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Kristos Andrews of "The Bay"Mike Manning of "The Bay"

Interview with Kristos Andrew and Mike Manning of “The Bay” on Prime, Peacock and Tubi by Thane 3/9/23

It was great to interview Mike and Kristos from the show “The Bay.” They both have Emmys because of this series.

Mike’s audio was a bit patchy at times. He meant Edinburgh when talking about Scotland.

Regarding the crying scene he’s talking about in the shower – he didn’t know if his husband was dead or alive.

First, the interview with Kristos:


Caleb and Daniel's wedding on "The Bay"

Then, the interview with Mike:



Season 7 Trailer

Poster for "The Bay"

The  Emmy® Award-winning multi-camera serialized drama THE BAY follows the affluent, yet dysfunctional Bay City residents living in a town cursed by Red Garrett  (Golden Globe winner Bruce Davison), an ominous senator who was murdered by his socialite granddaughter, Sara Garrett (Emmy® winner Mary Beth Evans). Living in his shadow, Sara, her son Pete, (Emmy® winner Kristos Andrews) and those around them face a series of dilemmas involving rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Their lives riddled with forbidden love, malicious lies, and never-ending scandals, the town’s privileged tangle with those who confuse obsession for love, vengeance for justice, and power for success. THE BAY is available on Tubi, Popstar!TV, Peacock, Prime Video in the US, Channel 10’s 10Play in Australia, SABC in South Africa and MORE!

In a town cursed by the spirit of a dead Senator, the Bay City residents fight for redemption, true love and new beginnings in a town where murder, betrayal, heartbreak, and vengeance must be in the water.

Recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), THE BAY is a multiple Daytime Emmy® Award winning  series, with a total of 23 wins and 56 Daytime Emmy nominations.

Written and Directed by Daytime Emmy® winning showrunner and creator Gregori J. Martin. The Bay is also executive produced and co-written by Daytime Emmy® winning Executive Producer, Wendy Riche.

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Scene from "The Bay" with Adam and Vivian