Days Short Recap Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle talked to Shawn about being glad that psycho Jan was locked up. Jan surprised them by showing up at the hospital. Belle wanted him to call the police, but Jan told them that she was released. Ben remembered Vincent and told Marlena he was the one who told him to kill Ciara. Jan showed Belle and Shawn the paperwork that proved she was released. Ben continued to remember Vincent being in the dorm room. Ciara woke up and saw Vincent. She remembered him working with Eve. Jan wanted Marlena to be her therapist, but Belle didn’t want her to be her therapist. She didn’t understand how Jan could be released and she told her Sami got her out. Sami told Lucas about her plan to get custody of the baby. He was shocked she was able to get Jan out of Shady Pines. Ben continued to remember how Vincent was the one who showed up in the room and tried to get him to kill Ciara. Ciara also had memories of what Vincent did to her and Ben. She wanted to know what the next plan would be. Ben remembered that Vincent was the one who took Vincent. Hope thanked him and left the room. Brady blamed himself for why Eric and Nicole lost time together. Eric assured him that it was fine. He wanted to know where Brady went. Lucas didn’t understand how she could bring someone from a loony bin to get custody. Sami explained why she got her. He warned her that someone would be upset that she did that. Jan explained how Sami was able to get her out of Shady Pines.

Marlena told Shawn and Belle that Ben didn’t kill Ciara. Ben asked Hope if she found Vincent. She told him that he wasn’t found. They talked about how he could be anywhere. Ciara tried to bribe Vincent to convince him to let her go. He said it had nothing to do with Eve. He told her that he had his own reasons for going after Ben. Eric and Brady continued to talk about Kristen and Rachel. Vincent told Ciara that he was in love with Wendy and Ben killed her. Belle went to the townhouse to confront Sami for bringing Jan home after what she did to her. They argued over it until Belle slapped her. Belle apologized for hitting her. They talked about the things Jan did and Belle thought she shouldn’t have brought her there after everything she’s dealing with now. Ben yelled at Hope about finding Ciara. Hope reminded him that she was worried too. Vincent told Ciara about Wendy and how Ben treated her like she was trash.

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