Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip talked to his partner on the phone. He let the person know that Xander was back. Philip said he didn’t know how he would do the plan now. He said he wanted to kill Xander. Belle walked in as he said it. Belle thought he shouldn’t be threatening people after he was arrested for threatening to kill Jan. Philip thought Shawn was so willing to see him charged was because of their affair. Belle told Philip that Shawn knew better than to let personal feelings get in the way of doing his job. Philip said he might, but Shawn helped Xander let Jan get away with her scheme. Belle said Shawn didn’t care about Philip and Xander’s feud. Philip wasn’t happy with what happened. Belle told Philip to find another lawyer. He asked her to not to give up on him. She changed her mind about helping him. She told him not to threaten anyone else. She ended up leaving. He got on the phone with his partner. He asked how he was supposed to launder money with Xander around. He said they had to come up with another plan.

Kristen confessed to stabbing Victor. Brady tried to get her to retract her statement. She refused to do it. She said she didn’t want Eli and Lani’s relationship to be ruined because of her. Kristen said she wanted it to be over. She told Brady this was the best option for her. He said it wasn’t the best option. He said he wouldn’t lose her. She said she made up her mind. He said not if he had anything to say about it. She told him to keep quiet. Belle came in and wanted to know why she was changing her plea to guilty. Hope and Shawn read the report that said the bullet casing was from Vincent’s gun. They believed Ciara was dead. Hope couldn’t tell Ben that Ciara was dead. Hope asked Shawn if he could tell Ben in person. When Shawn left, Hope grabbed Ciara’s picture and started crying. Claire went to Ben’s room. She told him she was planning a memorial for Ciara. He didn’t want anything to do with it. He said he was going to kill Vincent. When he was about to leave, Shawn showed up. Shawn told him about the report he and Hope saw. He saw the bullet casings came from Vincent’s gun. Shawn comforted Claire. Ben said they don’t know that Ciara was dead. Claire wanted to cancel the memorial. Ben said for her to do whatever she wanted. He said he wanted to be alone. Shawn told him they would get through it together.

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