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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole wanted to know if Allie was sure Tripp raped her. Allie said she was sure that she was pinned down in her flat. Nicole asked if she was mixing up the memories. Allie knew she was raped, but she wasn’t sure if it was Tripp. She said she didn’t want him to suffer if he didn’t do it. Steve told Tripp that Angelo wasn’t the one who raped Allie. Steve said Angelo was in prison at the time’t. Tripp said they were back to square one. Steve said they weren’t. Tripp wanted to know who else would match Henry. Steve said Ava had another son. Kayla went to see Ava. Ava wanted to know where her son was. Kayla said she wasn’t able to reach him. Ava said her son was dead. She said Steve came in and took him away. Kayla said that didn’t happen. She reminded Ava that she told her she had another son. Ava said she did. Kayla wanted to know why he would tie her up in his apartment. Rafe asked Charlie if he was ready to start talking. Charlie wanted to know what to say. Rafe asked why was Ava tied up in his apartment. Charlie said he didn’t know who that was. Rafe started to read him his rights. Charlie said he had nothing to hide. Rafe wanted him to answer his questions. Rafe asked him about Ava being in his apartment. Charlie said he was a good person and had a good job. Rafe told him that Ava was his mother. Steve told Tripp that Charlie was his brother. Steve said he was dating Claire. Rafe told Charlie that Angelo talked to John about him after denying knowing Angelo. Charlie said he didn’t know Angelo. Rafe said he knew him. Rafe said the DNA evidence proved that a relative could have raped Allie. Charlie said Tripp was the one who did it. Rafe said Allie didn’t remember everything that happened. Charlie wanted to know who could have done it if it wasn’t Tripp. Rafe said he thought it was him.

Chloe told Brady that Philip was laundering money. Brady wanted to help Philip. Brady said they didn’t always get along, but they were family. Philip was surprised that he wanted to help him. Philip told Brady and Chloe that he thought he was done with gambling until he got back together with Mimi. Brady wanted to know how much he owed. Philip said more than he could afford. Brady wanted to know if he knew the creditor. Chloe said it was Ava. Kayla told Ava that she thought she was a threat to herself and others. Ava told her she was tied up for days and now she was strapped to a hospital bed. Kayla said she couldn’t let her leave. Ava reminded her that Joey tried to kill her when she was there before. Kayla said that wasn’t going to happen. Kayla distracted her so she could give her a sedative. Tripp asked if Claire’s boyfriend was his brother. Steve told him they had to clear some things up about him. Allie told Nicole that John had information that could change her case, but he couldn’t tell her over the phone. She said Rafe was going to handle it. Nicole said Rafe would know what was going on and wanted to go see him. Allie wanted to go to. Rafe continued to question Charlie about the rape. Rafe wanted to give him a DNA test so he could prove that he wasn’t a match for Henry. When Rafe was about to get the kit, Charlie said he wanted a lawyer. Tripp asked if Steve thought Charlie was responsible for what happened to his mother. Steve said he didn’t know. Kayla called and asked if he saw Tripp. Steve said he was fine. She asked if he could go to the hospital. Nicole and Allie went to the police station. Rafe said Ava was in the hospital. Rafe said someone kidnapped her. He said the suspect was in the interrogation room. He said his name was Charlie. Allie said that was Claire’s boyfriend. Rafe said Charlie might be the person who raped her. Tripp and Steve went to the hospital. Kayla told them what happened with Ava. Allie asked Rafe if he thought Charlie raped her. Nicole asked if she met Charlie. Allie said he looked familiar, but Charlie said he hadn’t met her. She said she thought he reminded her of Tripp. Rafe said it was because they were brothers. Nicole wanted to know if Charlie admitted to it. Rafe said he didn’t. She said he needed to make him talk. Tripp went to see Ava. He asked her if he had a brother. She said she was sorry for not telling him. She said she wanted to protect him. She said he was the best part of her and his brother was the worst. Tripp said he needed to know everything about Charlie. Allie went to see Charlie. She told him she wasn’t leaving until he told her the truth.

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