Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 9, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chance proposed to Abby, and she accepted. Chance told Abby that Chelsea was missing, and he thought Adam was a danger to the Newmans. He let her know Chelsea was missing and that he was having Adam followed. The Newmans gathered for Adam’s intervention, but Adam didn’t show up. Victoria drew up a contract for Adam to sign, relinquishing his claim on Victor’s estate and Newman Enterprises, but she didn’t tell Victor what she did. Victor refused to hear any suggestion that he should give up on working to bring Adam back into the family fold. Adam had someone watching Newman, and they sent him a text when Victor went there. Adam had made a bomb that he was waiting to detonate using an app on his phone. Adam got a text letting him know Chelsea escaped. He went to the building where she’d been held, and Chance showed up there and confronted him. Adam denied knowing where Chelsea was. Just as Adam was about to detonate the bomb, Chance saw a shooter pointing a gun at Adam. Chance rushed and dove to knock Adam out of the way. Sharon told Nick how Faith told Adam off. Nick was proud Faith stood up for herself. Sharon felt guilty for bringing Adam into Faith’s life. Nick didn’t want her to blame herself for that, but he hoped she saw that Adam was irredeemable. Nick decided to confront Adam about Faith, and Sharon asked him not to fight Adam.

Lily proposed she and Devon team up at ChanceComm and LP to start a joint streaming service. He loved the idea. She encouraged him to spend time with Amanda. He said they were just friends. He found out there was something going on between Lily and Billy. She described her relationship with Billy as complicated, and he said he and Amanda were complicated too. Nate didn’t get the news he wanted to hear at his doctor’s appointment, but the doctor told him not to lose hope that his hand would heal. Elena also urged Nate to stay optimistic. Nate was worried he’d lost his career, and he blamed Devon. Nate felt that none of this would’ve happened if Elena would’ve admitted she had feelings for Nate and broken up with Devon before the one night stand. Elena told Nate he was making her feel horrible. Nate decided to leave town, since there was nothing left for him here.

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