Days Short Recap Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah told Xander that they had to break up in order for her to get Philip to trust him. Allie went to see Lucas. They talked about the case. She told him how she still had a chance to have Tripp prosecuted. She told him that she had Trask send the info to Europe. She decided to press charges against Tripp. She didn’t want Sami to find out about the rape. She thought Sami would blame her. Lucas confided in her that Sami was raped when she was younger. Tripp told Steve that he talked to the cop in Europe. Steve was surprised Allie pursued the case. Philip caught Charlie using his laptop. He threatened to fire him if he didn’t say why he was really using his computer. He told him how Xander made him spy on him. Ava went to see Kristen at the prison. Kristen told her that Xander was there too and he was asking about her. Philip told Charlie that Xander needed to accept that there was nothing to get on him. He told him how Xander’s been doing things to undermine him. He wanted Charlie to help him instead of Xander. Kayla went home and Steve told her how Tripp was talking to the London police. She thought that Allie did the right thing. Lucas continued to tell Allie what happened when Sami got raped. Kristen continued to talk to Ava about Xander asking for her. Xander wasn’t thrilled about Philip cozying up to Sarah, but he agreed to it. She wanted to make it look believable.

Philip walked in while Xander and Sarah pretended to argue. Ava was surprised that Xander knew that Angela existed. Kristen told her that he only knew about Angela and didn’t realize she was the same person. Kayla and Steve argued over Tripp and Allie. She wanted him to help Tripp own up to what he did. Lucas told Allie what happened when Allan bragged about getting away with raping Sami. He told her how Sami got a gun and made sure Allan wouldn’t rape anyone else. The London police called Allie. She wanted to know if they were going to arrest Tripp. Ava didn’t understand why Xander would be after her when he thought she was dead. Kristen told her that he thought Angela was involved with Titan. Kristen wanted to know why she was working with Philip. Sarah and Xander continued to pretend to argue in front of Philip. Allie found out that the police didn’t think she had a case. Lucas was upset and didn’t understand when Henry was proof she was raped. She told him that he only proved that they had sex. She didn’t think it was fair that Tripp got to live his life after what he did. Ava told Kristen how Philip was laundering money through Titan. Lucas had Henry with him and ran into Steve. He wanted to know if he wanted to meet their grandson. Ava saw an article about Tripp and told Kristen he was her son. Allie went to Kayla and Steve’s place and pulled a gun out on Tripp.

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