Days Short Recap Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas let Steve know that Tripp wasn’t going to be prosecuted. Steve tried to defend Tripp, but Lucas didn’t want to hear it. Lucas repeated how Tripp raped his daughter and how he belonged behind bars. Ava was shocked to hear that Tripp was accused of rape. Kristen read the article, but didn’t see the details. Ava wanted to go after Tripp, but Kristen stopped her from going. Allie had a gun and wanted to shoot Tripp. Tripp tried to stop her from shooting him. She wanted him to face up to what he did. She wanted him to tell the truth about what he did that night. Lani didn’t want Eli at the hospital with her. Kayla wanted to leave them alone. He said he had the right to be there. Lani changed her mind and let him stay. Ava wanted to go to Tripp. Kristen warned her that she could make a mistake. She suggested that she get a disguise, but Ava didn’t have time. Kristen told her that Trask wasn’t pressing charges. She wanted to know who was spreading the story. Tripp continued to tell Allie that he didn’t rape her, but she didn’t believe it. She still wanted to shoot him. Kayla told Lani about the Lamaze classes. She had flyers for her and her coach. Eli wanted to be the coach, but Lani wasn’t happy about it. Lucas and Steve continued to argue over whether Tripp is a rapist. Lucas reminded him that Tripp is also Ava’s son so he was capable of anything. Ava wanted to help Tripp. Kristen told her that he wasn’t convicted. Ava thought the charge would ruin his life. Allie demanded that Tripp give her answers or she would shoot him. He finally admitted that they had sex.

Steve told Lucas that he should know that a son didn’t necessarily turn out like his mother. Lucas didn’t want to hear it so they went back and forth about that. Lucas wanted to know how Kayla was dealing with the situation. Lucas warned him that he was the one destroying his family. Lani refused to let Eli be her coach. He wanted to know who she would get. She didn’t know because of him. He yelled at her and told her that he was tired of her throwing up what he did in his face. Ava was afraid the story would follow Tripp for life. Kristen warned her that Tripp might turn her in to the police. Tripp wanted to explain the DNA test to Allie. Lani couldn’t believe Eli yelled at her. He said there was only so much he could take before he snapped. They argued over Kristen again. He refused to apologize for keeping Lani out of jail. He was tired of apologizing to her for what he did. He told her that she was the one wrong for what happened. Tripp told Allie that he made up the story he told her. She said he forgot when he raped her. Steve told Kayla that the London police weren’t going to prosecute Tripp. He noticed that she was disappointed by the news. He wanted to talk to her about it, but she didn’t want to do it. Allie told Tripp what happened to Sami. She wanted to do what her mother did to her rapist and make sure he couldn’t rape again. Allie planned on shooting Tripp in the groin. Eli put Lani on notice about the babies. Kayla wanted Tripp to move out. Tripp tried to talk Allie out of shooting him. She was about to shoot him when Ava showed up and took the gun.

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