Y&R Short Recap Friday, January 15, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby tells Mariah about her problems getting pregnant and that she is nervous about her appointment with her doctor. Mariah calls Tessa and they all have a girl’s night out at Society. Chance also leaves flowers and a note for Abby when she gets home. Phyllis tells Victoria the information she has on her, but she makes it clear that she has decided to take the high road and not use it against her. Phyllis is surprised when Nick tells her that he is glad she decided not to blackmail Victoria, but he wouldn’t have minded if Victoria got a taste of her own medicine. Summer and Kyle meet with Wyatt Spencer and set up another meeting to discuss a marketing plan for JCV with Spencer publications. Summer also notices the stunned expression on Wyatt’s face when she mentions Sally’s name to him. Summer later tells Kyle that based on Wyatt’s reaction she is sure Sally is hiding a big secret. Lauren asks Sally to submit design ideas for Fenmore’s new clothing line that they acquired from Jabot. Lauren tells Jack that she is hoping that this new project will distract Sally from trying to take Summer’s job.

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