Days Short Recap Monday, February 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer refused to give up the paper to Xander and Gwen. Gwen reminded her that she was high when she hit her and drove off. Jennifer wanted her to call the police on her because she deserved it. Jack tried to talk Jennifer out of turning herself in to the police. He reminded her of the things Gwen did especially Sarah. Jennifer told Xander that he downgraded by being with Gwen. Gwen tried to attack Jennifer. Xander pulled Gwen away from Jennifer. Gwen called Rafe. Jack snatched the phone from Gwen and told her that she could have the paper. Jennifer didn’t want Jack to do that. Jack won’t risk Jennifer’s freedom. Jennifer thanked him and asked Gwen if she was happy. She told her that she made her father suffer. Jack went after her too until Xander stopped them. Xander said the sniping wasn’t going to get them anywhere. Gwen called Jack “dad” and he told her not to call him that ever again. After Xander and Gwen left, Jennifer apologized to Jack for what happened. He told her that Xander and Gwen were to blame. He knew giving Gwen the paper was selfish, but he didn’t want to lose her. Leo was recording a story for the paper about the Kiriakis brothers when Sonny arrived. Leo let him know that he was going to be the gossip columnist for the paper. Sonny didn’t believe that Jack would hire him. He told Sonny that Gwen was going to take the paper from Jack. Sonny demanded to know what Gwen did. Xander showed up and snatched Sonny off of Leo. They exchanged words before Sonny left.

Alex hid under Allie’s table when Chanel walked in the apartment. Chanel apologized to Allie for overreacting. She realized nothing happened with Allie and Alex. She wanted to put everything behind them and work things out. They kissed each other when Alex’s phone rang. Chanel thought it was Allie’s phone as Alex silenced it. She noticed a different ringtone and decided to make a call. Alex’s phone rang again and Chanel told him to come out of hiding. Alex came out from under the table and told her that he slept in the office again. Chanel asked Allie if he was telling the truth. Allie confessed that it wasn’t true. She said that she slept with Alex. Alex tried to take responsibility for what happened, but she wanted him to go away. Alex left the apartment. Allie told her that she was drunk when it happened. She thought Chanel was with Johnny. Chanel let her know that she wouldn’t betray her in that way. She realized that Allie didn’t have any problem betraying her. Allie told her that she loved her and wanted to be with her. She asked her if they could forget it happened. Chanel started crying and told her that she couldn’t do that. Allie started crying too and begged for her forgiveness. Chanel told her their relationship was over. She said they shared everything, but now they are hurting each other. She wanted to end things before they hurt each other even more. Chanel walked out of the apartment and Allie started crying again.

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