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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie and Johnny wanted to know who Chanel was choosing. Chanel said she loved them both, but she was choosing Allie. Allie was happy, but Johnny was upset. Chanel said she and Allie were best friends and deserved a chance to explore their relationship. Chanel asked if he understood. He said he couldn’t. Chanel and Allie reminded him that he said he would accept her choice. He told Allie to be good to Chanel. He left them alone. Roman talked to Abe about Kate knowing what Lucas did to Sami. Abe was shocked, but told him not to give up on love. Kate told Paulina about being with Jake and how she fell back in love with Roman. Kate told her Roman dumped her. Pauilina said they seemed happy together. She wondered why Roman would break up with her. Kate said she knew what Lucas did to Sami. Paulina understood what she was saying. She told Kate not to give up. Paulina asked her if she would support Abe running for governor. Kate said she would. She asked if he was running. Paulina said she planted the seed. Kate said she planted one too. She left to see Roman. Kate went to the pub to see Roman. She wanted to talk. He said he didn’t have time and didn’t want to talk to her. He walked away from her. Abe told her not to give up. He said it was only a matter of time before Roman forgave her.

Gabi told Ava that EJ couldn’t do anything if she had Jake’s shares. Ava said they weren’t married. Gabi said he said they weren’t. Ava was emotional looking at Jake. Gabi covered his face. Gabi told her about her plan. Ava stopped her from talking and was furious with her for being insensitive. She said she wouldn’t help her go against EJ. She asked what would keep her from teaming up with EJ. Gabi said she knew they weren’t married, but she could still ruin any plan she had with EJ. Ava said she wanted to think about it. Gabi said she didn’t have time. She wanted to know what Ava was going to do. Kristen told EJ that she was moving back to the mansion. EJ thought they should work together to vote Gabi out and take back the company. Kristen said Gabi has been good to her. EJ said he had Chad and Kate’s shares. He said if he could add hers, they would be unstoppable. She wanted to know how she could trust him. He said he would be a fool to betray her since he needed the shares. she wasn’t convinced. They argued until Rolf showed up and told them that Jake was dead. EJ said he had to go to the hospital since he was the next of kin. Kristen said he just wanted Jake’s shares. EJ told her he wanted her gone since she rejected his offer. Rolf told her to get to the hospital. EJ went to the hospital. He told Kayla that as Jake’s next of kin, he wanted Jake buried in the DiMera mansion. Gabi showed up and asked wouldn’t Ava be the next of kin since she was Jake’s wife. Ava showed up and said she and Jake were married. Kayla gave her the forms to sign. EJ told Gabi he would get to the bottom of their marriage. Kristen and Rolf showed up at the hospital and took Jake’s body.

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