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Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Chanel find a package from New Zealand at the DiMera Mansion. They open it and Chanel reads the card inside from Allie, saying she was filled with joy to hear they got married. They talk about it being sweet and hoping that Allie is as happy as they are.

Abe and Paulina go to her office. Abe wishes she let him take her home after the ordeal she went through. Paulina insists that she’s fine and still the mayor of the town. Abe wants her to know that he’s here for her and willing to help. Paulina says she appreciates that and she’s going to start with the to do list in her head, beginning with EJ.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. EJ talks about being glad they have been dining earlier and having more time to spend together. Nicole asks about the DiMera stock. EJ says it’s leveled off for now and asks if there’s anything interesting in the Spectator. Nicole informs him that they published EJ’s apology to Tate on the bottom of page one. EJ admits he’s waiting for that to be yesterday’s news. Nicole then comes across something in the paper that she calls interesting.

At the Spectator, Leo types on his laptop about Stefan until he gets a call from Sloan, who asks if there’s any updates on Eric’s job application as a photographer at the Spectator. Sloan reminds Leo that he won’t be seeing any of his blackmail money if she doesn’t have money to pay her bills. Leo reminds her that he took a very generous pay cut. Leo remarks that for Eric’s sake, he’ll work on it. Chad then arrives at the Spectator so Leo hangs up. Chad asks who was on the phone but Leo says he can’t reveal his sources. Chad asks if his column is ready to go live. Leo says almost but the photos aren’t ready yet. Leo comments that their photographer has been less reliable as of late which Chad says he wasn’t aware of. Leo suggests it would be a good idea to have a backup and mentions that Eric came by looking for a job yesterday. Leo offers to send Chad a link to Eric’s portfolio, so Chad agrees to take a look.

Eric sits in the town square, wondering about all of Sloan’s Salem Inn charges and declares to himself that the only explanation could be that Sloan is having an affair.

Sloan gets a text that worries her and says this can’t be happening. Sloan quickly calls Melinda and informs her that she just got notified that Dimitri Von Leuschner is set to be released from the maximum security prison. Sloan worries that Dimitri knows about Jude and asks what if he talks.

Eric makes a phone call to dispute some charges on Sloan’s credit card. Eric hopes they can answer a question for him.

Chad thanks Leo for the recommendation and admits Eric’s work is great, so he’ll keep him in mind. Leo questions not hiring Eric right away. Chad says they have a reporter vacancy to fill first and he put an ad in the paper, but the applicants have been light on qualifications. Chad asks if Leo is interested which Leo laughs off. Chad tells Leo to keep up the good work.

Abe asks Paulina what EJ is up to now. Paulina asks where to start. Abe knows EJ gave Stefan a sweetheart deal so that he could walk. Paulina calls Stefan very guilty and brings up EJ’s mockery of a press conference. Paulina wants to lay down the law and stop the games that EJ is playing. Abe knows what happens when people lock horns with the DiMeras, especially EJ, and says it never ends well. Paulina agrees that it won’t end well for EJ.

EJ suggests to Nicole that they go watch a movie. Nicole says maybe another time as she has to go out for a bit since she has something to take care of. EJ calls that mysterious. Nicole says that she’ll tell him about it when she gets back. Chanel and Johnny enter the room and show them the gift that Allie got them. Nicole calls it lovely but says she has to go and exits. EJ then informs Johnny and Chanel that he has a wedding gift for them as well. Chanel points out that EJ and Nicole already gave them a gorgeous porcelain sculpture. EJ calls this a different kind of gift and gives them a check. EJ says they have a long future ahead of them with lots of expenses so he’s happy to help. Johnny calls that very generous and they thank him. EJ repeats that he wants to help and he also has something else to talk about. EJ then asks how Johnny would like to come work for him at DiMera Enterprises. EJ tells Johnny to just think about it and says he can work his way up. Johnny calls it a very generous offer and he doesn’t want him to take it the wrong way, but the corporate life is not for him. EJ knows it wasn’t in the past, but notes that priorities change when he becomes a married man. Chanel agrees that it’s a very generous offer but she doesn’t want Johnny doing anything that doesn’t inspire him. Chanel says that Johnny marches to the beat of his own drum and she wouldn’t change that for the world. EJ calls it a standing offer and tells Johnny to let him know if he changes his mind. Johnny thanks EJ again for everything. They then inform EJ that they are going today to look at apartments. EJ says to let him know how it goes. Johnny thanks him again for the check. EJ wishes them luck as they exit. EJ then gets a call from Paulina, who says she would like to see him in her office ASAP. EJ says he will check his schedule for free time next week but Paulina tells him that she would like to see him now. EJ points out that it’s quite late but Paulina doesn’t give a damn and expects to see him in her office as she then hangs up.

Nicole goes to the Spectator and asks Chad if it’s a bad time. Chad says no and asks what he can do for her. Nicole says she was at home reading the Spectator when she came across the ad for a reporter. Chad asks if she wants to recommend somebody. Nicole suggests herself. Nicole knows there’s a glaring gap in her resume but points out that she ran EJ’s campaign for mayor. Nicole insists she’s a go getter and loves to get to the bottom of a story. Chad calls it a hell of a pitch and asks if she has prior experience in print media. Nicole admits that she doesn’t have much. Chad says that’s fine and asks if she has any writing samples. Nicole says she doesn’t, so Chad jokes about her being off to a great start.

EJ goes to meet Paulina in her office and asks what is so pressing that she summoned him on Friday night. Paulina reminds EJ that he is a servant of the people and he wasn’t serving anyone with the dumpster fire of a press conference that he didn’t tell them about and then he cut a sweetheart deal with Stefan after a few weeks in prison after dealing narcotics to their children. Paulina adds that the drug ring has been the bane of her existence since she became mayor. Paulina reminds EJ that as district attorney, he works for her and the people in the city and he’s getting too big for his britches to think he can make decisions unilaterally. Paulina declares that stops now.

Sloan tells Jude that she’s about to do serious damage control before things really begin to spiral. Sloan then calls Leo and says they need to talk ASAP. Sloan tells Leo that she is on her way. Leo hangs up and complains about her lack of manners. Leo remarks that everyone keeps putting him in the middle of their drama. Eric then shows up at his door, startling Leo.

Nicole tells Chad that she doesn’t want to make things awkward and she can tell he doesn’t want to hire her. Chad tells her that’s not what he was thinking at all. Chad says Nicole has more experience than Xander, Leo, and himself when they started and jokes that the room is male heavy at the moment, so he’s willing to take a chance on her. Chad adds that it’s no secret that the DiMeras make a lot of news in town and assures he’s not the mouthpiece for the family. Nicole promises to be unbiased. Chad tells Nicole that she will not be allowed to cover any stories involving EJ. Nicole agrees that’s fair. Chad decides to give her a shot on a trial period to see how it goes. Nicole promises not to let him down and excitedly hugs Chad.

EJ reminds Paulina that she is also a humble servant to the people of the city, but she threw caution to the wind and violated hospital policy by sneaking out and creating a grave public risk by exposing people to radiation. Paulina argues that her daughter was missing and she had to find her which she calls private matters. EJ believes the people of Salem would disagree. EJ reveals he has already fielded several calls from first responders who were not happy with Paulina’s reckless shenanigans and one of them even discussed possibly filing charges. Paulina argues that no one was hurt and her daughter was saved so she doesn’t regret what she did. Paulina tells EJ that she doesn’t buy in to his intimidation tactics. EJ says he keeps his ear open to the public and he’s been hearing quite a few wishing for the good old days of the “other” Mayor Carver, the sane one.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square after looking at apartments. They run in to Abe, who invites them to join him at his table. They sit down and tell him about their apartment hunting. Abe jokes that coming from the DiMera Mansion, everything must seem small. Johnny assures they will find something great. Abe asks how they are feeling after their snow bound misadventure. Chanel says they both tested fine. Johnny says there was no harm done.

Leo tells Eric that this isn’t a good time, claiming his book club is coming over soon. Eric questions this being Leo’s room and Sloan paying for it. Eric says maybe Sloan can explain it better and suggests he go home and talk to her. Eric explains that he started thinking Sloan was having an affair but when he saw Leo, he realized he was wrong. Leo confirms he was and remarks that Sloan is not his type. There’s then a knock at the door which Leo claims is just housekeeping. Leo answers the door to try and tell Sloan to go away, but Sloan tells him it’s an emergency as Dimitri is about to be released from prison. That distracts Leo, allowing Sloan to push her way inside, only to be shocked when she sees Eric in the room.

Paulina goes home and complains to Abe about what EJ said to her. Abe says that EJ knows how to press the buttons, not unlike her.

EJ goes home and complains to Nicole about what Paulina said to him. EJ stops and apologizes for being so caught up with Paulina that he forgot to ask Nicole about her mysterious outing. Nicole thinks they should sit down which worries EJ. Nicole says it’s just something important to her, so they sit down. EJ says she has his undivided attention. Nicole reminds EJ that she said she wanted to do something meaningful with her time, outside of their family and life. Nicole says she wants to have purpose and a career and today she was offered something that she believes may give her that sense of purpose. Nicole informs EJ that she saw an ad for a reporter at the Spectator, so she went to talk to Chad and she got the job. EJ is surprised as Nicole says Chad was eager to hire her. EJ questions if that’s a good idea since he’s the district attorney and the conflict of interest with DiMera Enterprises. Nicole says she and Chad talked about it and it won’t be a conflict because she won’t have anything to do with DiMera. Nicole feels it will be good for them and their relationship and she will finally bring something to the table that she’s proud of. EJ agrees to be onboard as they kiss. EJ says he loves seeing the fire in her eyes again so he supports her and congratulates her. They toast to Nicole’s new gig and having purpose. EJ thinks he has a great idea for a story that could make a splash. Nicole wants to hear it. EJ says it would require a little bit of investigative journalism. Nicole asks what his idea is. EJ thinks the Spectator should do a story on Paulina and her behavior during the Smith Island Snowstorm.

Eric questions what Sloan is doing here. Sloan says she came to tell Leo that his boyfriend is being released from prison and asks what Eric is doing there. Eric responds that he’s trying to figure out why she’s bankrupting their family by paying for Leo’s room here. Sloan questions what he’s talking about, claiming to have no idea. Eric reveals the mail and questions all these reoccurring charges on her credit card, announcing that he found out has been going on for six months. Sloan can’t believe Eric opened her mail, calling that a federal offense, and questions him going on an amateur investigation behind her back. Eric doesn’t know what kind of game she’s playing, but declares that he’s here for the truth. Eric tells Sloan to start talking, warning that he’s starting to lose his patience and wants to do this fast. Sloan tells Eric that Leo is her client and she felt terrible that she couldn’t get the love of his life out of prison and Leo had no job or money, so she was trying to get him back on his feet. Leo calls Sloan a saint, saying he was broken inside after losing Dimitri. Leo says he was depressed until Sloan reached out and lifted him up which he will forever be grateful for. Leo jokes that Eric thought she was having an affair. Sloan assures that was not going on. Leo jokes that nobody would be sleeping around on Eric anyway. Eric says he can buy Sloan not having an affair and that she was helping Leo, but points out that Leo has a job now so he questions why she’s still giving him money. Sloan claims she was just being too generous. Leo adds that he’s a shopaholic and can’t help himself. Leo tells Sloan that he shouldn’t have taken advantage of her generosity and promises to pay her back if she can forgive him for leaning on her so hard. Sloan says of course and admires him taking responsibility as they hug. Eric isn’t sure if they are telling the truth but declares this stops now and paying for Leo’s room is over immediately.

EJ asks what Nicole thinks about an expose on Paulina on her most egregious display of power. Nicole isn’t sure since she doesn’t officially have the job yet and questions starting off with a potentially career threatening accusation against their beloved mayor. EJ questions who Paulina is beloved by. Nicole brings up Chanel. EJ feels that’s all the more reason that people need to be aware that Paulina is a ticking time bomb, arguing that she put lives at risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island while radioactive. Nicole thinks he’s being a bit dramatic. EJ thinks it’s someone’s duty to tell the truth, especially when the truth isn’t pretty. EJ trusts that the Spectator will do the right thing. EJ then gets a call and steps out of the room to answer it. Nicole pulls out her phone and calls Chad at the Spectator. Nicole tells Chad that she has a story to pitch, so Chad tells her to have at it. Nicole admits it may be a little close to home for her to write and isn’t sure that it’s worth pursuing, but that’s for him to decide.

Paulina and Abe sit together to watch a movie. Paulina talks about missing the days of going to Blockbuster to rent movies. Abe says it’s good to have her home. Paulina hopes Johnny, Chanel, and Julie are okay. Abe says he’s sure they are fine and mentions running in to Chanel and Johnny earlier as they were searching for an apartment. Paulina says that makes her so happy because she hates the idea of Chanel living in the DiMera Mansion with EJ. Abe says they seemed excited and ready to move on. Abe talks about them being newlyweds starting off in life. Paulina asks if they looked okay health-wise. Abe repeats that they were fine.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square after looking at more apartments. Chanel suddenly feels tired and wants to go to sleep. Johnny says that’s no surprise since she was at the Bakery before the sun came up and she probably needs to catch up on rest after everything they have been through. Johnny asks if she’s okay. Chanel says she just really wants to crawl in to bed. Johnny decides that’s a good idea, so they will head home.

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