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I’ve missed you. And the invader is not the same without you. I miss it, too. I truly enjoyed the work.

[ Inhales sharply ] But in the words of a famous american poet, you got to know when to fold them. My best days aren’t ahead of me. I hope you don’t mind if I still call you every day with all my problems, especially when they’re ethically sticky. I’d be hurt if you didn’T. Anything in particular? Let’s just eat before I lose my appetite.

The invader gives me heartburn. Sorry to hear that. You know, there’s something else I-I wanted to say to you. I am so sorry, but I can’t be your extra one for the wedding. Why not? Because there’s a slight chance that I may be getting my law license back. I’ll take it you got my message about some of your bank accounts being unfrozen. I did. Fast work.

[ Chuckles ] I’m diane miller. Do I have enough money… to buy back carly’s half of the metro court? I don’t know what my mom was doing with agent cates, but… oh, it was all too clear what they were doing. Uh, carly was picking up room service for two, and agent cates was wearing nothing but a towel. Nina, things aren’t always as they appear. I’m sure carly wouldn’t cheat on drew. No, she wouldn’t be cheating, curtis. Carly and I broke up. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. My mother’s personal life is her business, not yours. Mm. I just think it’s a shame that she would hook up with a guy who’s a federal agent two minutes after she and drew broke up. You don’t tell your buddies, but I think your coat is the shiniest. You must get a lot of vitamin a, d, and e, huh? You again? Any luck with the job search?

[ Sighs ] Not really. I’ve applied for everything — receptionist positions, corporate communications, positions in insurance and public affairs, most of them in new york and connecticut. Yeah, I mean, I’d hate to see you move, but, uh, at least you’re getting nibbles, right? Yeah, but nothing that interests me. And I’m tired of being considered because these jobs are public facing and I fit the company’s image. Yeah, well, the receptionist ones are definitely out. I mean, you’re way too qualified for that. But any company would be lucky to have you. Well, not if they only care about my looks. Been there, done that. We — we need gels. It’s just not flattering, the light to the product — to — to the product. Um, you know, we need warmth. Excuse me. Hi. Could we perhaps get some lighting gels? We would really appreciate it. Well, I need to get the producer’s permit. No, jennifer, it’s okay. Just do it. Hello, ladies. Are you ready for another blockbuster segment? Oh, absolutely. All set. Oh, well, no sasha I hear. Unfortunately not. Uh, well, I don’t know this blaze, but my granddaughters are very excited. I’ve been ordered to get an autograph. So is she here yet? Well, um, we’ve decided to streamline the duties of the face, so blaze will not be the spokesmodel today. Ah. Then who is doing the selling today? Who else? Moi.

It’s fully electric, not a hybrid? Oh, that is so awesome! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Send me all the specs and the financials. Send me everything. I’m so excited you have the pickup in stock. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, I’ll be waiting. Don’t tell me that you and chase have eschewed the traditional limo ride to the church for a-a 4×4. Before you believe what nina’s telling you, just consider the source. Oh. Well, I would imagine michael’s used to this. I mean, carly’s not known for her discretion. Okay, carly has a right to privacy, just like everybody else. I doubt any of us would like everybody to know what we do behind closed doors. Oh, that’s the thing. Agent cates’ door wasn’t closed. I mean, they were perfectly visible from the hall. I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe carly just needed a good…night out. Okay. We don’t know what did or didn’t happen. What we do know is that carly and agent cates are consenting adults, so whatever happened is none of our damn business. Yep. Curtis is right. I’m done discussing it. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it must be painful, knowing that carly got over your relationship so quickly. So, you are the spokesperson? Uh, yes, siree bob. Because, uh, who better than the founder? And nobody knows the product better than lucy. No. Yes, indeed. I mean, I have been in on every single step of developing our new face cream. Okay, well, I am going to have to check with my producer about this. Okay. Well, that certainly could have gone a lot better. What is with you? What is with your tepid attitude? Tepid? Uh, yeah. You just stood there like you — you swallowed a fish. W-why didn’t — why didn’t you have my back more? Um, maybe because I don’t agree with your decision to do this. Why are you insisting on taking this all on yourself? Okay. Why are you so against — oh, wait a minute. You want to get up there yourself. You do, don’t you? You want the spotlight, is that correct? You have to be kidding me. I want sasha in the spotlight. The public knows her, and they love her. Okay, fine. But you have to get over that because sash–

[ Whispering ] Sasha quit. Yeah, thanks to you. Hey. Hey. I got your text. How did you know I was in the hotel? Well, nina told me. I guess you spent the night in, uh, agent cates’ room. Ohh! That woman! She called to tell you that? What, is she gonna put it on the cover of the invader? I-I was — I was I-in drew’s office downstairs, and then she showed up, and she filled us in. She told drew? And me and curtis ashford. We were in the middle of a meeting. She once told sonny that I was having an affair with brick, and she was wrong. I mean, does that woman ever learn? And just to be clear, I stayed over with agent cates. I did not sleep with him. I know. I know, mom. How is drew? I doubt you have developed a sudden interest in the hospitality industry, so I can only assume — I’m going to give the metro court back to carly. There it is. That’s a very generous impulse, my friend, but it’s going to take some finessing. First of all, nina has no incentive to sell. Well, give her one. She can name her price. No, she can’T. Absolutely not. I have far too much pride in my skills as a negotiator to ever hand anyone a blank check, much less that real-estate heiress. She can make a little profit, but I’m not going to let you overpay. Okay, diane, handle it however you think is best. Just make it happen. Your real obstacle is going to be carly. Why? Because you’re not the first person to off– offer to help her reclaim the metro court. Initially, olivia offered to loan her the money. Then nina, in a craven attempt to suck up to sonny, offered to sell it back to her. Then sonny, then michael, and carly has said no always. She wants to do it herself. Oh, you don’t worry about carly. I’ll work it out with her.

Sasha, you are still looking for a job, right? You’re not trying to get rid of me, are you? Never. But, uh, you know, as great as it’s been, you can’t just hang out here with me and the horses forever. I know. I’m going to run out of savings at some point. Sooner than I had hoped, actually. But I love being here with the horses. They don’t care about how I look. Yeah, the horses appreciate you for you. Exactly. I get what you’re saying about being underestimated. People underestimate you, too, don’t they? Occasionally. But, I mean, you’re on a whole nother level, you know? You got brains, business savvy, personality, not to mention a strong work ethic. I’m proud to say that I helped develop deception’s initial business plan. Yeah, yeah, I bet lucy and maxie are kicking themselves right now for letting you walk away. Should i be kicking myself? Was I crazy to leave deception? Why? You thinking about going back? You know, if you hadn’t undermined sasha by telling her she needed to be edgier, we wouldn’t be in this mess. What mess? We are not in a mess. There’s no mess. Deception, it’s not in a mess. And I am perfectly capable of being a pitch woman. Not as capable as sasha. Our customers admired her, lucy, not just for her beauty, but for her courage and the challenges she faced. She justified their faith. She’s not just beautiful, she’s inspirational. And you can’t buy that kind of narrative. What — what are you all of a sudden, the voice of reason? Or is this — you know what it is? It seems like right now you’re a little bit power hungry. Lucy, I-I have just as much of a right to an opinion as you do. We are equal partners. Yeah. We are. No, you’re absolutely right. And as such, we should work together against our common enemy, tracy quartermaine. But you know what it feels like? It feels like that your friendship with brook lynn has clouded your judgment lately. And maybe tracy could then bring down deception. Tracy didn’t want to get rid of sasha. She actually lobbied to keep her. Until she didn’t, because sasha quit and she was not fired. Okay. All right. Fine. Maybe if sasha had felt heard and included, she would have stuck around. But you’re only interested in your opinion. Face it, lucy, your love affair with yourself is the real problem. Chase and I are going tolorence on our honeymoon. Oh, congratulations. Florence is beautiful. It’s one of my most favorite spots on earth. Ah, I cannot wait to stroll through the boboli gardens hand in hand with chase. It’s going to be so romantic. What does this have to do with a truck? Well, since you so generously are paying for the wedding, chase insisted on paying for the honeymoon. And florence is such a dream come true, but it is more expensive than a stateside destination. So he sold his truck to pay for the trip. Wow. I got to hand it to him. That is a sweet gesture. Yeah, he loved that truck. That is why I am surprising him with a truck as a wedding gift. And guess what? It is fully electric. It is top of the line. Don’t do it. Come again? Disrespecting your husband is no way to start a marriage. I’m not disrespecting him. I love him. But there’s no reason he has to choose between our honeymoon and a truck. We can afford both. Brook lynn, you can afford both. You are way out of line. I’m sorry. But, curtis, maybe you don’t know drew as well as you think. I love you. Love you, too. Yo, drew, that was uncalled for. I’ve survived worse. Now, come on. Where were we? In a minute. You know, I-I wasn’t aware that you and carly had broken up. How come you didn’t tell me? Well, because you had a few things to focus on, man.

[ Sighs ] Right. You know, I remember when you came to the gym and you told me that things were rocky between you and carly. I thought you’d worked it out, but I guess you didn’T. You seemed so happy. Yeah. That was, um — that was before jason came back. And cates didn’t want to go to the hospital, so I brought him back here. I stayed with him so I could wake him up every couple hours. Basically, I was on concussion watch. Where’d you find him?

[ Sighs ] A couple blocks from the coffee warehouse. I mean, at first, I thought he was trailing jason, but then I realized he must have been following diane. Why? Because jason’s too hard to follow. I-it didn’t bother you that — that the guy you sat up with all night taking care of wants to bust jason? No, it doesn’t bother me, because cates isn’t going to find any evidence against jason. There’s nothing in that warehouse but coffee. And sonny is so furious with jason right now, there’s no way he’s going to bring him back to the business. So basically, sonny is doing jason a favor. So instead of sitting and enjoying a wedding with you and the happy couple, I will be pacing up and down a hotel room, preparing for my appearance in front of the appellate division of the new york state supreme court. Alexis, this is momentous. Although I have to admit, I’m a little hurt that you kept it from me until now. I really don’t think it could actually happen. I mean, it’s the longest of long shots. I don’t know, you and diane teaming up to argue your case? I’d take that bet. Well, here’s to you. No, don’T. No. I don’t want to jinx anything. Sorry. I’m alternating between pretending this isn’t happening and having paralyzing anxiety, because I really, really want this so much.

Chase and i share everything. What’s mine is his and vice versa. Sounds great. Very unrealistic. Don’t go there. Okay? We already had the prenup conversation. It is not happening. I totally respect your misguided decision to forgo the prenup. However, I have learned from painful experience that having more personal wealth than your husband puts undue stress on the marriage. No offense, grandmother, but chase is nothing like your ex-husbands.

[ Chuckles ] You mean my ex-fortune hunters? You’re absolutely right.

[ Laughs ] But… I know his father, and I am assuming that, in addition to being a stand-up guy, chase was taught to be the breadwinner in the family. Please. That is so old school. Brook lynn, have you not noticed that your husband-to-be is very traditional? It’s part of his charm.

[ Sighs ] I almost blew it, didn’t I? You did it out of love. Just like he sold his truck out of love. But you going off and buying him another one totally negates the sacrifice he made. You’d be devaluing his loving gesture. Wow. You saw that. I didn’T. Well, I have had many years to make mistakes and learn from them. But buck up, girly. You’ve got yourself a thoughtful, generous, devoted husband-to-be. The best. I’m just sad he has to give anything up for me. You know what happens when well-meaning people find out that you have a terminal illness? You start getting suggestions — mindfulness, uh, positive visualization, prayer, alternative medicines, healthy diets, yoga, acupuncture, you name it. That’s got to be really overwhelming. Yes, but you get used to it. I mean, I know it comes from a good place. Have I done that? No, no, not at all. So what’s your point? Just that, despite what other people may suggest, I think what it all comes down to is what you choose to believe. Alexis, do you believe that you could still be a good lawyer? I do. I still have as much passion for it as I’ve ever had, and there’s nothing more satisfying than helping someone get the justice they deserve in court, no matter what the obstacles. I’ll bet you were a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. I hope I get the chance to see you back in action. I hope you do, too. But you should know that most of these appeals are denied, which is why I’ve been so quiet about it. Well, then I’ll have faith for both of us. I wish everyone felt that way. The proofs from the dumbo shoot are on your desk. No one can locate pietro, and he still hasn’t delivered the dress for the cover. And those are your urgent messages. All right, I can get to dumbo later. And please call the agent and tell them that if pietro doesn’t deliver in 24 hours, he is off the cover and my roster. I’m not doing this with him again. All right, these can wait. These can — really? Olivia? She keeps calling. I can’t believe she’s still harping on the color refresh I gave the fourth-floor bathrooms. And you know what? Forget about calling the agent. I want that pleasure myself. Oh, and if drew cain calls, I’m not available. You know that I loved carly. I still love carly. But I am moving on, you know? I’m — I’m — I-I’m getting over it. I’ve accepted the fact that she’ll always put jason first. And that is exactly why I had to end it. You ended things? Are you sure carly is okay with that? I mean, after everything you’ve been through? And you put your life on the line for her. Curtis, believe me, we — we both know that it’s for the best. I-I-I did us both a favor. That sucks. It does. It does. But I also know that it’s the right decision. I really do. And the next time that I’m in a relationship, I’m going for the brass ring. I want what you and portia have. I want it to be tested, survivable, solid. That’s true. That’s — that’s what we have. We have definitely been through the fire. Hey, we’re still standing. Couldn’t be happier for you. I am just so passionate about my company. You know, right now, deception is the most important thing in my life. Yeah, I — I know you love deception, but so do I. I know. You know, I have nothing but love and respect for you. I mean, come on. That’s why I lured you away from crimson. “Join us at deception.” But this friendship you have, you know, with tracy’s granddaughter, it just — it sets my teeth on edge because I cannot let that harpy ruin everything I — we worked so hard to build. Yeah. I mean, we built deception, lucy, together. And unless we get on the same page and start trusting each other again, tracy’s not going to have to lift a finger to destroy deception. We’re going to do it for her. Well, ladies, my producer agrees with me. Um, lucy is not a suitable replacement for sasha. So, your segment is canceled. Do you want me to put you in touch with a real-estate agent? Why? To find you a place to live? I have a place to live. A rented room above bobbie’s? Yeah, I like it there. Okay, well, if you change your mind, and if I can convince nina to sell, you’ll have a whole hotel full of rooms to choose from. I like where I am, diane. Did you sign the papers that my assistant dropped off last night? I didn’t — I didn’t get any papers. What are you talking about? He was supposed to bring them to you last night. Oh. Hi, diane. Hi, carly. [ Chuckles ] Oh, those look familiar. Yeah. Sorry. Your assistant dropped them by bobbie’s, and I said that I would bring them over. But, you know, I got sidetracked. Jason, start signing. You don’t need a notary. I will pick them up from you the next time I see you. Which I think will be soon. I’m off. Hey. You okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m good. Thanks — uh, thanks for bringing the papers by. Oh, yeah. That was just an excuse. I just — I just wanted to see you. Did something happen? Yeah, I — I did something you’re not going to like.

Guess not. What was that? You asked if I was thinking about going back to deception, and just hearing you say that made my stomach drop. I guess that’s a clear answer for you. I don’t want to do something that I dread. Besides, deception has already moved on. They have a new face, and they booked a segment on “home & heart” today, actually. So no regrets? Not one. I may not know what I want to do, but I do know what I don’t want to do. That’s progress. Yeah. Sasha, when you do figure out what you want, let me know? Molly’s worried that if my appeal is denied, that I’ll start drinking again. Do you think that could happen? I’m an alcoholic. A relapse is always possible. Maybe that’s why I’ve downplayed it so much, because I’m worried that the disappointment might… might what? Destroy you? It’s destroyed me before, and molly had a front-row seat. You know, the life that I’ve rebuilt does not get my pulse racing, but it’s steady. And I worry that if I get my hopes up, it might be too big of a gamble, and I’ve worked too hard for my sobriety. So is this a risk I can afford? It may be old school, but no spouse or partner worth their salt is going to want to live on their other half’s money. You’ve had to deal with this your entire life, haven’t you? The family money has given me… a lot of advantages, but it’s also caused me a lot of pain. Well, those men are idiots. How could anyone look at you and only see dollar signs? You are an amazing woman, filled with wit and depth and — and beauty and surprising sensitivity. I mean, if those guys couldn’t see that, it’s their loss. Yeah, well, I’m a catch. Yeah. So are you. Well, not that the quartermaines are poster children for happy marriages. I mean, look at edward and lila. Yeah, they were in love. But how many times did he cheat on her? Yeah, too many. And alan and monica. Serial cheaters. And they argued about it the whole time. And my father was a bigamist. He was married to my mother and katherine bell at the same time! Wait a minute. What’s your point? What if chase and i follow the same pattern? What if our marriage is doomed already? I mean, you are in charge of the kitchen, is that correct? Well, I may have — oh, I like that. I may have authorized the slightly cutting back of the service staff, but I did not intend for the room service orders to arrive cold. Ms. Reeves can’t be disturbed. If you’d like, I can make you an appointment. I wouldn’T. Excuse me. Oh. Wait. I expect the room service to maintain the same high standards as the rest of the hotel. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, nina. I told her you didn’t want to be — that’s okay, madison. That’s all right. I understand that ms. Miller does not like to take no for an answer. If you are here for the divorce papers, you have wasted your time. No, I’m actually here to make an offer on the hotel. I have a client who is interested in purchasing your half of the metro court and willing to go 3% over market value. Who’s the client? Jason morgan. He was just lying there. And you got out of the car. Carly, that’s too big of a risk to take. I couldn’t just leave him there. I mean, besides, the muggers took off after I blasted my horn. Anyway, I grabbed john, I took him back to his room at the metro court, and I spent the night there, waking him up every two hours to make sure he was okay. And he was jumped a block away from here? Yes, but they didn’t steal anything. They just beat him up. Okay, so w-what are you thinking? I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t a mugging. Maybe it was sonny.

You cannot just cancel our segment. Look, this is live tv. I cannot go on air with an amateur.

[ Scoffs ] An amateur? You know what? I — I hosted the general hospital nurses’ ball for years and years, and it was on a stage and on camera, and I raised millions of dollars for gh. Congratulations. But you will not be selling face cream on “home & heart” today. Okay, I-if you cancel our segment, what are you going to put in its place? And why would you turn your back on a sure thing? Oh, we have lots of pretaped segments. I mean, this isn’t the first time this has ever happened. And with sasha, it was a sure thing. Lucy… whole nother story. Okay, wait a minute. Deception is your highest earner. You said so yourself. All of our segments have sold out. So will this one. Risk, it’s a funny thing. You don’t want to do it unnecessarily. But then again, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t do it at all. Alexis, trust me when I tell you that the things you regret at the end of your life are not the things you tried to do and failed at. It’s the chances you didn’t take. Let’s say you get reinstated and then you’re back doing the thing you love. But let’s say you don’T. You’ll still know that you gave it your best effort, and that’s its own reward. You taking this chance is like skydiving was for me.

[ Chuckles ] Terrifying? Life-affirming. Cates stopped by bobbie’s a couple times, and I just assumed he was working me for information about sonny, but he never asked me anything significant. But when I told sonny, he was furious, the way he was towards you the other night after your arraignment. You think sonny had cates beat up? I definitely think it’s possible. Yeah. I mean, he hates him. And not because he’s an fbi agent, but because of the history they have. I know the basics about what happened with karen wexler, but sonny regrets it, and you know sonny. When he regrets something, he’s volatile. And on top of that, john was stone’s older brother. And sonny feels that he abandoned stone. So, yeah, I think it’s possible that he would be targeting cates. I don’t know. I mean, look, john cates is an fbi agent. Assaulting an fbi agent is a federal crime. And sonny — sonny knows that. Sonny knows it. He doesn’t care. Since when has jason morgan been interested in the hotel business? I’m just here to make the offer. Well, I would imagine this is for carly. Does he know whose bed carly was in last night? Might change his mind. Interested? Not interested?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. I’m so sorry to interrupt, but accounting needs you to sign off on the ad rates. Uh, yes. Got it right here. You’re so busy, nina. I imagine it must be so difficult to run both crimson and the metro court. I love them both. I hadn’t realized you were interested in the mundane — cranky guests, plumbing issues, all that tableware and linen to keep track of. Well, I’ll leave you to it. 15% over market. 4%. I do not believe that your marriage is doomed. Just be aware that what you think is reasonable, chase may think is extravagant, like public school versus private school. I hear you. As long as you understand that you have very different frames of reference about money, you’ll be okay. Uh, on that front. Chase really loves you. I love him, too. Sorry you weren’t treated with the same respect.

[ Chuckles ] It’s true. I kissed a lot of frogs. I even exchanged vows with some of them. But in the end, I got my prince. My marriage to luke started with blackmail, but it — it ended with a true partnership. We were equals. Luke accepted me f-for me. He loved me. And I did the same for him. Sounds like you were very lucky. I was. So are you.

Thanks, granny. I think chase and i will make it. I certainly hope so. And whatever happens, I’m always on your side. Back at ya. Okay, now I have to get down to the stables because I’m riding again. Oh! Have fun. Thank you. Good talk. Anytime. Very funny!

[ Laughs ] What happened to you? Ranger. Yeah, yeah, he’s got a whole bag of tricks. Not a mean bone in his body, though. Yeah, he’s a sweetheart, but he’s messy. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider deception?

[ Laughs ] Right? Can you imagine if haven de havilland saw me now? And I am here today with lucy coe, the founder of deception. Welcome, lucy. So tell us what fabulous product you have for us today. Well, thank you, haven. In fact, I’m so thrilled to bring you our brand-new face cream for the woman on the go. It is super moisturizing. Goes on, though, like a dream. It’s lightweight. And, listen, you put this on just one time, and you’re good for the whole day. Oh, sounds like my kind of moisturizer.

I tell you, I am so busy and definitely on the go. Oh, tell me about it. No one is busier than I am, let me tell you. I mean, besides, you know, running deception, of course, I have a thriving real-estate business, and I also, for many years, was on the advisory board of elq. And my vote kind of contributed

to major decisions that I — I — just recently, though, um, that’s changed a bit. That’s a long story. You know, I could — I could tell you all about it later. I think you viewers out there, though, probably recognize me the most for being the mistress of ceremonies at general hospital’s nurses’ ball for many years. Well, every — well, actually, um, until last year, uh, I wasn’t, uh, because, well, I was in protective custody. That parachute jump was euphoric, and I almost backed out. And when I forced myself to do it, I realized, up till then, I’d been living in fear. And I don’t want to do that anymore, so… I have to try. I think they call that resilience, which is also life-affirming. And as far as I’m concerned, whether you ever practice law again or not, you’ve already won. Thanks for coming by, man. I really want to discuss this wellness/fitness idea further. Yeah, definitely. Drew, I — I still can’t believe nina came at you like that. It’s all good. I mean, she knew what she was doing. Yeah. Maybe. I think she’s still hurting over sonny. Go easy on her. Yeah. No. Nina and I have reached an understanding and have made accommodations with each other. 9%. Take it or leave it. I will take it back to jason. You know what? This might be a little premature. I, uh — I know we’re talking about price, but I haven’t made up my mind to sell, so…I need to think about it. The offer won’t be on the table indefinitely. If jason wants the hotel so badly, he can wait. So is that why you took care of cates? To make up for what you think sonny did? No, no, I was just trying to help. It wasn’t till after that I thought about it and I realized it could have been sonny. Okay, there’s nothing you can do about it. So here’s the thing. Cates is either going to figure it out, or he’s not. The best thing you can do is just stay out of this. Yeah. That could be a problem. Carly, why? Look, I told you that last night I spent the night in john’s room in a chair. Okay? But this morning, I ordered room service, and when I opened the door to get the tray, john came out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, and nina was standing right there, and she saw him. She left a vapor trail straight to michael and drew. It’s only going to be a matter of time before nina tells the entire world that I spent the night with john cates, including sonny.

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