Days Short Recap Friday, January 8, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah told Xander about his dirty laundry and he realized Philip was laundering money and not embezzling it. He was convinced he had what he needed to expose Philip. Xander knew Victor couldn’t ignore what Philip did. Brady went to see Kristen at the prison. She was upset because she read an article an saw him kissing Chloe. He assured her the kiss was innocent. She was still mad and became more upset when she found out he was working with her. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her before. He wanted to focus on her and Rachel and nothing else. He assured her that Chloe was just a friend. She didn’t mean to be insecure. He let her know there wouldn’t be anyone else. Bonnie ran into Philip while he was looking at a missing person’s photo of Ava. They argued because he dumped Mimi. Chloe showed up so Bonnie walked away. She asked him about the money-laundering scheme. He didn’t think it was a problem since Ava is dealing with her own issues. Angelo called Philip and informed him that he was in charge now. He got off the phone and told her how he had to keep laundering the money or he would go to prison. If he didn’t go to prison, he would end up dead. Brady walked up and was curious about their conversation. Philip didn’t want to answer him, but Chloe told Brady how he was in trouble. She said Philip needed his help.

Lani and Eli went to the nursery to get their babies, but they found out they were missing. Eli asked the nurse what happened to their babies. She was going to look into the situation. Eli called his mother to see if she had the twins since she was on the authorized list. She told him that she and Abe didn’t have them. Later, Abe and Valerie arrived at the hospital. Eli told everyone how he checked with the head nurse and the twins weren’t accounted for, but the hospital was on lockdown until they were found. Valerie tried to make Lani feel better, but she was falling apart. She couldn’t go through that again. She couldn’t lose her babies. Valerie took Lani back to her room. Abe put an alert out and assured Eli the twins would be found.Eli brought a laptop with the security footage on it. He didn’t find anything suspicious. He thought the person knew how to avoid the cameras. Eli assured Lani they would have the twins with them. Dr. Raynor was in the park with a stroller. She let someone know that she had the babies. Bonnie showed up. She picked up the pacifier that Dr. Raynor dropped. Raynor was scared when Bonnie picked up one of the babies. Bonnie put the baby down so Raynor rushed off. Bonnie wished her luck with them.

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