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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena and John talked about Paulina and how she risked people’s lives helping Chanel. Rafe asked Jada if there was any news on Clyde and Goldman. Jada said there wasn’t any news. Everett showed up and asked if there was a break in the case. Rafe said there wasn’t any news for him. Everett asked if he was denying a member of the press access to information. Rafe said he was denying him access. Maggie talked to Konstantin about getting everything ready for their marriage before his visa expired. Konstantin offered Maggie a ring. Maggie said it was beautiful, but she couldn’t accept it. Marlena and John talked about him feeling guilty about Clyde being on the loose and killing Konstantin’s daughter. Rafe told Everett there were other reporters that could write the story. He reminded Everett about the way he treated Jada. Rafe told him to give Jada a chance to get him out of her life. He thought it was time for Everett to figure out what was wrong with him. Everett left the police station. Jada showed back up. Maggie apologized for not taking his ring. She said she wanted to take away from the pain Victor caused him. Konstantin told her it wasn’t her responsibility to take away the pain. He told her she livened his spirits. Maggie said he livened her spirits which was why she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to him.

Rafe apologized to Jada for the way he spoke to Everett. He said he was trying to help her. Jada said she understood. She said she was going to stop making a thing about the divorce papers because she wasn’t in a rush to get married again. Stephanie and Everett ran into each other at the pub. She asked him about his therapy sessions. He flashed back to his session with Marlena. Everett said the hypnosis was helpful. He said Marlena wanted him to continue with it. Stephanie asked if he was going to continue. He said he didn’t know. She brought up why he hasn’t signed the divorce papers. He said Marlena implied he wanted to stay married. Stephanie thought it would be better for Jada if he did. Konstantin told Maggie that he didn’t want to talk about his wife. Maggie understood and talked to him about going back to Titan. Rafe said he didn’t think Jada wanted to get married again when he mentioned the divorce papers. He said he wasn’t trying to rush her. Rafe said he wanted to make her happy. Jada said he made her happy. While they were talking, he implied he wanted her to move in with him. Rafe said he wasn’t going to ask. Jada hinted that he should ask again. Everett told Stephanie he wanted to sign the divorce papers, but he thought it would be too much. Jada told Rafe about her relationship with Everett and Eric. She said her past made her cynical about relationships and couldn’t trust men until Rafe came along. Rafe asked her to move in with him. Jada agreed to move in with him. Everett took Stephanie to his room to show her that he was going to sign the divorce papers. He said if there was going to be a future for them, he had to sign it. Everett wanted her to watch him sign the papers. Stephanie agreed to witness it. He signed the papers.

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