said she didn’t have to give her an address, but he would help her get out of town. He asked her to meet him so he could help her. Chloe told Brady that Philip could die if she cut him off. Brady said she could die if he didn’t. He told her not to let Philip drag her down. She said like he did. Brady said he dragged her down with him when he was on drugs. Maggie told Philip that she wouldn’t tell Victor for now. Philip said he could handle it himself. Sarah said she went to Rafe and told him what was going on. She said he told her he had to go to the police for help. Maggie told him that the mob knew where he lived. He said he was moving. Xander apologized for not getting Raynor to meet. Eli said he did all he could. Eli thanked him for his help

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