B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Quinn continues to encourage Shauna to jump for joy over being Mrs. Ridge Forrester, but Shauna still feels guilty over the fact that Ridge doesn’t remember their nuptials and doesn’t seem thrilled about it. Also, she and Quinn faked texts to Carter so that he would file Ridge’s divorce papers. Quinn points out all the fun they’ll have together, now that Shauna will also be rich. They share a toast. Shauna wishes that Ridge could be as happy and in love as she is, but she knows that he still loves Brooke. Despite Quinn trying to give Shauna a pep talk, Shauna is worried and feels guilty. She’s not good at secrets and lies. They discuss it some more. Quinn coached Shauna so that he could do the texting to Carter. At Brooke’s, Ridge prepares to tell Brooke the terrible truth. He tells her that she means everything to him. She can tell something’s bothering him. They say nice things to each other. Brooke goes on and on about their love and then says that they should renew their vows. Ridge tells her that something happened between him and Shauna in Vegas. She thinks they slept together, but he tells her that it’s worse than that. Eventually, he confesses that they’re married.

Zoe and Hope confer on a design for Hope for the Future. Zoe tells Hope how much she appreciates working with her and hopes that someday they can get back to the friendship they had before her father stole Beth. Hope thanks her for apologizing again but points out how happy she is now with Liam and Beth, so she thinks they both need to let it all go. At Forrester, Donna is surprised to find Eric at work late at night. He says that he has some international calls. She’s there to get a start on tomorrow’s work and admits that she has nothing to rush home for. He thinks that is a terrible waste. Eric admits to Donna that he’s having trouble with Quinn because they disagree about Ridge and Brooke. He’s still mad at her for showing that video of Brooke and Bill kissing. Donna says nasty things about Quinn and finishes by saying that Ridge and Shauna will never be together in a million years. Eric looks at her sadly. Donna regrets saying things about his wife, but then she goes on to say more. Eric agrees that he can’t defend what she’s done.

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