Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 26, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric tried to talk Sami out of going through with the custody battle. She didn’t want to drop the case. Ben tried to kill Ciara and she begged him not to hurt her. He kept hearing Eve tell him to kill Ciara and her baby. Hope found Eve at the cemetery. She arrested her. Eduardo was in Rafe’s house. He wanted to know why Eduardo didn’t call. Hope took Eve to the interrogation room and talked to her about killing Ben. She didn’t want to kill Ben. She wanted to make sure he stayed alive and continued his work. Ben told Ciara he was the necktie killer and he wasn’t going to change. She begged him not to hurt her. He said Eve told him to kill her. The custody battle began. Sami’s inexperience as a lawyer showed in the courtroom. Eduardo told Rafe that he needed to go easy on Eve because of what happened with Paige. Rafe insisted that he was going to stop her. Eduardo wanted him to go with him. Eve admitted that she had Ben brainwashed to kill Ciara. Ben pushed Ciara into the bathroom and tried to kill her. The judge didn’t think that Allie’s letter was legal and binding. She did decide to give custody of the baby to Eric and Nicole.

Eduardo told Rafe that he had to get Gabi so they could see their mother. Hope couldn’t believe that Eve planned on having Ben kill Ciara. Eve said that she did it. She told her what things she put Ben through. She also mentioned what Vincent did to him. Hope tried to call Ciara, but Eve said she would be too late. Ben told Ciara to lock the bathroom door and not let him back in with her. The judge explained what she wanted to happen with the baby, but Sami told her that Nicole was an unfit mother. Jake wanted to know why the job was so important to Gabi. She said it was the only way to keep her daughter. Hope demanded that Eve tell her where Ben took Ciara. Ciara asked Ben to call her mother. He saw their wedding picture on her phone and thought about the brainwashing he endured. Ciara heard Ben crying and unlocked the bathroom door. Sami told the judge how Nicole stole her baby and switched her. She thought she shouldn’t have her grandchild. Eduardo wanted to know if there was anything keeping him in Salem. He thought about kissing Hope. Hope brought up what happened to Zack to get Eve to tell her where to find Ben. Ben yelled for Ciara to go back in the bathroom and she begged him to call her mother. He threw the phone and tried to get in the bathroom. He broke the door and opened the lock. The judge wanted to know if Nicole could deny kidnapping Sami’s baby. Justin explained the circumstances. Sami told the judge that she got away with murder. Eduardo said that if Rafe didn’t go with him, they would both be dead. Hope went to the dorm, but didn’t see Ben and Ciara.

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