Days Short Recap Friday, January 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Anna asked Kate if she was looking for Jake. Kate wanted to know how she knew she was looking for him. Anna said she knew she was having sex with Jake. Kate told her to mind her business. She walked out of the room. Anna talked to Tony about Gwen was targeting Abby’s family. Jack walked in while they were talking. He wanted to know what they were talking about. Anna told him about the clippings Gwen had about Abby and the family. She was convinced Gwen had an agenda against Abby. He realized Gwen was a conniving tramp. Anna thought it was time for her to leave town. Tony felt the DiMeras had to deal with the problem. Jennifer ran into Kate at the town square. Jennifer apologized for the way she treated her. She also told her how she knew about her sleeping with Jake. Jennifer said she knew she wasn’t with Jack. Kate let her know how she broke up with Jake. Jennifer wondered if Chad was the real reason why she wanted to keep their affair a secret. Kate said she always wanted to be powerful like Victor. She felt Jake didn’t understand that. She didn’t think he would understand because he was born into the DiMera family. Jennifer asked her if he embarrassed her.

Abby kept trying to get in touch with Chad. He was passed out in the bed. Gwen looked at the phone and said he was sleeping. She thought she wore him out. She thought he would be hung over and regretful. He woke up and realized what he did with Gwen. He blamed what happened on the alcohol. She told him he wouldn’t have been with her if Abby didn’t betray him. Chad realized Abby called and listened to her messages. Chad noticed how she sounded scared. Gwen wondered if he heard fear or was it the fact he was on to her. He felt he needed to confront Abby. He apologized for taking advantage of Gwen. She was fine with it because she knew what she was doing. Abby was mad that she couldn’t get in touch with Chad. She went by Jake’s room. She told him about Chad’s suspicions and how he didn’t come home. Jake admitted to her how he and Kate broke up. He said he enjoyed being with Kate. He believed Kate was slumming with him. She got her kicks slumming and he was perfect to her. Abby was about to leave his room when Chad showed up. He assumed the worst when he saw Jake was shirtless. Gwen was at the DiMera mansion and saw Jack looking through her things.

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