Days Short Recap Monday, April 29, 2024

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa was prepared to seduce Alex. Alex and Kristen made love at her place. Tripp and Wendy spent time with Steve and Kayla before the left town. Steve had a heart to heart talk with Tripp to make sure he was ready for his trip. Brady talked to John about Kristen letting him see Rachel more. John asked him if he wondered why Kristen was allowing him to see Rachel more. Kristen enjoyed making love to Alex, but she wanted him to leave so Rachel could see them together. She thought Brady would get upset about them being together. Theresa was surprised to see Alex’s room was empty. She texted Alex to find out where he was. Konstantin showed up at apartment. He told her that Maggie made him sign a prenup. Theresa reminded him that he couldn’t steal Victor’s money now. He was determined to get the money because he didn’t show up there to get nothing. Kristen went over the plan again with Alex. She wanted Rachel to walk in and find him in her room. John and Brady continued to talk about Kristen. Konstantin planned to get out of the prenup with Maggie. Kristen was surprised that Rachel didn’t walk in on them. Alex thought she might have overslept. Kristen wanted to find out what was going on.

Brady was talking to John when Kristen called him. He let her know that he was having breakfast with Rachel. Kristen wanted him to come to the mansion because she didn’t sign the permission slip. Brady asked Rachel and she admitted that she forged Kristen’s signature. Kristen didn’t think their plan was for nothing. Alex agreed with her. She wanted him to stay with her. He said he was free to stay with her. Brady lectured Rachel about forging signatures. She thought it was okay because she wasn’t caught. Rachel didn’t think he needed to get mad. John advised her to listen to her father. He left them alone to talk. Rachel asked him if he had a girlfriend. Theresa was surprised that Konstantin wanted her to break into the safe at the mansion. He told her that he saw her put the paper in the safe. She refused to help him. He reminded her of what she would lose if she didn’t help him. Konstantin warned her not to refuse him again. Brady wondered why Rachel asked him about having a girlfriend. She said that her mother had a boyfriend. He knew she was talking about Alex. Brady wondered what she thought about him. She thought he was okay. Brady assured her that he and Kristen loved her. Alex came home and Theresa noticed that he was wearing the same clothes. He told her that he was wearing the same clothes. Steve told Kayla that he missed Tripp already. He thought that Tripp was better off away from him. Kayla didn’t agree with him. He told her that Konstantin blamed him for what happened to his daughter. Steve thought John believed it. Konstantin went to see John. Theresa wanted to know where Alex was. He reminded her they were roommates. Theresa didn’t want him to tell her that he was with Kristen. She couldn’t believe he was with Kristen after everything she did to her. Alex blamed her for him being with Theresa. He reminded her that she didn’t want to be with him. Konstantin showed John the card to put mind control over him. He had an important assignment for him.

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