The TV MegaSite Team

President / Founder Suzanne

Editor-in-Chief Brenda

Content Managers Michelle & Cheryl – (Days of Our Lives and Passions)

Our Daytime Soap Updaters, Recappers & Transcribers

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B., Barbara Y&R Updates daily
D., Eva Y&R and GH Recaps Tuesday through Friday
J., Cheryl & Michele Days Recaps daily
L., Suzanne All Transcripts daily and occasionally writes other updates ore recaps
M., Joseph Days Updates daily
M., Dustin-Shane GH Updates daily

Other Volunteers

People who contribute in other ways (this list changes often):
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C., Krista Sometimes Interviews TV stars
D. Akpene proofreads daytime transcripts occasionally
D., Eva Chooses Y&R Best Lines and reviews TV shows
D., Nikky Hosts Port Charles Forum and provides photos and write-ups of TV fan events
J., Brenda Creates new daytime pages for best lines, updates, transcripts and recaps, and archives older ones; proofreads articles
J., Michele & Cheryl Host Days & Passions Forum, choose Days best lines, write Days articles & Days winners & losers, and compiles weekly scoops newsletter
K., Karl Takes San Diego Comic-Con photographs and Writes Primetime Articles
L., Suzanne interviews actors, writes reviews, writes blog, Chooses B&B Best Lines, summarizes SOD for soap news pages, updates social media pages and more
M., Jaspreet creates content for “The Vampire Diaries” section.
P., Thane Helps with scripts or writes articles occasionally; Interviews TV stars
R., Niki Proofreads older Days of Our Lives Transcripts
R., Jamie helps with interview opportunities, transcribing and Photoshop
S., Marlene Writes DOOL Articles occasionally
W., Jim writes occasional articles or helps out in other ways
W., Zina Takes photos at San Diego Comic-Con
Y. Nancy Helps move older site pages to new site pages, makes other new pages and helps with any WordPress issues.

This site is dedicated to our late and beloved volunteers:

Hilary, who passed away in May 16th, 2006

Amanda, who passed away in November, 2008

Beth, who passed away in October, 2010

Bettye, who passed away in July, 2013

Boo, who was our friend as well as a kind and super-energentic, talented manager for many years; she passed away in November 2013 and is still sorely missed.

Other people who have helped us a great deal in the past:

Lee Garig-Meyer, who designed our current logo

Hiren Patel and Sammi Turano, who helped us set up the WordPress site.

Dave Prescott, who designed our site in 2003

Derrick Austin of Texas Tech

Former volunteers Nadine, Thane, Heather, Rebecca, Linda, Amanda D., and Imran who helped us a lot.

Dennis Massey for making our past logo.

Marcos Rubinstein, who hosts our page and so much more!

Gisele, who helped run the site for many years after Boo left.

Thank you to David Warthen for all of his help throughout the years.

Some of our financial contributors:

Leo O., Subha R., J.V., David W., David L,, Barbara H., Karen L., Penny K., Tiffany B., Aisha D., Kevin G., Elaine E., Maria C., Melissa L., and Philippe B.

Thanks especially to  all our volunteers!  Thanks to all the helpful fans who email us and let us know when links are broken and give us helpful information.  Thanks to the networks for making great shows!

Legal Stuff

This site is a fan effort and is based on television shows with which we have no affiliation whatsoever. All characters are copyright & solely to the copyright holders.  This is a fan site created by the fans for the fans.

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