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Carly: I mean, even if Nina doesn’t tell Sonny directly, she’s gonna make sure that he hears that I slept with John Cates. But just to be clear, I did not.

Jason: Copy that.

Carly: That’s new.

Jason: What?

Carly: I just — I don’t ever remember you saying, “copy that” before. Anyway , I don’t know what I’m worried about. I mean, Sonny already considers me a traitor, so why would he care who I slept with?

Jason: Because he loves you?

Carly: Yeah. I don’t think he does anymore.

Good afternoon, Ms. Jerome.

Hi, Madison. I think Ms. Reeves is expecting me.

Oh, unfortunately, she’s been called away to guest services.

Oh, I don’t mind waiting. [ Sniffs, exhales ] [ Clears throat ] Hello. Is this applied analytical? Good. I’m — I’m hoping you can help me. I think that there has been a mistake with my husband’s medication. If — if your lab was to test his pills, would you be able to identify the prescription and the strength? I can’t ask his pharmacy. They’re online. Oh, well, that’s wonderful. Thank you so much. I’ll messenger them today.

Lucy: Well, needless to say, I have every intention of returning as the mistress of ceremonies for the nurses’ ball this year…

Brook Lynn: So, how we doing?

Lucy: I just feel like it…

Maxie: See for yourself.

Lucy: …Isn’t quite the same without me.

Haven: Oh, well, I love the nurses’ ball. I watch every year.

Lucy: Oh, you do? Well, thank you. That’s very kind of you. You know, sometimes we do have very special guests.

Haven: Oh, yes, yes, and the guests always look so fabulous. So, tell us, what role does Deception play in all that gorgeous hair and makeup?

Lucy: Oh, uh, well, of course, Deception is so very important. But, you know, I have to say it’s not quite as important as wardrobe. I mean, especially my wardrobe, because sometimes I have had as much as a dozen gown changes. Of course, like I mentioned, I was unable to host last year. It was the first time ever. But I was lucky because I was able to run things remotely. Not the same as being there…

Maxie: Don’t worry. I called the cavalry.

Brook Lynn: I hope you mean a literal regiment of soldiers that will thunder in on horseback to distract the viewers from this disaster.

Maxie: No, no. Only one soldier. But the best one for the job.

Brook Lynn: Well, they better get here soon ’cause we’re going down fast.

Lucy: You know, I-I started Deception. I mean, it was my little brain child back in the ’90s.

Gregory: [ Sighs ]

Lois: Come on in. Is there something I can get from my favorite in-law to be?

Gregory: Oh, thank you, Lois. I-I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I was just hoping to get a quick word with Brook Lynn.

Lois: Oh, oh, you just missed her. She’s off doing something with Deception. Is this about the wedding?

Gregory: As a matter of fact, it is.

Lois: Well, then, you have come to the right person. As the mother of the bride, it is my honor and my pleasure to make sure that this wedding comes off without a hitch.

Gregory: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

John: Am I interrupting?

Anna: My god, what happened to you?

Lucy: Now, I am sure that some of our viewers do remember that the ’90s were a very different time.

Haven: You know what I remember most about the ’90s, Lucy?

Lucy: No, Haven, do — do tell.

Haven: The hole in the ozone layer. The hole.

Lucy: T-the hole?

Haven: Yes, yes, yes. It was an environmental crisis that affected everyone on earth, not just Port Charles.

Lucy: Ah, the ozone layer.

Haven: Yes, and you know what layers were affected the most, Lucy? Hmm? The epidermis and the dermis. Oh, I mean, I’m telling you, we could have used a face cream like the one you brought us today.

Lucy: We sure could have.

Haven: [ Laughs ] Well, tell us about it.

Lucy: But you know what? We didn’t have that. So I am just thinking that maybe subconsciously, that is exactly the idea that made me want to create Deception.

Haven: And you did. And now Deception and home & heart would like to invite our home audience to enjoy Deception’s new face cream at home.

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but thank god for Haven.

I don’t know how much more of the Lucy chronicles I could take.

Oh, don’t worry, the cavalry is here.

Scott: Hey, Maxie, I got here as quick as I could.

Brook Lynn: This is the cavalry?

Shh! Scotty, this is what we need you to do. Get up on that stage and get Lucy to talk about the product. Or just get her off the damn stage.

Scott; I’ll take care of it.

Haven: Lucy, I mean, come on, just a little dab just to show what it does.

Lucy: Oh! [ Laughs ] Oh, uh, no, Haven. Thank you so much. You know, like I mentioned, this cream looks best, starts and works best, on completely washed skin. You do not put it over makeup.

Haven: Oh, well, I’m sure we can get someone up here to get that makeup right off your face.

Lucy: On camera?

Haven: Oh, yes, on camera. And your washed, un-made-up face will be in a nice, tight close-up.

Lucy: Well, Haven, you know, that’ll only happen over one of our dead bodies.

Haven: Yes —

Scott: Well, it’s a good thing I just showed up.

Haven: Um, excuse me. This is a closed set.

Lucy: Oh, no. Actually, uh, it’s not a closed set to a dear, dear, uh, friend. Um, also, he happens to be the lawyer for Deception. So, um, viewers out there, please welcome noted personal injury and defense attorney Scott Baldwin.

Scott: Mm. Now, um, thank you for the warm welcome. About this face cream —

Lucy: Oh, you know what I’m thinking? I-I just — memory lane. You know, 2013 nurses’ ball, we were on the stage at one point, and it takes me back to that nurses’ ball. Uh…[ Chuckles ] You know, um, actually, that was a time when 12 years went by and we did not have a nurses’ ball. And I knew I could not allow that unholy hiatus to go on one more year.

Oh, well, it was worth a shot.

Deception was nice while it lasted.

Brook Lynn: Don’t give up yet. I’ve got one more hail Mary.

Tracy: Cody, where are you? I’m ready for my ride!

Cody: Oh, hi.

Tracy: Hi.

Cody: Hi, Tracy. You’re, uh, running a little late.

Tracy: Well, I hope that means my horse is saddled up and ready to go.

Cody: Uh, actually —

Tracy: Look, I wanted to tell you that I haven’t ridden in a while, so I want to just take him for a walk around the arena, just till I get my seat back.

Cody: Yeah. O-okay, but, uh, so about the saddle…

Tracy: What about the saddle? I love that saddle. I rode that saddle for years! It’s a multi-generational saddle.

Cody: But like you said, you Haven’t used it for a while and there was a problem with the way that it was stored.

Tracy: That’s a dressage saddle. It was custom-made. If there is a problem with it, you are out on your hind end with no pillion to cushion you.

Gregory: I’m sure Chase and Brook Lynn’s day will be hitchless, especially with you at the helm.

Lois: Oh, well, you’re right, of course. But thank you for noticing.

Gregory: I just call it like I see it.

Lois: Aw, well, sit down. Sit, sit, sit. So, come on, Gregory. Tell me — what’s worrying you?

Gregory: Well, it’s a-a small thing, really.

Lois: Do you need to change your, uh, entrée from chicken to fish? Is that it? Because, you know, there’s plenty of time. Oh, wait! Speaking of time, do you happen to have a copy of what you’re gonna be saying at the altar? I-it’s not because I need to approve anything at all. It’s just, I need to know how long it’s gonna take.

Jason: Carly, how could Sonny stop loving you?

Carly: People fall out of love all the time, Jason. You know that. Come on.

Jason: Yes, but not you and Sonny. Maybe you can’t live together. That’s happened before. But you still love each other.

Carly: I tried! I mean, Sonny was different after he came back from Nixon Falls. I mean, he was infatuated with Nina.

Jason: Yeah, he was different.

Carly: And to Sonny, nothing that happened could ever be Nina’s fault. It was my fault. It was your fault. Hell, he thinks we went behind his back. He thought I was unfaithful to him. And when we got word that you had died, I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. But to Sonny, he barely noticed you were gone.

Cody: Are you done threatening me, or is there more?

Tracy: It depends. I have to see my saddle.

Cody: [ Chuckles ] I thought you’d never ask. Sasha! Turns out Sasha has a way with Havana leather, no matter how old or water-damaged.

Tracy: I can’t believe that’s the same saddle.

Sasha: It’s a wonder what some balm in a sheepskin glove can do.

Tracy: Wow. I had no idea when you chose to leave Deception that it would work out so well for me.

Sasha: [ Chuckles ] You’re welcome, Tracy.

Tracy: What are you waiting for? Put the saddle on the horse.

Cody: Yes ma’am.

Tracy: I’ll be outside.

Cody: Thank you. You just saved my hind end.

Sasha: Least I could do. It’s a nice hind end.

John: By all appearances, I was the target of a mugging.

Anna: What do you mean, “by all appearances”?

John: I was attacked by two guys near the waterfront, came out of nowhere, laid me out, but didn’t get around to robbing me. Now, it could have been because the beating was interrupted, or —

Anna:  Or it could have been orchestrated.

John: Yeah. I’d bet my badge on it.

Anna: I mean, for argument’s sake, you know the waterfront isn’t the safest part of town.

John: Yeah, especially this area of the waterfront

Anna:  — a block from the Corinthos coffee warehouse.

John: Coincidence?

Anna: That depends. What were you doing snooping around Corinthos coffee?

Carly: Sonny told me he was in love with Nina, and then he tried to walk it back, telling me that they were leftover feelings from Nixon falls or something like that. But I told him I wanted a separation, but Sonny decided that we were gonna reconcile. More than that, he wanted to renew our wedding vows, and he gave me an ultimatum. If I didn’t show up, he’d know we were over.

Jason: Did you show up?

Carly: Yeah, I showed up. I was an hour late, and by then, Sonny was in bed with Nina. I literally walked in on them.

Jason: I’m sorry, Carly.

Carly: It was awful. It was horrible. It was a big fight. Sonny blamed me. [ Laughs ] And that’s when I stopped caring. That’s when I stopped caring what Sonny thought and I stopped caring how Sonny felt, and I asked him for a divorce.

Cody: Well, I better get the lady of the manor mounted.

Sasha: Does she know she can’t fire you?

Cody: Oh, yeah. Sure. But it doesn’t stop her from trying. Speaking of employment, this would be a great time for you to fill out those applications for all those jobs you don’t want. Do it.

Sasha: Or I could straighten up the tack room.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Gregory: I haven’t settled on a final draft of what I’m going to say. I’ve been rewriting myself for weeks now.

Lois: I totally sympathize. I know that you want it all to be perfect. I’m just saying that when you do know what it is you’re gonna be saying, would you mind sending me a copy? I need to time out the ceremony so that I can let the kitchen at the metro court know when to start firing the food.

Gregory: I hadn’t realized.

Lois: Oh, it’s crucial. Oh, it’s totally crucial. You have to have the food come out to the table when it’s hot, not when it’s overdone, definitely not when it’s been heated under those heating lamps, those contraptions — they need to be outlawed.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Lois: Excuse me for one second. Oh, ah! Ooh, it’s Brook Lynn. It’s Brook Lynn. Wait, hold on. Hi, honey. Oh, I’m sitting here with your future father-in-law.

Brook Lynn: Ma, listen! I need you to do something for me. It’s an emergency.

Lois: Would you excuse me for one moment, please?

Lois: Sasha!

Sasha: Hey!

Lois: Brook Lynn has been trying to reach you.

Sasha: Oh, sorry. Hey, where’s my phone?

Lois: There is a Deception disaster. Lucy is crashing and burning on home & heart.

Sasha: Lucy?

Yeah, she decided to do the spot herself, which, as I said, it is a complete disaster.

Lois: [ Sighs ] Now, listen, I don’t watch H&H myself, but my ma does. And you know who else watches it? All of my ma’s friends, and they all know that Deception is Brook Lynn’s company. So Lucy’s failure is Deception’s failure is Brook Lynn’s failure, and we can’t let that happen. So, come on. I need you to go.

Sasha: Well, I’ll have to get changed.

Lois:No, no, no! There’s no time. I already snagged the fastest ride in the garage. Can you drive a stick? Doesn’t matter. I can drive one. Let’s go!

Lucy: Now, do you know what I do remember in particular about that year, is all the obstacles I had to overcome. I mean, I had to together all these good people together for such a good cause and raise so much money for those very good people. Now, just like our viewers at home.

Mm. Hello, viewers.

Haven: [ Clears throat ] So, uh, Lucy, why don’t we tell the viewers how this face cream can take a mug like this and turn it into a matinee idol?

Lucy: Oh, wow. You know, I am so delighted to see you and have you here, uh, with us. But, you know, it’s kind of rude to interrupt. So where was I? Oh, right, uh there was a ball. There were nurses. And the year was 2014.

Haven: Oh, yes, and your dear, dear friend Scott showed up right at the end and kissed you… in your underwear… again.

Lucy: Thank you. Uh, uh, thank you so much. That’s so kind of you, Haven, to remember that.

Haven: Oh, yes, yes. I — I never forget a nurses’ ball. And, viewers, isn’t she unforgettable? And doesn’t she look great? And you know what? You can look great, too. [ Chuckles ]

Nina: Ava, I am so sorry to keep you waiting.

Ava: Hi. No, it’s no problem. Hey. I had some business to take care of anyway. What about you? You have a hotel emergency?

Nina: Well, you know how it is. One guest crisis is a hotelier’s cold eggs.

Ava: I-I’m not familiar with that expression.

Nina: And I hope it never becomes one.

Madison: Ms. Reeves, the Venice proofs are on your desk. Revenue reports are flagged in your inbox. And Cartullo confirmed.

Nina: Thank you, Madison.

Ava: Your assistant — very diligent. In the 15 minutes I was waiting for you, she must have come in and out of here three times.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] I think she was checking up on you.

Ava: I think she was.

Nina: She might be overcompensating.

Ava: For what?

Nina: Well, I’ve had a few unexpected visitors lately. Drew has gotten into the habit of just barging in unannounced whenever he wants to. He feels like he is entitled to everything and has to wait for nothing. And when it comes to me —

Ava: The woman who sent him to prison, where he almost died.

Nina: Thank you for saying that.

Ava: [ Chuckles ] Well, somebody had to.

Nina: Okay. Which brings me to why I wanted to see you.

Ava: Oh, and here I thought you just missed me.

Nina: Oh, yeah, I do. Of course I do. It’s… I need a progress report on my reconciliation with Sonny.

Carly: Well, I mean, Sonny did offer me a huge settlement, right? But all I wanted was the house. I mean, I thought I could take care of myself with my half of the hotel.

Jason: Yeah, Diane told me how you lost it.

Carly: Yeah. My big investment with aurora. I-I didn’t know it at the time, but it was 100% insider trading. But the only reason the sec even paid attention was because Nina turned me and drew in.

Jason: Yeah, Diane told me that, too.

Carly: Did she also tell you I could have saved myself and drew by flipping on Sonny?

Jason: No.

Carly: I mean, there wasn’t a formal offer, but Diane thinks the feds would have made a deal because I had evidence against Sonny.

Jason: Uh, what — what kind of evidence?

Carly: Proof that Sonny violated the national security act.

Jason: How’d you get that?

Carly: Michael.

John: How am I the bad guy here?

Anna: I never said you were.

John: Well, you just insinuated that I may have had it coming because I was in the vicinity of Sonny’s coffee warehouse.

Anna: No, I’m just suggesting the possibility that Sonny’s guards handled you because you violated their security perimeter.

John: I didn’t violate anything. I was a block away. I was jumped by professionals.

Anna: You most likely were.

John: Okay. Well, if you agree with me, why did you just —

Anna: oh, John. A crime has been committed, and I’m just trying to rule out possibilities. I mean, it is part of a process called police work.

John: Oh, really? Could you spell that out for me?

Anna: Yeah, no, I’ll text you. [ Sighs ] Do you want some water?

John: Yes.

Anna: So, what were you doing skulking around Sonny’s coffee warehouse?

John: I was tailing Jason Morgan’s lawyer, Diane miller. Is she clean, do you think?

Anna: Oh, I don’t know how many lawyers are clean?

John: [ Laughs ] Touché. But that being said, even though most of her clients are disreputable, the woman herself, she is —

Anna: she is quite a professional. I mean, she’s a paragon of ethics, or at least skilled enough to make it appear so.

John: Then what was she doing heading to Corinthos coffee at that dangerous time of the night?

Anna: Um, well, Jason is part owner in the coffee company.

John: Which makes it all the more likely that some alliance is brewing between Jason and Sonny Corinthos.

Carly: Michael and Josslyn were devastated about everything that happened with Sonny and Nina, and so Michael just decided that we were all better off if Sonny was in prison. And you know Michael — I-I mean, he’s like you. When he sets his mind on something, he just doesn’t stop.

Jason: Okay. H-how did Michael get evidence against Sonny?

Carly: He hired a professional, an ex-soldier named Dex Heller. And Dex was able to record evidence of Sonny receiving illegal weapons from a company called Pikeman. Dex brought Michael the footage, and Michael gave it to me.

Jason: What’d you do with it?

Carly: I destroyed it. I mean, by then, Michael’s feeling towards his father had changed, and Michael realized that Sonny going to prison would tear the whole family apart. So we came up with a new plan. Michael and I were paying Dex to keep an eye on Sonny and report back to us if Sonny found himself in any kind of trouble.

Jason: Okay. So you were paying this guy to spy on Sonny?

Carly: Yeah, well, I mean, it was for his own good.

Jason: Well, I don’t think Sonny would see it that way.

Carly: He did not when he found out.

Tracy: Gregory, I didn’t know you were here.

Gregory: [ Chuckles ] I was, uh, talking to Lois. She excused herself, said she’d be back in a moment. But that was a while ago.

Tracy: Yeah, well, she operates in a different time zone. Why were you talking to Lois in the first place, anyway?

Gregory: Uh, happenstance. I actually stopped by to talk to — to Brook Lynn.

Tracy: Oh, in the afternoon? She’s working.

Gregory: I suppose when you have your afternoons free, you forget that other people don’t. Uh, anyway, it — it’s not urgent. I can call her later.

Tracy: Or you can give me the message and I’ll pass it along.

Gregory: Very well. Um… I just wanted to let Brook Lynn know that I won’t be bringing a plus-one after all.

Tracy: Oh. What happened to Alexis?

Gregory: Uh, something came up. She had to cancel.

Tracy: Hmm. Well… I don’t think that that’s much of a tragedy. Alexis and weddings don’t mix. Of course, I’m prejudiced ever since she went runaway bride and left Ned at the altar.

Gregory: If you don’t like Alexis, isn’t it a good thing that she didn’t marry your son?

Tracy: It’s not that she didn’t marry Ned. It’s how she didn’t marry Ned. But she had her… reasons then. And I suppose she has her reasons now.

Gregory: As a matter of fact, she does. Um, I-I-I shouldn’t say anything.

Tracy: Oh, pfft. Then you must.

Gregory: You have to promise not to —

Tracy: I won’t say a word!

Gregory: Alexis has to appear in Manhattan the morning after the wedding. She’s hoping to get her disbarment overturned.

Tracy: Oh. Well, good for her.

Gregory: Do you mean that?

Tracy: [ Laughs ] I’m sure some part of me must.

Gregory: Anyway, that’s why she can’t make the wedding, which, uh, means that I’ll be going stag.

Ava: A progress report, huh? Should that be single- or double-spaced for you?

Nina: [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry.

Ava: Maybe I could e-mail it to you. Madison could flag it in your inbox.

Nina: All right, all right. I apologize. You are not my assistant and you do not need to report to me. But you — you did say that you would act as my advocate.

Ava: And I am.

Nina: So, how do things stand? Sonny miss me?

Ava: Yeah, you know, of course Sonny misses you.

Nina: Did he say that?

Ava: No, he doesn’t have to. Whenever your name comes up, his mood gets dark and he might fix himself a drink.

Nina: Sonny’s drinking again?

Ava: Not to excess. He’s just gone back to having a glass of scotch or two in the evening.

Nina: That’s so bad for him. It makes him so volatile.

Ava: Yeah. Well, I don’t recommend lecturing him on the subject.

Nina: I didn’t mean to interrupt you. So, um, you said that Sonny doesn’t like hearing my name?

Ava: Right. I mean, he asked me not to mention you at all unless it’s absolutely necessary. And that — that proves that he misses you, right? You are still under his skin, and that’s obvious. It’s progress, Nina. I’m sure of it.

Nina: Oh. Well, you’re a lot more sure than I am.

Lucy: For the nurses’ ball, for so many years of CoeCo…

Hey. How hard did the iceberg hit, and is the ship still afloat?

See for yourself.

Lucy: I really think that all my years as president and CEO of CoeCo cosmetics —

Haven: Doesn’t that look lovely? Oh, can we get a camera on this?

Lucy: And, actually, the fact that I was the center of gravity for the nurses’ ball for so many years really made be able to be the driving creative force to create Deception.

You need to get in there. It’s trending like crazy.

In a good way?

Well, Haven, yes. Scott, yes. Deception, meh. Lucy — you don’t want to know, sales are still really low.

Sasha: I’m on it.

Haven: So, Lucy, how would you describe this?

Lucy: [ Laughs ] On our Deception website — that’s how. Hey, y-you know what, you viewers out there? I-I bet that you don’t remember that I not only wrote one tell-all book, I wrote two. And you probably all purChased a travel guide to Port Charles, but who out there — come on, you tell me — who remembers lust for death?

I remember lust for death.

Oh, look who it is, viewers — Sasha Corbin, the former face of Deception.

Sasha: Hi, there.

Lucy:Now not really the face of anything.

And by the way, what are you wearing?

Sasha: Oh, these are my work clothes now. I’m a stable hand, and I love it, but it’s a lot of hard work and it doesn’t really afford an opportunity to feel pretty.

Haven: Oh. Oh, this is you not pretty? Oh, my. Look at her. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Sasha: Oh, thank you, Haven. That’s so sweet. And thank you, Lucy. I-I’ve got it from here.

Lucy: Uh, no. No, you don’t. I’m not — I’m not quite done. ‘

Scott: I think — I think she’s got it.

Lucy: No, no, I’m not. I have so many more things to say.

Scott: No, no, I think she can handle it.

Haven: Oh, Lucy, you know, it is always such an experience with you.

Lucy: Well, thank you, Haven, but I’m not —

Haven: Why don’t you tell this to me off camera?

Lucy: I’m not finished. There are a few more things I just wanted to impart to the audience!

Haven: So, Sasha, if I may ask — your makeup?

Sasha: I’m not really wearing any.

Haven: I hate you.

Sasha: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. But you know what? It does make it a lot easier for me to show you, and the audience at home, what Deception’s new disruptor nourishing moisturizer can do.

Haven: Oh, you take it away, honey.

[ Laughs ]

Anna: The last thing Sonny wants is anything to do with Jason.

John: Where are you getting that information?

Anna: Sonny. He came here to my office trying to persuade me to file charges against Jason.

John: For what?

Anna: For whatever part he played in the attack of the docks. Sonny conveniently forgot that Jason is the reason his son is still alive. So you said that these attackers of yours — they were surprised. What happened?

John: The two guys who jumped me ran off when Carly spencer pulled up in her car.

Ava: I don’t understand where all this skepticism is coming from. You trust me, don’t you?

Nina: Of course I trust you. You’re my best friend. It’s just, if you can’t even mention my name to Sonny, how do you even know that he is open to the idea of saving our relationship?

Ava: Well, you’re still his wife, for one thing.

Nina: Only because I haven’t signed a sheet of paper. Right.

Ava: And is Sonny pressuring you? You know how insistent he can be, how he hates loose ends. Is Sonny standing over you with a pen, demanding you sign those divorce papers?

Nina: No. No. Exactly.

Ava: This is gonna take time, Nina, and I know that it’s agonizing for you.

Nina: That’s an understatement.

Ava: But you have got to be patient. I can’t rush this. I have to wait for just the right moment when Sonny realizes just how much he wants you back, and then I strike. Okay.

Nina: So what, if any, difference do you think it would make if I, um… …sold my half of the hotel to Jason Morgan?

Ava: [ Scoffs ] Where’s this coming from?

Nina: I had a little visit from Diane miller, and she proposed the sale.

Ava: I thought you liked owning the hotel.

Nina: Yeah, I do. I do. I do. It’s just the… novelty has worn out.

Ava: More fun running it as a prize you took from Carly and not a day job.

Nina: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. So do you think if I sold my half of the hotel to Sonny’s best friend, that I would win some points?

Carly: God, it was crazy. He was gonna kill Dex. So I had to tell him everything. He was furious and betrayed. God, he just disowned Michael the same way he’s disowned the two of us. And, I mean, I’m a traitor! You’re a traitor! [ Laughs ] I mean, none of it matters? Nothing we’ve done, none of the sacrifices we made, they don’t count for anything?

Jason: They count with me. Everything that you’ve been through, everything that you’ve done — Sonny might not be grateful, Carly, but I am.

Tracy: I will pass along to Brook Lynn that you are no longer bringing a plus-one.

Gregory: Well, I hope it doesn’t mess up the seating too badly. I know how much care and planning is —

Tracy: Gregory, stop. You are the father of the groom. You’re officiating the wedding. You will take your rightful place at the family table next to me.

Gregory: Well, thank you, Tracy. I’d like that very much.

Lucy: Hey, really? What is Sasha doing here? I mean, she’s not even with the company anymore. She’s not even spokesmodeling anymore. And why, pray tell, is she dressed like an escapee from Mayberry?

Maxie: Um, thank you, Lucy, for stepping in until reinforcements could get here.

Lucy: No, don’t do that. Don’t do that to me. Don’t handle me.

Me? I’m not handling you. You were put in an impossible situation, and you handled it… the way only Lucy Coe would.

Lucy: Oh, gee. Thanks a lot. Since you put it that way —

[ Cellphone chiming ]

Lucy: [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh. I-I am blowing up. This phone is blowing up. I’m — I’m blowing up.

Brook Lynn: [ Laughs ] You are a superhero.

Maxie: Yeah, I know. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t gotten Sasha here.

Well, I did, so you’ll never have to find that out, huh?

Lois: You know, it’s a really nice set-up you’ve got here. I mean, I’m used to concert lighting, which is fabulous, of course. But this is elegant in its own way. Just like you.

Haven: Oh! And I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today. Sasha, thank you. And it is great having you back.

Sasha: Thank you, Haven. It was great being here.

Haven: And we’re out. Oh, my god, Sasha. You saved the show.

Sasha: Great.

Haven: And I just want to say thank you.

Sasha: Yeah. Well, you know, my friends needed me.

YHaven: eah. Well, they are very lucky to have you. And if I may say so, for whatever it’s worth, I wish I had been kinder.

Sasha: Is that an apology?

Haven: Well, you know, my attorneys have advised me not to apologize just in case you sue us. But, um, yes. I apologize. And I do hope you’ll come back.

Sasha: Socials look great. People have never loved Sasha more.

Maxie: Ooh! Well, Deception has had a rollercoaster of a day — all-time low to almost all-time high. We didn’t sell out, but I think we will by the time we leave the building. Not a bad day.

Not bad at all.


Lucy: What?! I-I am trending. I am actually trending! [ Gasps ] Oh! My public has never loved me more.

Nina: I’ll admit to you, not anyone else, that running a hotel is a lot more work than I wanted, and it’s not really work that I enjoy. So I’m pretty certain that Jason is going to buy the hotel and turn around and give it to Carly. And at the very least, that will annoy drew, and at the very best, humiliate him.

Ava: Pay back for firing you.

Nina: Among other things. And on top of all that, if I can sell the hotel to Sonny’s best friend, it might earn me half a point with him.

Ava: It’s worth doing. Sonny and Jason were closer than brothers. So, from what I’ve seen, Sonny would be deeply moved if you made a deal with him.

Nina: Do you think so?

Ava: Oh, I know so.

John: Now, I have no idea what Carly was doing there. I was too distracted by the beating to ask.

Anna: She was probably going to visit Jason.

John: Well, it seems like he hasn’t had any trouble settling back into his old life.

Anna: I’m sorry. I distinctly remember you asking him to do exactly that — to stay in Port Charles and wait for Pikeman to take him out. Oh, there’s a term for that. I forget what it — oh, bait.

John: You sound disapproving.

Anna: No, I’m just — just a reminder of why Jason originally came back to town. It was as half of a sniper team, and his partner had a handgun that fired armor-piercing rounds. So Jason knows firsthand what Pikeman is capable of. And every day he’s walking the streets, knowing that they’re coming for him. And when they do, it’s going to be a hell of a lot worse than being jumped by a couple of thugs. So I’m just saying, why didn’t you back off and give the man a little credit?

Carly: [ Sighs ] I don’t know what’s wrong with Sonny. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with Sonny. Maybe this is who he is. Sonny doesn’t give a damn about anybody else. Why should we give a damn about him? Don’t tell me because of the kids, okay? Because I’m not gonna set a bad example for donna by letting Sonny walk all over me.

Jason: Good.

Carly: You’re not gonna ask me to forgive him?

Jason: That’s up to you.

Carly: You’re gonna forgive him?

Jason: [ Sighs ] I mean, for now, but it’s possible Sonny could push me too far. And hearing how he’s treated you, he’s getting pretty close.

Carly: [ Voice breaking ] I miss him. I miss him. I miss how he used to be. And I miss how we all were together, you know, and I miss the Sonny I used to love, and I just wish there was a way we could reach him.

Jason: We can’t force him to trust us or accept our help. All we can do is live our lives right now and just be there if he needs us.

Carly: Or we could turn our backs on him and let him drown.

Jason: You’d never do that. I won’t do that either.

Carly: Okay. Thank you. Sometimes I just think about how it would have been so much better if I would have never loved Sonny and I’d just — just stayed in love with you.

Jason: I like us the way we are.

Carly: I do, too.

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