Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 6, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Lily asks Billy to be professional at work and not go out of his way to do special things for her because people at work may start to gossip about them having a personal relationship. Faith lets Adam have it and tells him he is a terrible person who should be in jail for everything he has done. Faith tells Adam she wishes he would go away and leave everyone alone. Faith heads to the park and meets with her friend Jordan and tells her what happened with Adam and Jordan offers her drugs to make her feel better. Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he wants to stage an intervention for Adam and he hopes they can stop Adam from carrying out his plan. Victoria agrees to help with the intervention but later tells Nick she intends to ask Adam to sign a contract giving up his claim to his inheritance just to see if he really is a changed man. Chance tells Rey that he is having Adam followed because he suspects Adam had something to do with Chelsea’s disappearance. Rey also gets suspicious when Sharon tells him that Adam told her wanted to put his past behind him. Chelsea continues to try to get out of the room where Adam is keeping her hostage.

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