GH Short Recap Friday, May 10, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Josslyn talks to Dex after they run in the park and she tells him that she is switching her major to environmental science and Dex tells her to trust her instincts because he is sure she will save the world.

John talks to Jason and tells him that Carly went to visit Brendan in Bentonville and he wonders if Jason told Carly he is working for the FBI. Jason tells John he is working for the FBI to protect Carly so he would never tell her anything about what he is doing for the FBI. John asks Jason to find out what Carly knows and why he went to visit Brennan.

Jason later talks to Anna and tells her about his conversation with John and that Carly went to visit Brennan. Jason knows Carly so well that he thinks Carly eavesdropped on his conversation with John at the Metro Court where they spoke about Brennan possibly being the head of Pikeman.

Jason thinks Carly is trying to help him so she went to Pentonville to see what information she can get out of Brennan.

Jason asks Anna to talk to Carly and see what she told Brennan because John told him to talk to Carly but she would figure out that he was working for the FBI.

Sonny asks Natalia to go with him to Brook Lynn’s wedding and she happily accepts the invitation.

Ava talks to Sonny’s pharmacist and he tells her that even if Sonny was taking the wrong dosage of the medicine it would take a while before he would be a danger to himself and others.

Sonny tells Ava he doesn’t want her to move out of the apartment. Sonny tells Ava he is taking Natalia to Brook Lynn’s wedding.

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