Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus went to see Clyde. He wasn’t happy to see him. He reminded him how his son killed his stepdaughter. Clyde warned him to stay away from him. Orpheus had an idea that he wanted to include Clyde in as long as he stopped threatening him. Ben was ready to Vincent for what he did to Ciara. He was about to leave when Marlena showed up. She wanted to ask him some questions. Abby wanted to know what happened when Chad talked to Jake. He told her how Jake felt he deserved a stake in the company. She reminded him how he was able to get into the company because of Stefano. Chad wasn’t thrilled that she sounded like she defended him. She wanted him to find a way to get along with Jake. Clyde wanted to know why Orpheus wanted to work with him. He wanted to know the catch. Ben had to hide the evidence bag so Marlena wouldn’t see it. He blamed himself for what happened to Ciara, but Marlena assured him it wasn’t his fault. Abby continued to convince Chad to get along with Jake. Marlena wanted Ben to stay with her and John. She wanted to take him to Ciara’s memorial service, but he didn’t want to go to it. Clyde agreed to work with Orpheus so they could break out of prison. There was suddenly a blackout. Ben thought he saw Ciara.

Ben realized Ciara wasn’t really with him. She tried to talk him out of killing Vincent. Marlena talked to John about what happened when she talked to Ben. She felt bad for him after losing Ciara. “Ciara” continued to tell Ben not to kill Vincent. She warned him that their love wouldn’t mean anything if he did it. John knew how much Marlena cared about Ben. They continued to talk about him. He agreed they should go see him. “Ciara” continued to warn Ben not to kill Vincent. She asked him not to kill him because their love wouldn’t mean anything. Ben wanted to hold her, but she vanished. He was about to leave, but Clyde was at his door. Rolf ended up at the DiMera mansion. Orpheus was at the townhouse and saw Marlena.

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