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Paulina uses her laptop in her hospital room. Sarah enters to check on her. Paulina says she’s fine and isolation is great for work, but she’s looking forward to getting out. Sarah reminds her that the treatment is essential to her recovery. Paulina understands being radioactive and asks if Sarah is worried since it’s dangerous to babies and she wouldn’t want to hurt Victoria. Sarah assures that she’s taking all necessary precautions and has her treatment progresses, the amount decreases significantly. Paulina mentions that she’s not bad other than a bit of nausea. Sarah says they can get her something for that and the pharmacy will have it up to her ASAP. Sarah asks if there’s anything else. Paulina says she can’t think of anything else other than to thank her as she’s grateful for the wonderful care she is getting. Sarah tells her that it’s her pleasure. Sarah encourages her to rest and hydrate. Sarah then presents an “I love you” card that Abe made for her. Sarah says if she needs her, she’ll just be a call away as she exits.

Konstantin tells Maggie that he can’t thank her enough for opening her home to him and she has saved him in so many ways, but his time here is truly done. Maggie insists that she doesn’t want him to leave. Konstantin says leaving her will be truly hard so Maggie tells him not to leave and that there must be another way. Konstantin suggests perhaps there is.

Julie has a drink in the hallway at the Kiriakis Mansion while commenting to herself on what a day it’s been. Julie says the mansion is chaos 24/7 with too many guests, drama, babies, and children. Julie declares that it’s time for her to relax with a really good book but Thomas runs into her, knocking her drink out of her hand.

Johnny and Chanel return to the Horton Cabin from hiking on Smith Island. Johnny talks about getting the full experience. Chanel admits it was amazing. Johnny calls her his stunningly beautiful wife as they kiss. Johnny and Chanel drink Italian wine as they reminisce on their time in Italy. Johnny surprises her by having their favorite dinner from Italy set up, revealing he cooked it and brought it with them so it’s heating up as they speak. Chanel calls him the best. Johnny says he’s married to the best as they toast to their honeymoon.

Abe thanks Sarah for delivering his card to Paulina. Sarah tells Abe that he can visit Paulina virtually since it’s against policy for him to enter her room. They sit together as Abe asks how Paulina is really doing since she puts on a brave face. Sarah encourages that she’s doing really great. Sarah says Paulina’s only job is to rest and stay comfortable. Abe knows Paulina never wants to stop working. Sarah hopes that she lets her body recuperate from the trauma and surgeries, but she knows Paulina. Sarah thinks if anyone can break through to her, it’s Abe. Abe agrees to see what he can do.

Thomas apologizes to Julie. Julie questions why he was running in the house like that. Chad comes in and apologizes, explaining that they were playing hide and go seek. Chad acknowledges that everyone’s a bit on top of each other here. Thomas comments on the weather. Julie says there’s rotten weather everywhere as she dreamed of getting outside for a few hours. Thomas apologizes to Julie again. Julie says it’s just wine.

Maggie asks Konstantin how she can help. Konstantin talks about only having a work VISA and he has no family to sponsor him while joining the US army is out of the question, so the only other option he can think of is something he’s mentioned before but he’s reluctant to bring up the possibility. Maggie assumes he’s talking about marriage which he confirms. Maggie thinks it would set off red flags and they’d see right through it. Maggie mentions having access to the most brilliant lawyers in the country, some of whom are dedicated to immigration law, so she will get them to look in to this. Konstantin calls her far too gracious and generous. Maggie encourages that they can get through this and find a way to extend that VISA. Xander enters with Victoria. Maggie tells him how happy she was when she spoke to Sarah and heard the good news which Konstantin questions. Xander informs him that he’s been fully exonerated from the shooting of Harris Michaels and he’s a free man. Konstantin congratulates him and calls him a very lucky man, but Xander notes that luck had nothing to do with it as he was innocent, so the truth was on his side. Maggie says they knew that for sure. Xander adds that maybe luck is with him today if he heard Konstantin is having VISA troubles. Xander asks if he needs a ride to the airport.

Johnny and Chanel finish their dinner. Johnny notes they still have dessert and he likes spoiling her. Johnny suggests they stop talking about how much they love Italy and just go back to Italy. Chanel assures they will get there, but right now she’s just loving being in this cabin with him as they kiss. Chanel suggests they skip dessert. Johnny says he first wants to show her something that he thinks she will get a major kick out of. Johnny heads outside in to the cold and returns with two sticks, revealing they are going to make smores but Chanel doesn’t think so.

Sarah sets Abe up on her tablet and tells him to take as much time as he needs while she goes on break. Abe then opens up his virtual chat with Paulina. Paulina tells him that she’s just finishing up a text. Abe points out that the work day ended a few hours ago. Paulina talks about having reports and spreadsheets still to go through. Paulina mentions a funding bill. Abe advises her on it but Paulina assures that she’s got this and can do the job no matter what’s going on with her.

Julie tells Chad that it will be lovely when they can just go home again, but for now, she will settle for a glass of wine and a good book. Chad apologizes again as Julie says goodnight and heads in to her room. Chad tells Thomas to slow down in the hallways and stay out of the bedrooms as they resume their game of hide and seek. As Chad starts counting, Thomas then enters Konstantin’s bedroom.

Maggie tells Xander that she has her lawyers looking in to extending Konstantin’s VISA. Xander questions why. Maggie explains that Konstantin has come to enjoy this country, so she doesn’t want him to be rushed to leave as he should be able to decide when is the right time for him to go back to Greece. Konstantin thanks Maggie and doesn’t know how he will ever be able to repay her. Xander remarks that he could exit graciously. Konstantin declares that home is where ever he may lay his head. Xander argues that they all know Konstantin can’t go home because a certain criminal syndicate in Greece has made it clear that he can never go back. Maggie understands there will be logistical issues and she has no doubt that when the time is right, Konstantin will return home to Greece. Konstantin thanks Maggie and claims that he looks forward to returning home as well as to taking Maggie back to Greece as well. Xander points out that Maggie won’t have much time for traveling as Sarah told him that Maggie is considering returning to work at Titan which she confirms. Xander says that Titan would be lucky to have her. Konstantin agrees. Maggie asks what’s next for Xander now that his nightmare is over and asks if he’s thought about returning to Titan as well. Xander thinks he will have his hands full with the Spectator to better serve the town’s best interests. Victoria wakes up crying, so Maggie goes to get her teething ring. Maggie runs in to Julie, who complains about the noise. Julie tells Maggie that she loves her and is grateful for her but she has to get out of the mansion for at least one night as she needs a break from this. Julie says she loves the family but she’s pining for her own house. Maggie encourages her to go. Julie asks her to keep an eye on Doug as he’s already asleep. Julie says she’ll be back sometime tomorrow and will just go pack a bag. Julie doesn’t know where she’s going but says she’s going to have a lovely time.

Abe encourages that Paulina can do anything she puts her mind to but he wants her to rest. Paulina questions sitting on her hands even after getting a message that EJ has called a press conference tomorrow without any notice to her office. Paulina remembers she has to call EJ and tells Abe that she will call him back in a few minutes. Abe says to let him know when she’s back online as they hang up. Paulina then calls EJ and tells his assistant that it can’t wait, so she expects him to return this call immediately as they need to discuss serious issues, starting with his press conference. Paulina declares that she will be waiting for EJ’s call as she hangs up.

Johnny asks Chanel what’s wrong with smores and calls it a classic dessert. Chanel explains that her problem is with the sticks and reveals she found actual supplies while the sticks are dirty. Johnny argues that the sticks come from nature but agrees to go along with Chanel’s way. Johnny decides happy wife, happy life as they kiss.

Xander gets Victoria settled down. Maggie returns with the teething ring. Xander thanks her but points out that Victoria is no longer screaming. Maggie gives him the ring anyways just in case. Chad enters and asks if anyone has seen Thomas but they haven’t, so Chad says he will continue the hunt. Xander asks if they can chat about work stuff. Chad says they can make it quick. Konstantin decides it’s a perfect time for he and Maggie to take an evening stroll, so they exit.

Paulina gets on video chat with Chanel. Paulina says she’s much better now that she’s seeing her. Chanel asks about the radiation which Paulina makes jokes about. Chanel doesn’t want to worry about her, so Paulina assures that she’s fine. Paulina asks how Chanel is. Chanel tells her that the woods are beautiful, it’s really peaceful and it’s been great. Paulina says she’s needed to decompress after a crazy couple of months. Paulina tells Chanel to get back to her honeymoon. Chanel sends their love and asks her to let them know if she needs anything. Paulina says she will as they hang up. Paulina then gets a text message that upsets her as she declares that is not going to work for her at all.

Thomas remains in Konstantin’s bedroom and says he can’t give up as he has to win the game of hide and seek. Thomas starts looking through the drawers in the room and finds the book that includes the card that Konstantin used to control John. Thomas picks up the card and calls it so cool.

Chad guesses that Xander is not a big fan of Konstantin which Xander calls an understatement. Chad thought Konstantin was redeeming himself as he’s been great with the kids. Xander asks about the repairs on the house. Chad notes him changing the subject very fast. Chad says the repairs are going well and asks what he wanted to talk about in regards to work. Xander says he just wanted to give him a heads up that he plans to be more active at the Spectator now that he’s a free man. Chad says that’s great as they are poised to break some big stories this cycle. Xander asks how Everett has been doing. Chad responds that he’s a strong investigator with great instincts but he has been distracted with some personal stuff lately that he doesn’t want to get into. Chad notes that he could really use the help. Xander tells him that he has a story for him as he’s interested in who framed him which he wants to run with. Xander adds that he’s surprised there wasn’t more coverage on Stefan’s arrest as he thought Chad would have the inside scoop. Chad says he won’t make excuses for Stefan but he thinks he made some choices based on threats made against Gabi and he thinks they would do the same thing in the name of love. Xander still feels Chad would have more insight based on having one brother on the side of the law and one brother not. Chad says he makes a conscious effort to stay out of his family’s business for his mental health and his children’s safety. Chad tells Xander that if he wants to get his hands dirty, he can go nuts. Chad adds that EJ has a press conference tomorrow and he doesn’t know what it’s about but he’s going to be there. Xander decides he will join Chad, so Chad agrees to text him the details. Xander says he should get Victoria home while Chad notes he should get his kids to bed and they agree to talk tomorrow. Xander wishes Chad luck in finding Thomas in hide and seek which Chad says he’s going to need as Xander exits with Victoria.

Maggie and Konstantin sit together in the park. Konstantin comments on Salem being a magical place and understanding why Victor settled there and how it inspired Victor to create a new life for him and his family. Maggie notes that she wasn’t born in Salem but she will always consider it her home. Konstantin says it seems to have that affect on people. Konstantin adds that something about Salem feels right for him. Maggie asks if he’s sure about that after everything that has happened.

Paulina gets back on video chat with Abe and asks what is going on. Abe says he was planning on telling her and maybe he overstepped, but he wants her to focus on healing. Paulina thanks him which surprises Abe. Paulina admits that Abe overstepped, but she’s glad that he did because with everything going on, her mind is not operating how she wants as it feels foggy which the doctors said would be a possible side effect. Paulina talks about not liking being separated from Abe. Abe encourages that it’s only a couple more nights. Abe says at least Paulina is warm in her room because they might get snow tonight which surprises Paulina. Abe adds that the real storm is going to miss them as it seems to be heading south towards Smith Island. Paulina worries about Chanel and Johnny and wonders if they should tell them to come home. Abe says it wouldn’t be safe to drive anywhere, so the safest place for them is to be cuddled up in front of the fireplace at the cabin, enjoying their honeymoon.

Johnny asks Chanel if everything is okay. Chanel says she’s just worried about Paulina as she knows she’s hating the isolation. Johnny encourages that it is the last of her treatment. Chanel also worries about Paulina’s job as Mayor being stressful. Johnny thinks Paulina is doing an incredible job and that she thrives under pressure. Johnny adds that Paulina has all their support, so she’s going to be fine. Chanel tells Johnny that he’s also doing an incredible job at knowing exactly what she needs to hear as they hug. Johnny and Chanel start kissing on the couch until Julie walks in to the cabin, startling them.

Paulina reminds Abe to water the plants in the kitchen window. Abe says he will take care of everything and encourages her to rest. Paulina complains on having another day of isolation tomorrow. Abe says he’ll download some magazines for her to read. Paulina thanks Abe for being her person and taking such good care of her. Abe says he loves her to the stars and back. Abe tells her to sleep well as they hang up.

Chanel apologizes to Julie as they weren’t expecting her. Johnny questions what she’s doing there. Julie points out that it’s the Horton Cabin. Chanel explains that Sarah let them use it. Julie realizes it’s their honeymoon and apologizes. Chanel and Johnny say it’s ok. Julie says she’s leaving now but they say she can’t since the snow is picking up and there’s no street lights on the island. Julie admits the last mile of driving was challenging. Chanel asks her to stay as they’d be really worried about her. Julie points out there is only one bedroom. Chanel tells Julie to take it after the drive she had but Julie argues that it’s their honeymoon. Johnny assures that the couch is comfortable and they’ll take it. Julie admits she doesn’t want to drive back in the snow and dark, so she agrees to stay and promises to lock the door and stay out of their way. Julie then takes her bag and heads to the bedroom.

Xander brings Victoria to join Sarah at the Pub. Sarah asks about the visit with Maggie. Xander says it was fine apart from Victoria teething like crazy. Sarah asks if Konstantin was there. Xander confirms that he was and he just doesn’t feel right when Konstantin is around. Xander adds that he sensed something was more off than usual. Sarah says maybe he’s overthinking it. Xander does not like their daughter being in Konstantin’s presence and now every time Maggie takes care of her, he’s going to be in the picture. Sarah states that his feelings are valid but points out that nothing has happened in months. Sarah declares that ever since Maggie paid off Konstantin’s debts, life has been quiet and safe. Xander doesn’t equate quiet to safe, pointing out that the Greek mafia don’t just go away.

Maggie tells Konstantin that she loves him having there but she sometimes wonder how he tolerates being surrounded by people who wronged him in the worst ways like John and Steve. Konstantin talks about letting go and says if his time in Salem is running short, he wants to make the most of the time he has left. Konstantin asks Maggie to dance with him. Maggie points out there’s no music. Konstantin responds that when he’s with her, there is music in his heart so they dance together.

Thomas talks about how cool the card is until Chad finds him in Konstantin’s room. Chad questions what he’s doing there as he’s not supposed to be in there. Thomas apologizes and says it was a cool place to hide. Chad asks how he’d like it if someone was in his room. Chad asks Thomas if he touched anything. Thomas swears that he didn’t while crossing his fingers and hiding the card behind his back. Chad then sends Thomas to go brush his teeth.

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