Days Short Recap Monday, October 26, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena wanted to know what Orpheus wanted with her. He didn’t give her any details about his plan with Clyde. John went to Ben’s place to get Marlena, but he let him know that she wasn’t there. Steve and Kayla talked about the blackout. He didn’t want her to be by herself, but she assured him she was fine. He didn’t want her alone with Orpheus, Clyde, and Rolf being on the loose. They also talked about Tripp, and he overheard the end of it. John was upset when Ben told him how Orpheus was on the loose. He demanded to know why he didn’t tell him that already. Ben wondered if Orpheus really had Marlena. He wanted to call the police, but John said he wasn’t calling anyone. Orpheus wanted Marlena to help Christian. She didn’t want to do it because he tried to kill Will. Orpheus told her how Christian was being treated in prison and how he tried to commit suicide. He wanted Marlena to get Christian out of prison. Tripp wanted to know if Steve and Kayla were talking about him and Allie. Clyde pretended to be an electrician to get into Nicole’s apartment. Allie was surprised that Clyde would want to go to her apartment to check the circuit breaker. He managed to convince her that he needed to get inside. John thought Ben could help Marlena. Orpheus wanted Marlena to check Christian out of Bayview. She assured Orpheus that his son was okay. He didn’t believe that. He told her how she was able to get her granddaughter out so she could get his son out of Bayview.

Steve lied to Tripp about asking Kayla to put in a good word for him at medical school. Tripp wondered what would happen if Kayla didn’t believe him. Steve was sure she would believe him. Kayla was waiting for the security guard, but Rolf showed up. Rolf pulled out his gun when he noticed that she looked at her phone. Orpheus warned Marlena that he did something to guarantee that she helped him. John and Ben talked about the breakout. He wanted to know if Clyde already got in touch with him. Ben thought about his last conversation with Clyde. Clyde let Allie think he was about to leave the apartment, but he taped the lock and stayed inside. Marlena panicked because she thought Orpheus had John. He assured him that he took someone else she would care about. Ben told John he didn’t hear from Clyde, but he knew someone who could help. Steve tried to call Kayla, but he didn’t get an answer. Rolf wanted Kayla to get Stefano’s essence back, but she told him it wouldn’t happen. John warned Ben that his father would be collateral damage. He was okay with it if he hurt Marlena. Ben knew that Ciara would give him a hard time if she knew he helped Clyde. He was determined to make Clyde pay if he had something to do with Marlena’s disappearance. John found Oprheus and demanded to know where to find Marlena. He warned John it wasn’t a good idea because he wouldn’t fine Marlena. Allie checked Henry’s crib and discovered he was missing. Clyde had Henry with him in the park.

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