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whoa I hope I’m not interrupting anything. No, no, no, no, no. God. I could use the break. You wouldn’t think that protecting a community would require so much paperwork. It’s been a while. Been in the room at the same time. Have you missed my chair-stacking abilities? No. Still — still not good. No. I just, uh, I haven’t seen you. Have you been hitting another meeting or… well, I can give you a whole lot of reasons why, but it all boils down to other things taking precedence. It happens. I know that people slack off from time to time, but if I continue to do it in this way for this long… I may risk everything. Dinner has arrived. Good. I did not feel like cooking tonight. Aww. I feel you, but I’m glad we could help. How are you? Great. And you? How’s your day? I’m fine. Finn not home? Not yet. The babysitter just left. What are we having for dinner? We are having turkey burgers, fries, and salad. And your dad better hurry up, or he’s gonna miss out. We’ll have fries — if it’s okay for me to use finn’s air fryer. Well, of course it is. Just be sure to tell him how much you love it. It’ll make his day. Got it.

[ Coughs ] Why don’t you guys go unload the stuff in the kitchen and get started? Help yourselves to whatever you need in there. Better show them where everything is. Good thinking.

[ Laughs ] Are you okay with a turkey burger? Uh, if you’re asking me if I’m gonna be able to hold it or will I fumble it all over myself from the table and…half the floor… your guess is as good as mine. I was asking you if you’re in the mood for it. Oh. Sorry. YH. Burger sounds great. Good. And for the record, whether you hold it, drop it, or wear it, it’s still gonna taste really good.

[ Both chuckle ] What’s going on with jake? Oh. Never mind. I think I know. The smells coming out of that kitchen are making me nuts. I cannot wait to dig into this very green… chicken. I was pretty free with the spinach. I went with our honeymoon theme — chicken florentine. Italy. You are so sweet for doing this. How’d I get so lucky? First you. Now this. Okay. I’ve made dinner before. It’s not that big of a deal. And I love you for doing this. And I love all the extra work that you did in the kitchen to make this happen. I love you for selling your truck, but I hate the fact that you don’t have it anymore.

Look. The truck was just A… silly guy thing. I had no idea you were so attached to it. Attached to you. You love that truck. No. I love you. Besides, it’s not like I need the truck to haul lumber or bales of hay or anything like that. Whatever you say. Brook lynn…did you have a picture in your mind of you standing in the truck bed, holding a “just married” sign, with tin cans hanging from the bumper? I do now, and I would’ve loved that. Though, at the moment, I would much rather lucy coe dangling from that bumper. Yeah. I, uh, saw what happened on “home & heart.” I’m sorry that video launch of deception’s new cream was so…problematic. If sasha hadn’t come when she did, we’d still be hearing about the trials and triumphs of lucy coe. Yeah. Sasha was pretty great. Because she’s gracious and — and charming, and she made it clear to the viewers that they should buy deception’s new cream. Lucy made it clear to the viewers that she needs therapy. Got a little better when scott got there. He at least mentioned the cream. The “home & heart” new product launch w-was supposed to be another step in deception’s financial rebound. Well, I’m on track to get a raise at the pcpd’s next fiscal year. You’re on track? You should just get it right now. No one’s better at their job than you are, and you work harder than almost anyone. Well, if I do get the raise… …I think that we should invest the money in some property, build a little forest getaway, and then maybe that truck will come in handy. You realize we don’t have to wait, right? We could buy five new trucks, five forest getaways. We could probably buy five forests. Brook lynn, do we need to have the money talk again? As in your family has all the money and I have a decent government salary. We probably should. But first I just need to take a couple bites of this gorgeous green chicken to fortify myself. I don’t know if gregory told you, but I am so sorry. I’m not gonna be able to make chase’s wedding. Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Did you get a better offer? I got a different offer. Who? Diane has made it her mission to get my disbarment vacated. Well, that’s green news. It’s shocking news. I would not have thought after all this time. I mean, the chances of them wanting to review my disbarment is…I thought, highly improbable. Till it became not so improbable. It became real. I have a hearing with the appellate division of the new york state supreme court in manhattan the day after chase’s wedding. But I have to be there 24 hours in advance. I’m sure chase and brook lynn, they’ll be disappointed, but, um, they’ll be thrilled by the reason. Getting a hearing does indicate that the court feels there’s sufficient grounds to take a second look. Hey, if anybody deserves a second chance. I don’t know about that. Why would you say that? Because maybe I got the justice I deserved the first time, when the court smacked me down. I don’t know about the court smacking you down, but you’re doing a pretty good job of doing it yourself. I know I didn’t suborn perjury and I didn’t perjure myself, but I did lie to the medical board, and i was under oath. So when the disciplinary committee took action, I didn’t think it was appropriate to contest it. I get it. You needed to punish yourself. When we don’t think we’re worth saving, we don’t even try. I don’t think that either one of us was, uh, consciously trying to impede the pursuit of justice. Uh, I’m just saying that, well, I know I’m guilty of — of not seeing clearly what was right in front of me. I’m sorry. This has been weighing on me for a long time. I think you’re gonna have to be a bit more specific. I’m talking about my friendship with sonny. Sonny. Oh. Mm. Yeah. I-I know you two have a history. Yes. Yeah.

[ Chuckles softly ] Well, luke and sonny were friends. The club that luke owned was originally owned by sonny. Paradise lounge. Yeah. Such an ironic name in retrospect. To say that it was a disreputable place would be a compliment. I think eventually they just shut it down and then luke and sonny, uh, turned that space into luke’s blues club, and…they really bonded over that. They became very close, and since then, sonny has done a lot of things to help a lot of people that I love. He did for robin. He was there for my daughter in ways I-I couldn’t be. Yeah. He’s done a lot of good. He really has. Especially for the hospital. And the thing is… I really believed that, uh, we had a bond. I did too. He listened to me… throughout that whole… you know, when the — the double-agent thing came out. I considered him a friend,albeit an unconventional one. “Considered.” Past tense? An individual walked through this door into my office and told me flat out that sonny had ordered him to kill someone. Sonny ordered a hit. I guess — yeah.

[ Sighs ] Wow. I knew in theory what sonny did for a living, but, um, I guess I didn’t allow myself to think about what it meant in practice. He’s charming and generous… and has decent impulses, no question. But charm has no moral weight, and impulse is… it’s not character. I feel so ashamed now that… that it took me so long to wake up and — and see him for everything that he is. Laura, for a time, I felt like he and I, we shared this understanding of darkness that no one else shared. I mean, what — I didn’t allow myself to play out what that was, what that actually meant. Okay.

[ Exhales deeply ] Well, my friendship with sonny was never a secret. So I’m just here to say that if you ever felt inclined to go easy on sonny because of me, I’m telling you now, don’T.

I realize now that sonny has a very dark side, one that he can keep hidden from most people. But I got the chance to see what that side was capable of when I saw my brother lying in that hospital bed and I realized that sonny is a violent and dangerous time bomb that could go off whenever he decides that it’s necessary. Yeah. That sounds about right. And I know that cyrus has done the same and probably a lot worse. But you know what? Cyrus is not as skilled as sonny at not getting caught. Right. Well, he’s not a generous philanthropist that has woven himself into the very fabric of this city for the past few years. I know. I… but I am still struggling with knowing what he is capable of doing, that he could do what he did to my brother with just his bare hands. And in church. You know, I-I talked to cyrus, and he said that he would not testify against him and there were no other witnesses. And I knew that sonny would lie about whatever charges I filed against him. And as we’re learning, sonny is really good at lying. Yeah. Okay. I think, uh, I think I’ll be going. Okay. Thank you for coming in. Yeah. I appreciate it. Thank you. Uh, so if, uh, the opportunity presents itself for you to pursue this case… I will be ready. You can count on it. Thank you.

[ Door opens ] My wine guy had several choices to pair with tonight’s dinner, but I chose the pinot grigio because it’s italian. Like the chicken. And the woman I love. I love you too, and I love this wine. And I think I’ve had enough of it to, um… to have the money conversation. So, tracy and I talked. Hold on. Let me get a pen. Whoa, whoa. For what? So I can sign the prenup that tracy drew up and we can get back to the wine. Drink the wine. There is no prenup. It’s — it’s fine, okay? I’m fine with signing it. I thought about it, and — and I want you to feel safe. I do feel safe. I do too. Which is why I’m safe saying that nothing is ever going to happen to our marriage, which means that this prenup means nothing. So we will put it in a drawer, and we’ll pull it out in 50 years, and we’ll see how much my signature changed. We both know your signature changes depending on your mood. Remember when — when your team lost and you had to sign the pizza delivery guy’s receipt? The pen almost went through his hand.

[ Laughs ] There is no prenup. You got, um, another bottle, didn’t you? Okay. How about this? If for some reason our marriage falls apart, then I walk away with nothing more than I brought to the marriage. I appreciate the offer. Ah. But you’re not gonna take it. Because according to brook lynn’s teachings, you never take the first offer.

[ Laughs ] I couldn’t be prouder. Look. Our marriage isn’t gonna fail. I know it, and you know it. So the conversation we really need to be having isn’t about what happens if we split up. It’s about what happens when we don’T. I’m glad diane’s in your corner, ’cause it doesn’t sound like you are. I’m just being cautious. I do have a history with me. History’s in the past. It’s done. My apologies to you and mr. Faulkner. But the past is not dead. The past isn’t even in the past. It’s right here. And that side of me that is capable of doing horrible things or self-sabotaging may be in the back seat right now, but it’s always around there, lurking somewhere. You and I have talked about this, right? We’re wired the same way, and sometimes that makes us always focus on the negative things first, all right? And then the good things, they all come in, like, tenth place. But that doesn’t mean they’re to be ignored, all right? Some really wonderful things have come out of your past. My girls. Best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing even comes close. You know, I often refer to them as little roombas because they’re always wandering here and there and everywhere. But eventually they always get right back on track and come back to mom. See, you must have done a lot of things right to end up with three daughters as great as the ones you have. Mm. You know, other than my girls, I feel like the most good that I’ve ever done in the world has been through my legal career, because I’ve been able, in some very small way, to move the needle of justice forward. And I want to do that again. I want to feel good like that. Yes! Yes, and if the court case goes the way it should, you will. All right, so I just need to not get in my own way and stay sober. And you and I both know that if I lose this case, I will want to drink to console myself, and if I win it, I’m gonna want to celebrate. Yeah. Life doesn’t make it easy, does it? You know, molly is — is already worried about me. If I slip up again, my girls may be done with me. You’re — you’re not gonna let that happen. I’m here. I will be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. And if I’m not here and you’re here, you better call me out on it. Okay. Alexis, I’m watching my dad die slowly before my eyes. And after treating him poorly for most of his life, I have a few months to make up for it. So I’ll be there for you if you promise the same for me. Always, my friend. Mm! Thank you.

How’s it going in there?All good. It would be great, though, if aiden could make the cheese fries instead of regular ones. I’m all for it if it’s okay with your mom. You think I’d say no to cheese fries? Is your brother helping? He was, but now he’s on his phone. Okay. Uh, well, just yell if you guys need any — we got this. Okay.

[ Laughs ] It ‘s none of my business,but I’m guessing that the, uh, tension level has risen a few notches in your house since jake’s father came back in the picture. Yeah. Actually, I was — I was hoping to talk to you about this. I know there was a time when finn rejected you. And even though the situations are — are completely different, there is a form of that happening with jake. He doesn’t want to talk about jason. He — he doesn’t want to acknowledge his name. He’s so, so angry. And obviously you didn’t just up and leave your kid without any notice whatsoever. So I don’t know. Maybe you — maybe you don’t have any advice to offer. Sounds like jake’s not the only one who’s angry.

[ Chuckles softly ] No, he’s not. Believe me. But he is the one that’s most crippled by it. Sometimes I think that anger is just our way of punishing ourselves when the one we really want to hurt is someone we love and can’t let go of. I can’t tell you how much I loved finn’s mom. Watchi ng her die was the worstthing that ever happened to me. Worse than waking up now, each morning, to discover what else als has stolen from me. But then I met jackie. She was so young and vibrant, and she made me feel alive again. Maybe it — it was a rebound. But we loved each other, and I wanted be in love again so badly. It didn’t feel wrong to me. It didn’t feel like I was being unfaithful to the memory of my late wife. But that’s how finn saw it. It’s the way he had to see it. Otherwise, he would be being disloyal to his mother. And, oh, the anger that he channeled my way.

[ Chuckles softly ] But like anything that hot and intense, it had to eventually exhaust itself. And it did. And what remained is the loving father-son relationship that you see now. So maybe j ake just needs to lethis anger burn itself out so he can get to his own now. You know that anything you or your father need, I’ll be there. Thank you. I just want to let you know that I-I saw gregory recently and he didn’t look very good. I know. I know, and, uh, like you, I’m struggling to hang on to my sobriety while I reflect on my past. Alexis, I was not a good son. My dad did nothing but good, and I… I treated him very badly. You’ve changed. You’ve made amends. You’re not the same person anymore. Yeah. But he knows where I live. Now my dad, he’s turned inward, you know? He won’t let me go to any of his doctor’s appointments with him. He won’t let me see any of his test results. And all he does is give me these glowing reports about how well he’s doing, and all I have to do one look at him and I know he’s lying. Yeah. Well, you being a doctor and his son, he’s — he’s picked the wrong guy to try to bluff, huh? He’s holding himself together by sheer force of will so he can make it to chase’s wedding. It means a lot to him. It does. It’s good, right? Chase is the good son. I’m the one that… I’m the one that wronged my dad. And I turned it around in my head to make myself right. It takes a lot of time and energy to convince yourself that everyone else is the problem, not you.

[ Laughing ] Yeah, I know the syndrome. I know. I stay up at night. I think about all the time I lost with my family, the lost days that became lost years. I… I don’t sleep much anymore. Nobody can punish us like we can. My dad was devoted to my mom. He was there for her. When she died so young, I… I was just angry. I was angry at everyone. And so when he met jackie and she helped him move on and she made him happy, I found this way to… punish him for it. Sleeping with her before the wedding, before their wedding, I… what kind of son does that? My mother kept us away from the quartermaine money. I mean, she knew it was there, but she had a pretty good career as a music manager. The quartermaine money wasn’t always a gift. Was ned around? Yeah, enough. Pretty sure he paid child support. It’s not like I-I ever felt like I didn’t have two parents. And my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, all the people who might have been cousins, they were always around. So that’s why the guest list at our wedding was so long.

[ Laughs ] And I only invited the ones that I like. Some of my relatives had a house. Some of them got one gifted to them in a will. But none of us were rich. We were comfortable in bensonhurst. My upbringing was probably a lot quieter than yours, but we were pretty middle class too. I want that kind of life for our kids — a life full of — of love that makes them feel safe. And look. I know there are gonna be bumps along the way. But they will be surrounded by family who will take them by the hand and help them. You don’t think there’ll be parts of the family that want to take their hand and put a bunch of money in it? Oh, there definitely will be. You know my family. That’s obviously gonna happen. But there’s two of us, and we can fend them off. And yeah, it’ll be a little tricky to have a normal life, especially in port charles. But it’s not impossible. If we’re together, nothing’s impossible. And there you go. You know, I think what granny was really after with that prenup, it wasn’t about protecting my trust or my inheritances from you. It was about protecting us from what the insanity of that kind of money can bring. I never thought I’d say this, but… I think tracy has the right idea.

That’s what I think, and I thinkthat tracy would agree. We’re young, we’re healthy, we have careers that we love, and between us, we’re comfortable. I’m with you so far. Okay. We take the interest from your trust fund and any other funds that you have and we put it into a savings account for our kids. You know, it’ll be for education and…shoes. Exactly what kind of shoes are you thinking? It — I — it sounds good. It’ll be a safety net — in case something comes up. Like a shoe emergency. Or a medical emergency. Or if we want to help out a loved one. And I’m sure there’s charities that we’d like to support. I like the sound of that. The only thing I care about our kids inheriting is the good stuff that we bring to their lives — honesty, compassion, a strong work ethic. You bring so much more than that. And, you know, granny told me that, um, no one would want to live off their spouse’s money, which was a very weird thing for her to say, considering all the guys in her life did just that. I never understood her taste in men. But I do understand where she’s coming from. I always want to feel like I can serve and protect this family. You see what I did there? Yeah, I did. And I think that I bring value to our marriage. I mean, I can sing. Yeah, you can. I can cook. I can attest to that. I can catch the bad guys. Some might even say that it’s your dollars against my collars. I will never say that. I ask you to meet, and then I keep you waiting. I’m so sorry. I’m always happy to wait for my sister. And I used the time to try to figure out the reason behind your unprecedented invitation. And what’d you come up with? Nothing.

[ Laughs ] I decided just to be grateful for the chance to spend some time with you. Well, good. I’m glad we’re doing this, then. Okay. You’re looking well. Oh, t-thank you. I-I’m feeling good. I’m getting stronger every day. I-I try to look at my time at G.H. As just an extended spa stay. You’re joking, uh, but what happened to you in that church was no joke, cyrus. And it’s in the past. Well, I’ve been thinking about it an awful lot lately. And if you chose not to press charges against sonny because of me and because of my friendship with him, then I want you to reconsider.

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