Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda thought Eli was meeting her only to see Lani. Lani wanted to talk to her about Kristen. Eli went to Kristen’s room to tell her how he recorded her confession. She couldn’t believe he recorded her. She said she was going to protect Lani and he tricked her. He told her about Melinda’s blackmail. She wanted to know hwy he brought the recording to her and not Melinda. Brady ran into Jack and Jennifer and they talked about what Kristen’s going through. They also talked about how great Abby was. Gwen suggested Abby have a celebration for her family. She realized she couldn’t do it so Gwen offered to help. Chad went to see Jake to offer an olive branch. Eli explained to Kristen why he had to make the confession. She wanted to know what would happen if he didn’t turn in the confession. He told her he had an idea and that was why he was there. Chad let Jake know he was entitled to his share of the company. Jake wanted to work together with Shin, but Chad thought he was out of his mind. Lani told Melinda how Kristen regretted what happened to Haley. She was glad and hoped it haunted her for the rest of her life.

Chad told Jake he could be in the executive training program. They started arguing over it. Abby and Gwen continued to talk about the party and where to have it. Gwen suggested Julie’s Place, but Abby hadn’t been there since Gabi drugged her. Gwen couldn’t believe someone would want to hurt her. Lani explained to Melinda how she felt when she lost her child. Melinda was able to relate to her pain. Lani told her how Kristen was on drugs and ended up without her child. Melinda could relate. Kristen wanted to leave town, but Eli warned her not to do it. She told him how it was his fault she was going through that so she wasn’t going to save him. He asked her to help Lani. Melinda told Lani how she gave her daughter away and it hurt. Lani asked her not to do the same thing to Kristen. Eli continued to explain to Kristen how wrong it would be for her to leave town. He wondered if she would protect Brady and not be willing to protect her best friend. Chad and Jake were about to fight, but Kate stopped them. Chad said the deal was off the table. Lani continued to get Melinda to drop the charges against Kristen. Melinda broke down so Lani hugged her. Brady walked in and wondered what happened. Eli told Kristen how he and Lani finally got back together. He was willing to get on his knees and beg her to help Kristen. He got on his knees and she made him get up. She agreed to save Lani. Eli deleted the recording. Kristen wanted to confess to trying to kill Victor.

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