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[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Elizabeth? Dad. You weren’t supposed to be here. Jeff, did you reset the… lizzie? Oh, my god. Is it really you? Yes, mom, it’s really me. Ohh! Hello?! Who do you have to sleep with to get some medical attention around this place?! Hi!

[ Breathing heavily ] What’s wrong? Hi. Good god! Who let her out? Ha! You’ve decided to wake up. The bed was heavenly. We have here a café au lait. And a fresh croissant. You remembered. Everything. Uh, I gotta go. Anna’s arraignment is soon. Oh, not looking like that you’re not. Huh? Come on. You’ve been in town less than, what… 24 hours, and you’re trying to fix me already. After all this time and you still haven’t learned how to tie a tie properly. Honestly, robert scorpio, you’re hopeless. I was. Not anymore.

[ Birds chirping ] Next to the stables, the chapel is my favorite place. This is amazing. This is charming. Come here to pray, meditate, or just think? Well, I’m not very good at praying, and my brain’s too busy for meditation. Yeah, I can relate to that struggle. So I mostly just think. What do you think about? All kinds of things, but mostly how much I miss you. Ohh. What a coincidence. I go whole days where all I can think about is how much I miss you. What do we think about this stiff, the “gift” from your grandfather? Grandfather victor says I can never be too safe. Well, that’s one thing that your grandfather and I agree on.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Shoot. This is america. I’m sorry. Go ahead. I’ll just sit here and think.

[ Ringing continues ] Hello? Valentin, it’s felicia. There’s something you need to know. Yeah. Lucy coe — missing and presumed dead. I’m trying to get ahold of anna. I assume she’s leading the search.

She’s not. There’s no easy way to say this, valentin. Anna’s been arrested. Is it time? Jordan: Almost. I’m told you didn’t eat your breakfast. Oh. Prisoner’s last meal, huh? Anna, it’s an arraignment, not an execution. Same, same. I wasn’t hungry. I just want to get this over with. About that.

[ Sighs ] I’m told the ada wants to nail you to the courthouse door. Mm. Are you sure that scott’s the right representation for you? Scott knows that I’ve been framed. He would love nothing more than to prove that victor’s behind it. Knowing victor’s behind this and proving it are two very different things. So, the first thing is to make bail, right? Mm-hmm. Quicker I’m out of this cell, the sooner I can get victor in it.

Is there a doctor in the house?!

[ Groans ] What the hell is heather webber doing in there? Shouldn’t she have been in d’archam? Yeah. Let me look here.

[ Sighs ] Apparently, the infirmary has sent her over here for diagnosis and treatment.

[ Sighs ] Ooh. And you have to treat her? At least initially, yes. D-do you have the option to refuse this? Well, you know, it doesn’t really work that way. She’s a patient. I don’t judge. And I provide medical attention. Okay. Okay. Okay. Finn. Uh-huh. Please proceed with caution. Okay. Heather webber is lethal. She does have a very long and perverse criminal history. Assault, poisoning. What? Murder. She shot me up with lsd! She also kidnaps adults and children alike — like luke, carly, my grandson danny. What? I gotta check in with ned. I gotta check in with dante. Robert is gonna want to know about this. He’s probably at the hearing right now. Listen to me. You do us all a favor. You treat whatever is ailing that woman, and you get heather back into the insane asylum immediately! Yes, ma’am. I was, uh — I was kind of hoping to get over to the courthouse myself and be there for anna. Oh, anna has plenty of support. Heather now has you. This is lovely. I’ve only been in town two nights. First night, I spent crawling out of a lake. Mm-hmm. And I must say… I definitely prefer night number two. Hmm. Still no memory of how you got there? Sorry. And thank you. For what? Being a gentleman and sleeping on the couch. After the way you whacked victor, you deserved the bed. He had it coming, after what you told me he did to luke and lucy and then setting up anna to take the fall.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. But I got to point out something. Victor cassadine is, uh — a cassadine. No more explanation needed. The guy should have been hanged years ago, but here he is. Alright. I’ll be cautious. But I will not back down. Fair enough. But let’s not go out of our way to poke the bear, huh? I don’t want to lose you again. You do know you’re wasting the taxpayers’ money. The evidence says otherwise. You don’t even have a body! You talk as if you’re haggling over a parking ticket. This is lucy coe you’re talking about. It’s a human life, as well as the woman I love, so, please, just a little more respect? My apologies, mr. Grey. Excuse me. Uh, just so you know. I loved her, too. Yeah. Well, in that case, mr. Baldwin, when you’re speaking of lucy, for now, it’d be a favor to me if you did it in present tense. Yeah, well, you know, she’s as wily as a fox. Nobody’s gonna get the best of her. Pray you’re right. I just wish laura were here. Now I understand why my father was so insistent I come visit charlotte. Listen. You tell anna I’ll be on the next flight home. Oh, anna has plenty of people here looking out for her. Charlotte only has you. Which is why anna wanted me to insist on her behalf that you stay with your daughter. No. No, no. If I stay here, I’m playing right into my father’s plan. Good! There’s nothing more advantageous than an enemy who thinks he’s winning. Stay with your daughter. Make sure she’s safe. Trust me. Victor is not going to get away with this. What a lovely surprise. This is so…unexpected. How did you get in? Not that you’re not welcome. I jimmied the door. Since I don’t have a key. I was hoping to be out of here before you got back. You weren’t planning to see us? Well, I haven’t seen you in years. Why should today be any different? Lizzie. If you’re worried about the door, I’ll pay for the lock. We don’t care about the lock, lizzie. We care about you. Showing up like this after all this time? Are you alright? Well, that’s what I’m here to find out.

How are your kids? Cameron must be in college by now. When jake called us, he sounded so grown up. H-he’s into art, right? Painting. Like his stepfather — my late husband, franco. We are so sorry for your loss. Truly. We are. It’s been an adjustment. Still, it — it seems like the boys are thriving. Jake with his painting. Aiden the master chef. Master dessert chef.

[ Chuckles ] The pictures he posted on social media make my mouth water. You follow my children on social media? W-we check in. W– we take a peak every now and then. Despite all of your ups and downs, it’s clear that you’ve… provided your boys with a wonderful life. And it — it seems like you’re managing to move on from the tragedy. Me maybe we didn’t set such a bad example after all. Oh, there you are, son. Hey, dad. Oh. Uh, any chance you’re free for breakfast? I realize I’m a poor substitute for elizabeth while she’s out of town, but I’ll do my best. Yeah, I appreciate the offer, but I got a patient to attend to. Good luck. Godspeed. Yeah. A bedpan! A bedpan! My kingdom for a commode! Well. That’s more like it. Uh, hello, ms. Webber. My name’s, uh, dr. Hamilton finn. Finn. Huh. What kind of a name I– wait. I know you. You’re the one that slut elizabeth webber took off with barely five minutes after my franco was cold! Why did you wish finn luck and godspeed? Because of this new patient he has. What’s so special about this one? Raging psychopath. I take it you know this from personal experience. Oh, yeah, and it’s also public record. She should be in d’archam. Should we observe? Oh, no, no. My best advice is don’t let her notice you. Anyway… I-I-I’m glad to run into you. Are you? Why’s that? Uh, I wanted to tell you that diane is on the mend. Glad to hear it. Anyway, I don’t want to keep you. Hm. I assume you’re going to the arraignment. No, I-I sent a r– a reporter because I wanted to ensure our newfound reputation for objectivity and impartiality. Good call. Credit where credit is due. You were a, um — [Sighs] A constructive influence. Oh? Well, if we make such a good team, why have you been avoiding me? I’m touched that you still care. I never stopped. Ethan and I turned monte carlo upside down looking for you. And instead, you found me half drowned in the quartermaines’ boathouse. A little damp but still gorgeous. You! Holly? You — are you remembering something? You have to stop asking me that every five minutes. If I remember something, I’ll tell you. Will you? Well, look at you, cross-examining me. Every inch the district attorney. Bit of a difference, huh? Not really. No. You’re still a man of honor. Still devoted to justice. I’ve got to get to the courthouse. Not without me. So, mr. Cassadine, what brings you by? I wanted to see that justice was done. Well, shouldn’t everybody be on the side of justice? I’m sure that you are hoping that anna walks free and that the police will find whoever it is that tried to frame her and expose them. Felicia. I know you’re a long-time friend of anna’s, but you must understand that the pcpd, including your husband, the chief of detectives, has to follow the evidence wherever it might lead. Or would you rather lucy’s killer go free? Oh, I promise you. Lucy’s killer won’t get away with it. I know you’re hurting, but before you rush to judgment, you gotta ask yourself, what would valentin say if he was here? If valentin believed in anna’s innocence, he would be here. I have to say, his absence speaks volumes. Wouldn’t you agree? Something wrong, papa? You get homesick? I love my school. And my friends. And, of course, I love the horse grandfather bought for me. Yeah. That was kind of him, wasn’t it? I’m just happy you were here to see me compete in the equestrian events. I loved that. I could not have been more proud of you. Just wish we could be together all the time. I hate this. Well, not half as much as I do. I wasn’t about to let that smug ada have the satisfaction of reprimanding you and mac for playing favorites. Let’s do this. I swore to myself I wouldn’t allow a repeat of what happened to trina. I knew she was innocent, but I couldn’t prove it. It ended well for trina. And it will for you, too.

[ Handcuffs clicking ]

You know, nina really misses you. I miss her, too. And grandmother. Yeah. She misses you. She’s been through a lot. Family emergency in italy. She told me. Her mother’s house burned down. When she gets home, she’s gonna want to spend as much time with you as possible. And anna, too? Yeah. Yeah. Anna, too. Robert! There you are. Thank god. Holly, do you mind if I borrow robert for a second? By all mea– thank you. Thank you.

[ Stammers ] You look like you’ve seen a ghost. More like an acid flashback. You’re franco’s mom. Ah. My condolences.

[ Chuckling ] Right. You’re so sorry for my loss… you’re keeping his widow’s bed warm. Anyhow, let’s talk about the reason that you’re here. I want to talk about you… and my whore of a daughter-in-law. We’re not talking about my personal life. We’ll talk about whatever I damn well want to talk about. Tell you what. Would you like a nice psychiatric consult? I’m pretty sure I can find someone on staff you haven’t already assaulted. Ooh, hoo, hoo! Spicy! I like you. Hmm. You deserve so much better than that bed-hopper, elizabeth. You know you’re just a shiny stethoscope, right? Placeholder till some other knight comes along to rescue her just so she can push him away, exactly like she’s gonna do to you. You don’t know elizabeth at all.

[ Laughs ] And you do?

[ Laughs ] Have you been overseas lately? Only in my dreams. Why, big boy? Oh, I’m just — I’m trying to figure out how you came in contact with a bacteria that’s mostly found in the rainforest. Huh. Well, there are all kinds at d’archam.

[ Whispering ] There are some crazy people in that place. You don’t say. Yeah. Look, ms. Webber.

[ Normal voice ] Please. You’re screwing my son’s wife. You can call me heather. Don’t want to alarm you, heather, but this particular strain of bacteria is particularly voracious. It literally feeds on your own skin. You mean… it can eat me alive? I’m not gonna let that happen, but I do need to know how you contracted it. When was the last time you left d’archam? Robert: Heather webber? My office hasn’t been informed that they’re sending her over to the hospital. Robert, what if she escapes? It’s happened before! Whoever thought they could get the better of anna devane messed with the wrong person. Sadly, it seems lucy learned that the hard way. Where are my manners? Elizabeth, can I get you something to drink? No. Thank you. Why are we still standing? A-at least have a seat. I don’t want to sit. I am so happy to see you, sweetheart. We thought of coming to port charles so many times. What stopped you? Well, you know, w-with the kind of medicine we practice, one minute we’re in central america, the next in west africa. And it all worked out. You’re a-a mother, a nurse. You have a rich, full life. No. You do not get to say that to me. You do not get to be absent for all of these years and then act like you’re proud of my life now. All my joys in life, all of my success, that’s because of me and my drive. It had nothing to do with you. Elizabeth. I’m sorry you were hurt. That was never our intention. You may never believe this, but we made the decision we thought was best for you. You abandoned your child! We weren’t in a position to provide what you need! And kenny and jessica were good people. The neighbors? They were strangers! I had to run away just to find my way back to my family. We were worried sick when you ran away from the johnsons. We wanted to fly home and search for you. But then we found out you were with your grandmother. We knew that you were safe, that you would be okay. Okay, so what you’re saying is that because I’m self-sufficient enough to make it back to gram that it was my fault that you stayed away? Obviously, it was a mistake that we left you with the johnsons in hindsight. We should have reached out to audrey first. Or how about giving up doctors without borders and actually staying home to raise your children? Did that ever occur to you? Was that even an option? No. No. Of course not. Because saving the world is so much more thrilling than being a parent. So you chose a planet full of strangers over the welfare of your own daughter.

We had a duty as doctors and as parents. We were needed in places that were just too dangerous for you. And they only way we could honor both was to — places filled with violence and disease. We just wanted you to have a nice, normal life. I know all of your reasons and all of your excuses. And, yes, I know all about the lives you have saved and the people you have helped. But none of them were your daughter. None of them were me. And it is not selfish for a child to want to be even a little bit important to her parents. Of course it isn’t! You were important to us. You are important to us. You barely wrote. You didn’t call. I don’t even know if you checked in. I was 15! I needed both of you. I needed parents who loved me, who cared, who were actually paying attention. How could you think that… it was “best” to just cut me loose? No, we wanted to give you the home we couldn’T. You were my home! Not four walls and a roof, but you! And I kept thinking that… whenever you came back from sarajevo or wherever you were that your next stop would be me… that sooner or later you would come back for me. But you never did. Not when I graduated high school… or nursing school. Not when I was raped on valentine’s day and wanted to die.

[ Exhales deeply ] Not when I had cameron or jake. And then aiden. And not when I thought jake had died. Or when he came back. Not when I married franco. And not when I lost him. You think these pictures make us a family? They’re a lie. And that’s why I came back here. Because the lies have got to stop. Look, you’re obviously a-a very clever person.

[ Chuckles ] Like son, like mother. Okay. Uh… it must be child’s play for someone like you to sneak out when the guards aren’t looking and then sneak back in and no one’s the wiser. You’re too good for her. Franco’s wife, I mean. Leave her. Before she leaves you. Okay. I’m not here to talk to you about elizabeth. We’re here to talk about you. Then don’t say I didn’t warn ya, doc. And I’m never wrong. Just ask jeff webber. Ring a bell?

[ Laughs ] How about my old friend anna devane? She still around? Mm-hmm. Weren’t the one that hit her over the head with something? Also tried to shoot her. Hmm. That snooty little slag.

[ Laughs ] That’s what they call people like her where she’s from. Don’t talk about anna that way. Okay. How is sweet, slatternly anna these days? Probably none of your business. Ooh. Sounds like… she’s in trouble? Maybe there’s a god after all. Why on earth would you think that I was avoiding you? Well, because I encouraged you to write a letter to the killer. From now on, I’ll stick to teaching and leave the invader to you. Now you’re quitting on me? Don’t you want to go home? Of course I do. I’m just not sure if it’s possible with the timing and everything. Take me sightseeing. I’ve seen the chapel, I’ve seen the stables, but that village looks really magical. Oh, it so is. Great. So go change, put some proper walking shoes on. And I’ll take you to one of those outdoor cafés if it’s not gonna be too cold. They all have those heaters, so it’s nice and toasty. Well, that’s perfect. I love it! We can sit there looking at the snow on the mountains and have hot chocolate. Don’t forget to bring an extra coat. Of course. Grandfather insists I always have my escort. The more the merrier. Hey. Don’t forget your backpack. Did you reach him? Valentin is safe and so is charlotte. It would be a shame — well, actually, a miscarriage of justice — if lucy’s killer were to go free. Wouldn’t you agree? I know how to do my job, mr. Cassadine. Oh, I know you do. Just as I’m sure that this job is merely a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. All rise! Court is now in session. The honorable judge walsh presiding.

[ Door opens, closes ]

I am sorry for the pain that we have clearly caused you. I hope that you can believe that’s the last thing we ever wanted. And I am sorry, truly, for all of the hardships that you have endured. But I don’t know what you want from us. I know that you were less than pleased when we were in contact with jake. It seems as much as you resent us for not being in your life, it’s too late to start. Wait. You abandoned me. And when I get upset for you communicating with my son,

I’m the bad guy? That’s not what I meant! That’s what it sounded like. Lizzie, lizzie, okay. Please, elizabeth. Let’s all just take a moment. Oh, you’ve wasted a lifetime of moments. You don’t get any more. You have no idea what I’ve been through. I’m here because I am being haunted by what I can remember and what I can’T. I am missing pieces of my memory, pieces of my life, and I just want to get… oh, elizabeth. No. I thought I could come here to get answers. I can see I wasted the airfare. You can keep your pictures and your excuses. I’m done. Where are you going? You really need another doctor, lady, one that you don’t share any sort of personal history with. Am I no longer worthy of your care? What ever happened to your vow? First, do no harm? You’d really leave me to the ravages of this flesh-eating disease? Maybe you and elizabeth

do deserve each other. The coward and the tramp. When you’re right, you’re right. About which part? Your cowardliness? Or her faithlessness? My oath. I… must do what I can to prevent harm. Alright, ms. Webber. Please. I told ya. Call me heather. Alright, heather. We’ll do what we can to take care of you here. Ohh. Let’s see. You have big veins. I do. That one especially. Alright. You’re gonna feel a little prick. Story of my life. That’s it? Hmm. All done. Oh. That didn’t hurt at all. So…what now, doc? Ohh. Now… you lose consciousness. This was A… a sedative. A sedative? I need a cure! Not knock-out drops. You can’T.

[ Slurring ] I don’t wanna… I thought your silence meant you no longer wanted my input. Did you get this confirmation from two independent sources, or did you just make this up all on your own? “A,” I was busy. “B,” since when are you so insecure about your input? I mean, you lived with an investigative reporter for years and I’m sure she must have valued your opinion. Actually, she didn’T. Jackie was the pro reporting from the trenches. For me, it was all just theoretical. She talked about the world, and I talked about how the world was talked about. Does that make sense? Absolutely. We made it work for a long time. Till it didn’T. Wonder what that’s like. I never had a partnership like that. Who says it’s too late? Wow. Wow! Told ya. Yeah, and yet somehow you still didn’t — still didn’t do heather justice. I had to sedate her just to further treatment. I — I could really use a breath of fresh air. Anybody want to go for a walk? Why don’t you two go? You sure you don’t want to join us? No. I’m busy. I’ll see you. Soon. Got it? Got it. Uh, charlotte and I are gonna do a sightseeing. She’s gonna introduce me to some proper swiss chocolate. I don’t think you have to tag along. Where she goes, I go. Yeah, well, I appreciate your dedication. I’m her father, and I will keep her safe.

Tu comprends? Okay. Well… maybe you’ll accept this. Well, zut.

[ Grunts ] Aah! Agent devane is a trained assassin. The people can present evidence, visual evidence, that ms. Devane fired the shots that killed lucy coe. Objection, your honor! There’s no evidence there even was a murder! We also have the gun that was found in ms. Devane’s car and the ammunition that was discovered in her home. Not to mention the clothes she was wearing at the time of the shooting. Given that the accused has more than adequate means to flee the jurisdiction and the country undetected, we respectfully request bail be denied. Thank you. Mr. Baldwin? Your honor, for — for crying out loud, everybody knows that that evidence was planted. That’s why I would like to file a motion to dismiss. The motion is denied. Just like that? You want me to deny it again?

[ Sighs ] It was worth a shot, your honor. My client is willing to surrender her passport so that she won’t be skipping town. What passport? Knowing the wsb, she probably has dozens. Alright. I’ve heard what I need to hear. Ms. Devane, will you please rise?

[ Grunting ] Aah! Given the defendant’s history, which includes a long career in law enforcement, both local and international, the latter of which is also based on subterfuge, deceit, and the trading of lives for secrets, as well as the gravity of the charge, the court is left with no other choice. Bail is denied. Oh!

[ Gavel bangs ] Cameron mentioned to me that the spa elizabeth is staying at is in monterey. It’s also where her parents live. You’re doing it again. Doing what? Worrying.

[ Stammers ] Am I wrong to be concerned? In principle, no, but when you start worrying, everything spirals into these scenarios where you feel compelled to rescue elizabeth. Nope. Not this time. If elizabeth needs anything, terry’s with her. And as cameron reminded me, she doesn’t need me watching over her. No. No. You would like that, wouldn’t you? For me to run out of here and leaving you thinking, “well, I did everything I could. It just wasn’t enough.” Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, again, but I came here looking for answers, and I’m not leaving without them. Enjoy your victory. Thank you, mr. Baldwin. I am. So when I prove that anna was framed, you know what you’re gonna look like? A patsy. You see? Justice is a wonderful thing. This is just round one. We’re gonna fight this and we’re gonna win. Damn right. And worse comes to worse, I’m more than ready to bust you out of jail. Ohh. That’s not a bad idea. Anna. I’m sorry. I know. So am I. What an unexpected pleasure to see you. Laura.

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