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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Vincent had Ben tied up and were ready to brainwash him. Will got a call from Lucas about Allie having the baby. He told Sonny the news and he was excited. Nicole felt bad about telling Allie the truth. She and Eric talked about Sami and Allie’s argument. Sami and Belle talked about Eve going after Ben. Sami understood how Eve reacted the way she did. Belle told her how Hope and Shawn were worried about Ciara. She said that Claire wanted to redeem herself with Ciara. Ciara, Hope, Shawn, and Claire were in New York. Ciara wanted to go to Eve’s place to find out where Ben was. Hope let her know it wouldn’t happen.

Eve wanted to know how Ben was feeling. She told him that a mind altering drug was being placed in his body. He wanted to know what she wanted. She reminded him that she was turning him into the necktie killer. She wanted to know when was the last time he took his meds. She had more drugs for him to break him down. She wanted him to choke the life out of Ciara the way he took the life out of Paige. Hope said that she and Shawn would talk to Eve and Ciara and Claire had to wait. Ciara and Claire objected, but Hope explained why they couldn’t go. Claire wanted to follow Hope and Shawn so they could find Ben too. Claire decided not to go after Ciara talked to her. Ciara thought she might be too late and Eve might have killed him. Claire assured her that Eve would have killed him at the church. Eve told him how she went to Paige’s grave and wondered how he could live. She thought he loved Ciara and needed love. She knew he had to live so he would know what real love was and found out what it felt like to lose her.

Belle was surprised that Allie had the baby and that Sami didn’t tell her. Sami explained that Allie and the baby were okay. She was sad that Allie didn’t want her to be there. Belle tried to make her feel better, but she said it was her own fault that Allie didn’t want her in her life. Will and Sonny checked on Allie’s baby. They thought they were lucky. Eric and Nicole arrived at the hospital. Eric told them that Nicole was Allie’s birthing coach and they wondered why she didn’t call them. Nicole admitted that Sami didn’t want her to do it. Ben said he wouldn’t kill Ciara. Eve told him what Vincent was going to do to him. She continued to tell him what was going to happen to him. Vincent explained to Ben what he planned on putting into him.

Sami continued to talk to Belle about Nicole causing her pain. Belle didn’t think it was true since she’s married to their brother. Sami said that Nicole was the reason why Allie was mad at her. Sami said she did something so Belle wanted to know what she did. Nicole told Will and Sonny that Sami didn’t want them called in case Allie bonded with the baby. Will slipped and said it wasn’t true. He had a flashback of his conversation with Sami. Sonny didn’t care what Sami wanted because Allie said they could have the baby. Nicole said there was something she had to tell them. Eve warned Ben he would feel sensations. She wanted to take him on a trip down memory lane. She said Vincent would control his reactions to what he saw.

A picture of Ciara popped up. Hope and Shawn arrived at Eve’s apartment and the door was open. Eric told Will and Sonny that Sami convinced Rafe not to adopt the baby. Belle couldn’t believe what Sami said to her. Belle wanted to know if Allie knew that Lucas and Will knew her plan. Belle didn’t think Allie would want to see her for a while. Ben saw more images of the wedding. Ben said he loved to see Ciara happy. Eve said that was going to change. Vincent charged him to brainwash him. Hope and Shawn told Claire and Ciara how Eve’s apartment was paid off and how it looked clean. Eve showed Ben pictures of Paige and Ciara.

Sami tried to explain why she went to Rafe. Belle thought she needed to give Allie some space. Sami wanted to go to Allie to talk to her. Nicole continued to tell Will and Sonny what happened. Eric wanted to check on Allie. Sonny was upset with Sami, but he was grateful Will wasn’t like her. Shawn thought he knew someone who could help find Chloe. Ben called out Ciara’s name. Eve brought in a mannequin that was dressed like Ciara. Sonny wanted to find Sami and tell her to stay out of her business. Sami showed up just as Sonny was finished talking about her. Chloe showed up to talk to Ciara, Hope, Shawn, and Claire. They needed her help with Eve. Eve put the necktie in Ben’s hands and told him to kill Ciara. He looked at Ciara’s picture on the monitor.

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