Days of Our Lives Short Recap Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Tony finds Kate drinking at the DiMera mansion. They catch up about Chad resigning and Jake taking his place. Tony praises Kate’s beauty but puts down Jake’s lack of qualifications, so Kate gets annoyed with him. At home, Jack and Jennifer are shocked when Abby tells them that Chad slept with Gwen and Abby has left him. They tell her that it’s fine if she and the kids stay with them. Jack gets a phone call from Anna about her earlier run-in with Gwen. Jack and Jenn decide to head over to the Salem Inn to confront Gwen. She lets them in after they demand to know why she did all this to their family. She tells them that she’s Jack’s daughter. Chad visits Rolf at the prison to find out what he knows about Gwen. Rolf denies knowing her at first but then spills the beans. He tells Chad that Gwen was the one who poisoned Abby. Later, Chad goes to see Abby to let her know what Rolf told him.

Anna is sitting in the town square when she sees Gwen wheeling her suitcase by, so she trips her. She and Gwen argue with each other. Anna warns her not to mess with the DiMeras, but Gwen tells her that she’s not through with Abby and her family. A little later, Tony and Anna catch each other up on what’s been going on. At DiMera, Gabi wants Jake to fund her new business, and she also hints that he should dump Kate for her, but he’s not interested in either. She apologizes for leaving town so quickly and for hurting him. She thinks he still cares for her. She kisses him. Just then, Kate walks in with a bottle of Champagne and two glasses.

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