Y&R Short Recap Friday, October 16, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren gives Jack the good news that she found the necklace that once belonged to Dina in a box of her father’s belongings that she had mailed to her. Lauren and Michael give the necklace to Jack who rushed home with Kyle. Jack sends a text to Abby and Traci who head home to be with the family as they all spend their last moments with Dina. Jack tells Kyle not to lose hope about his relationship with Summer. Jack tells Kyle that his biggest regret is never finding lasting love. Dina comes downstairs and Jack gives her the necklace and she cries as she holds the necklace in her hands. Dina tells her family that she made a mistake leaving them all those years ago and tells them not to make the same mistake. Dina tells Traci that she will never be forgotten. Dina apologizes to Ashley and tells her that she has always known she is an Abbott no matter what anyone says to her. Dina asks Jack to take care of the family now and he promises to take care of his family. Dina tells everyone she loves them and she will never leave them because she will be in their hearts forever. Dina hears John’s voice as we see her soul slip away and head up to heaven.

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