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[ Groans ] What if we made a mistake? We didn’T. What if the style’s all wrong? It won’t be. What if the — the lace is like a gross shade of ivory? Never gonna happen. Ma! What, baby? What if we ruined lila’s dress for nothing? Baby, lila’s dress was already ruined. Unsalvageable said the seamstress. Except for the best part, which we’re putting to perfect use. So what are you really afraid of? What if I don’t like it? If you don’t like your wedding dress, we will scrap it, and we will find you one that you love. Because there is nothing more important than your happiness on your wedding day, huh? Capiche? Capiche. Mm.

[ Gasps ] Ladies, are you ready? Is that it? The wedding gown of your dreams. Look at you! Are you kidding me? Look at this progress! It’s incredible! Well, I firmly believe that, uh, you know, you do the work, you can achieve anything. Yeah, I was in greenland with you, so I am not going to underestimate you. But this, this is like — walking this soon after surgery, that’s next level. Thank you. And he can take a compliment. Ah, yeah, well, trina’s been on me about “absorbing good energy.” Sounds a little woo-woo to me, but I’m trying. Very happy for you. Okay, so don’t keep me in suspense. What am I doing here? I’m here. So, uh, what’s going on? Let the meeting of the minds commence. You did not just say that. Do you deny it? That I’m being mean to your precious gossip slinger? What, are we in second grade? Dewitt is not just the invader’s society columnist. Oy, that title. He got a promotion. He is now associate publisher. I know that, nina. You remind me of that all the time. How can I possibly forget that you’ve hired somebody that’s incompetent? Says who? Says me. I say it. And it’s not dewitt’s fault that he’s going to make an ass out of himself, because that honor belongs to you. Hey, tj. Tj: Good morning, good morning. And a beautiful morning it is. I got eggs sandwiches, too. That’s very thoughtful of you. Hey, look, not that I wasn’t thrilled to get your call, but, uh, since you got the morning off, why aren’t you spending it with molly? I considered it, but I knew how that conversation would go. Ooh. [ Chuckles ] And how’s that? Well, she’d thank me for wanting us to do something together, and then she’d say that she has an arraignment in five minutes, but that she can make it up to me tonight. And then that would turn into her trying too hard, and both of us faking our way through whatever it is that she thought of. Or even worse, even worse, she stays late at the office to avoid the situation altogether. Whoa. Who are we talking about here? Because that doesn’t sound anything like you and molly. Anna: Thank you for meeting me. Yeah. I know it was so last-minute. Lucky for you, I had no breakfast plans. Please sit down. Okay. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind. I ordered you tea. Oh, lovely. Thanks. May I? Yes. That’s very thoughtful. Great. Well, you called, and I came. So what’s this about? I wonder if you could help me with a case. I’ll always help you. What’s the case? Pikeman.

I don’t know what I was so afraid of. Oh, my gosh. The dress is perfection! Oh, the only thing more beautiful than that dress was you in it. You crying again? Oh, get used to it! My baby girl’s getting married in the most magical wedding gown. I don’t know how sandrine did it, but she really captured the spirit of lila’s dress to a T. Oh, no, it feels like she — she channeled lila, you know, all of her kindness and her warmth and her acceptance and generosity. Because that’s who lila was. You’re so lucky you got to wear her gown. You get to be a part of that, too. In the tiniest way. No, in your own way. That’s what makes it so special. You get to have a piece of lila while still being who you are. Beautiful, amazing, incredible you. Thanks for doing this with me, ma. Ah, are you kidding me? Are you insane? I would’ve busted that door down if I hadn’t have gotten an invite to this. Oh, well, then I’m glad I did.

[ Both laugh ] Oh, brook lynn, I’m so happy for you, and I’m happy for chase. I-I’m happy for all of us, really. I’m happy for us, too.

[ Laughs ] Nina, why don’t you just admit it? Admit what? That you hired dewitt to piss me off. No, I actually do think he’s an asset. And the fact that he’s a colossal thorn in my side? Oh, that’s just a perk. No doubt about it. Why? Why do I enjoy steam shooting out of your ears? Why are you doing this? You don’t even work here anymore. Exactly why I needed a replacement. You didn’t need a replacement, nina. I was doing just fine. And I would do even better if you would stop breathing down my neck. Do you want people to read your publication? What kind of question is that? Do you?! Everything was fine before you got here. But is it better since I brought dewitt on? And be honest about that. It is, because there is a measurable rise in website traffic. And you think that’s because of a gossip column? Yes, partially! I mean, alexis, you have to court your readers. You have to give them something delicious and irresistible so they stick around for the hard news. What you can’t do is decide what’s good for them and ram it down their throats. You have to woo them. What if I just quit? There’s the door. It’s good to see you back on your feet. It’s good to be back. I hear jason was exonerated. Yeah, yeah, we’re all relieved about that. You know, when he was suspected of taking shots at sonny, I thought maybe there was a chance that he had tried before, last summer at the metro court. It’s nice to know it wasn’t jason who put me in that wheelchair. Didn’t stay in that wheelchair very long, though, did you? No, I was lucky. I had an experimental surgery, and it worked. Come on, man, the surgery just gave you a chance to walk again. You are the one that made that a reality. All the rehab, learning how to walk again, are you kidding me? I can’t imagine what that was like for you. You got all my respect for making it through that, getting to the other side. Thanks. Drew, I doubt you brought us here to congratulate me on walking again. So why are we here? How you feeling? Sore. I bet. Oh, and very tired. Oh. Really? You didn’t sleep well? It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with you waking me up every couple hours. I’m sorry. Should I have let you monitor your own signs of concussion? Am I, by the way? Concussed? No. I mean, you’re bruised and bloodied, but somehow, your head came out unscathed. Is that your professional opinion as my almost-nurse? Really? Are you going to start arguing with me this early in the morning? I already know it won’t do any good.

sandrine, I can’t wait to see what my mother chose for her dress. Thank you. She might surprise you. Oh, don’t worry. Nothing my mother does surprises me. I am well aware of her… flair, shall we say. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mm. Like I said… ta-da! Wow. Ma, that’s — you — you hate it? You know, you always say that. “There’s the door.” But you and I both know that you need me. Yes. Agreed. Yes. And I have been agreeing with you the whole time. My point is that I think that the paper would benefit if we just had dewitt’s expertise and experience. No. No? That’s it, just no? I will not sit by and let the invader be turned back into a tabloid. Then don’t let it. I’m trying, but you’re making it very difficult. Ugh! Alexis davis? I just need a signature. Alexis: Sure. You know what it’s gonna say on your tombstone, alexis? “Death by frustration”? Thank you. No, it’s gonna say, “alexis davis. Didn’t play well with others.” And now we’re back to the schoolyard. Because you refuse to grow up. Dewitt stays. End of discussion. That seemed cordial. I can’t stand that woman. Okay. Deep breaths. How? She sucked all the air out of the room. Professional differences? You can say that. Come in, my darling. Tell me something wonderful that has nothing to do with this publication. I would, but I can’T. The invader is actually why I’m here. Have you ever looked back on a decision and just known you should have gone with your gut? Too many times, son, too many times. When molly pitched the idea of kristina being both our surrogate and egg donor, my instincts were screaming that this is the wrong move. It is the wrong move, and for a million reasons, but the most glaring being that kristina’s too close. There’s no finish line. There’s no cutting ties at the end. Why? Because there couldn’t be. She’s molly’s sister. And since molly couldn’t go forward without your buy-in, that was your moment to shut it down. Right?I should have explained. Right. I should have explained why I was against it, calmly and unequivocally. And — but just before anything got too far. But instead, I went with the short-term gain of giving molly what she wanted. Some would call that being supportive, son. Granddad, I call that being a coward. She was — oh, man. She was so wrecked, granddad. She was — she was utterly devastated that she couldn’t get pregnant. So when she pitched the idea, I knew that, for molly, the closest thing she could have to carrying her own baby was for her sister to have it for her. You know, dante and I, we were ambushed on the docks by roman hume. Who? Worked for pikeman. It’s just so strange, you know? All roads seem to lead back to this one ultra-secretive organization that’s run by a ghost. A ghost? Pikeman’s ties to the wsb are clear, but nobody seems to know who is at the top of the pyramid. So I need information. I was hoping maybe you could provide it for me. On pikeman? Yeah. I mean, you were working with them as recently as last summer. As an intermediary, a glorified messenger. Yeah. How did that job come about, by the way? Uh, well, I did some contract work for them back in the ’90s, so they felt comfortable asking me to introduce them to sonny. But whether sonny and pikeman did any work together after that, that — that wasn’t my concern. Well, maybe I can pick your brain about something else. Or someone. Who? Jack brennan.

What’s wrong with it? Absolutely nothing. Well, something. Uh, the dress is lovely. It’s, um — it’s classy and elegant and tasteful. Mm, I feel a “but” coming. No buts. It’s — it’s just not really your style. Okay, “it’s just” and “but” are exactly the same thing. Come on, ma. You think that’s your style to go out on a saturday night? No, but, you know, I was under the impression that what you wear to your daughter’s wedding and what you wear to go out clubbing are two, you know, completely different things. They don’t have to be this different. I mean, what kind of nails would you even do with that? Oh, I was, um — I was thinking maybe just clear.What?! Well, I’m the mother of the bride. I’m supposed to be understated. Ma… huh? …There’s no “supposed to be” here. This isn’t a royal wedding. There are no standards you have to live up to. I just want you to wear what you want to wear. Something that makes you feel like you. Oh. This definitely doesn’t feel like me. I didn’t think so. Back to the drawing board. Oh! Sandrine, let’s pull some colors, some swatches, maybe show some skin this ti– oh. Oh, you know what? A plunging neckline, something really — alright, alright, let’s — let’s not get carried away. No? Chase! Did I miss it? Miss what? What are you doing here? There’s been a special order for the bride-to-be. Hmm! Okay, I saw that. What are you two up to? I was commissioned to design a dress for your honeymoon. Do you really think that’s necessary? Very.

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. It’s gorgeous. Do you like it? I’m obsessed with it. Yay! But it’s long sleeves. Don’t you think I’ll be a little warm in palm beach? We’re not going to palm beach. The invader ran a piece on the da’s office being opposed to revisiting heather webber’s conviction, her multiple convictions, of assault and homicide going back nearly 20 years. That was the metallosis diagnosis. Yes, I signed off on that. Okay. Then you know the article cited an unnamed source. Yes. Mom. What? Well, everybody at the da’s office assumes that source is me. Well, it isn’T. Well, you know that. And I know that. But my colleagues, specifically district attorney scorpio, do not know that. Molly, what do you want me to do about it? The story checked out. I want you to help me prove that I’m not the one who broke confidentiality and discussed the case with the reporter. And how exactly do you want me to do that? You tell me who did. Does molly know you have misgivings about kristina being the surrogate? Well, I don’t say it exactly like that, but… yeah. You know, molly has her worries, too. And I think — I think that’s the problem, ’cause whenever I tell her my concerns — which are what? Besides the “being too close” part. I just don’t think kristina is taking the best care of herself. She’s out late. She’s not avoiding stress. And then there’s a small fact that she’s hanging out with her dad who is getting shot at on the regular. Okay. Okay. Point taken. So when you bring all these things up to molly…? She — she takes the position of defending kristina, even though I know we share the same concerns. And that’s why we avoid the topic altogether. I just feel like in this time, molly and I should be closer than ever, but I just feel more and more distant from her. Hmm. And what about kristina? Has your relationship been affected? How could it not be? Every time I share any worry that I might have with her, she accuses me of overreacting. It’s as if — it’s as if kristina is having the baby, and she’s going to let us know when it’s here.

[ Sighs ] God. I, um — I sound ungrateful, don’t I? No. You sound human. That’s what mom said. Smart woman, your mother. I’ve been doing some research, and the floodgate consultancy group says the wellness and fitness space is booming out there all across the country, but especially in the high-end areas, both residential and urban. People spending so much money not only to look good, but also to feel good, really laying the foundation for health, wellness, and longevity. I read that report, too. Uh, 40 is the new 25, and with the right wellness regimen and the right products, you too can achieve it. So thoughts? I think it is a good time for aurora to diversify. I mean, thanks to crimson, print media is still an earner for us, but that market is drying up. We need to find alternative revenue streams. So I think getting into an expanding market makes sense. An expanding market like health and wellness. Which is where you come in. It’s just toast and eggs. I don’t understand what takes so long.

[ Whispering ] Hey. Hey.

[ Whispering ] What? Ibuprofen. Right there. Oh.

[ Normal voice ] Yeah. No. I’ll hold. That shower felt amazing, huh? Oh. It did. Yeah. It’s amazing what hot water can do, huh? Uh, not so hot, actually. Yeah, I’m ho– I’m still holding. What?The water never got too warm. You gotta be kidding me. I’m here. Yes. I’m here. No, I’m pretty sure there’s no food in my hotel room. What? They left the food outside the door without knocking? Yeah, okay. Gotta be kidding me. No hot water, shoddy room service, I mean, this hotel is definitely going downhill. Oh. Good morning to you.

[ Sighs ]

Well, what I remember about jack brennan is his rapid rise to the director of wsb was followed by a spectacular fall. He single-handedly orchestrated frisco jones’ ouster, and a year later, he was out himself. You know he’s in pentonville, right? Yeah, thanks to you. In part. I went to visit him the other day. Why? Curiosity. You haven’t been to see him yet? Have I been to see jack brennan in pentonville? No. No, I have not. Why would I do that? Because you guys were close, back in the day, when we were all coming up together at the wsb. Uh, no, no, not really. No. Jack brennan did very well academically and even better with the ladies. But I was in the back of the room not making eye contact.

[ Chuckles ] No, I distinctly remember the two of you at that pub that we used to go to, the, um — what was it called? The archangel. And you two, you were playing, uh, dice or something, or whatever it was. Anyway, you were laughing because you’d aced an assignment that the rest of us had just completely botched. I don’t know. That sounds like, uh, jack. Doesn’t sound like me. I mean, if I was at the archangel, I was lurking. I wasn’t hanging with the cool kids. Not like you. You were at the center of the circle. Jack was there, too. No, I think, uh, you probably have me mixed up with someone else. No, you two were always feeding off each other. You were just pushing each other to be better, to be smarter anna, if anyone was pushing anybody, you were pushing him, because you two were the best of the best. Everybody knew that. I was on a fast track to a desk job. Anna… jack brennan and i have never shared more than 10 words together. Moll, I cannot and I will not reveal the identity of my sources. Now you’re going to cite journalistic integrity. Very good, counselor. Okay, but that’s crazy. Leaked privileged information is not protected speech. Whoever that source is not only violated their professional conduct guidelines, but they’ve also jeopardized future cases. That sounds like a da problem, not mine. It’s a very big problem if the article affected the fairness of a trial. What trial? Heather’s already been convicted on multiple counts, and the da has refused to revisit any of those cases. And without a case on the docket, you can’t argue that a leak compromised anything. Mm! You are impossible. That’s part of my charm. Would you like to lock me up until I crack?

[ Chuckles ] Son, you are in a-a tough and undesirable situation. Life. Life hands those to us sometimes. When one was handed to me, I-I went for the big fix. Gave up my family to protect them. But had I stayed, had I gutted it out, turns out I probably would’ve had a pretty decent life. So, you’re saying I made a huge mistake? No, no. I’m saying — I’m saying it’s — it’s human nature, or more specifically, male nature, to go — to go for the big fix. You see, sometimes that’s not always the answer. Sometimes you can just let it breathe and settle. And that could be the way to go. Well, unfortunately, that ship has sailed.

[ Laughs ] No, no, not for — for the here and now. Look, kristina is who she is. And yes, she’s carrying your baby, so you can’t change that. You can’t fix that. But what you can do, what you can do is step back and take a look at the — the whole picture, and focus on what really matters. Your relationship. With molly. Nina: Fun night? Stalk much? Just doing my regular rounds. You remember. Vividly. Although this hotel is definitely not what it used to be. Better? Not quite. I didn’t think you could surprise me anymore, carly, but you’ve done it. An fbi agent? What’s sonny going to think, or jason for that matter? And poor drew. Forever the runner-up in the twin department. Are you finished? I could keep at it all day. Wow. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I am happy you’re here. Well, no one could be happier than me. I’d like to file a complaint about room service. Do you even have time to eat? ‘Cause you seem to be quite busy. You know, why don’t you spend less time worrying about my private life and more time managing your hotel? Enjoy the rest of your stay. Unbelievable. Kidding me. Ugh. Unbelievable. Leaving food outside the room without telling you or knocking at the damn door? So stupid. Hi. Friend of yours? Oh.

[ Scoffs ]

I’m listening. Well, as I mentioned, the wellness/fitness space is booming, right? And aurora wants to move into that business, but we need somebody to spearhead the initiative. Meaning? Somebody with practical experience and knowledge of the fitness industry. A strong leader with customer service experience and multi-level management skills. Which obviously you have. I mean, the savoy, come on, that’s a huge success. Okay. Um, so how do you see aurora…

[Grunts] …Moving into business? Well, what would you do? Um, well, the most practical thing might be for aurora to buy, uh — buy up some of the small gyms across the country, rebrand them, and combine them into a national high-end fitness club. People are spending a lot of money in wellness — um, meditation rooms, plunge baths, uh, yoga, pilates, physical training, uh, mind-body connection. And combined with a training/fitness facility, you guys, this is a one-stop shop. I mean, it might require some significant, uh, capital. Which we have. Drew, you won’t believe this. I just saw carly — I get the sense you two don’t get along. You must be an fbi agent.

[ Chuckles ] You okay? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I don’t let nina get to me. Mm. I try not to let nina get to me. I, uh, know a little bit about your history.

[ Sighs ] Lucky you. Take it there’s not enough water under the bridge yet? There’s not enough water in the world. Sorry about the eggs. Ridiculous. Oh, it’s not your fault. Besides, coffee is the only necessary component. When I owned the metro court, this would have never flown. I mean, if a customer complained about their food, we would redo it with no charge. You’re big on customer service. Yeah, it’s literally what the hospitality industry is all about. You must have had your fair share of jerks blow through here, though.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, sure. But for the most part, I mean, people, they were great. And I loved it. I love making people happy and comfortable and special, you know? Don’t you get to scratch that itch running bobbie’s? To an extent. And I don’t get me wrong, I love bobbie’s, I really do, but it’s a restaurant, full stop. This place, I got a taste of all of it, you know, really curating a space, from the carpets to the linens to the lighting, even the music. Pulling all of those things together to create the ultimate experience, ah, I loved it. Sounds like a symphony. Yeah. Yeah, it kind of was. And you were good at it. I was great at it. Think you’ll ever do it again? I don’t know. I mean, I tell people I will. You know, I’m going to get my half of the metro court back. But I think that’s just a pipe dream, you know? Metro court belongs to someone else. Two someone elses. I’m just gonna have to accept that. I’ve been working on a surprise for you. But you’re terrible at keeping secrets. Brook lynn.

[ Laughing ] What? It’s true. Your mom has been helping me keep this under wraps. Mm, guilty as charged. Okay, so no more palm beach? Please tell me you’re not working. It’s our honeymoon. Oh, we’re still going away. But there has been a change in destination. Okay, well, as long as it’s not a downgrade, I’m in. Okay, so where we talking, like miami, charleston, palm springs? I’ve never been to the desert. Think a little further away than that. Okay. Like out of the us away? Chase, what did you do? I am marrying the woman of my dreams. No. Scratch that. I never dreamed of you, because I didn’t know that someone this wonderful could exist. And I want our honeymoon to be a reflection of that. I want you to remember this trip for the rest of your life. Because you deserve it, brook lynn. You deserve everything. You are the sweetest man on the planet. So where on this planet are you taking me? Florence. No. You’re kidding. I’m not kidding. Florence, italy? Your mom said you wanted to go. Only for my entire life. Oh, my god! Florence?! Oh, my god. And not only do I get to go, I get to go with you? Are you happy? Happy doesn’t even begin to cover it. So I guess you win. Again. Freedom of the press wins. Always. Except I have no idea why I’m fighting so hard for it when it comes to this paper. Because you care about your job and the integrity of your paper. Integrity the new associate publisher will undoubtedly destroy. What’s this? I don’t know. A messenger dropped it off when I was fighting with nina. Have you looked at it? I was too consumed with rage to care. What is it? Well, it’s from the appellate division of the supreme court of the state of new york. They’re handling my appeal. Yeah. This is probably your decision. Whether they’ll review your case or you’ll stay disbarred. Open it! No, I-I-I can’T. You do it. Are you sure?

Alexis: It’s okay, molly. You know, it was a long shot anyway. And, you know, so I-I — the appeal was denied, and life will go on. Mom, they’re giving you a hearing. I’m sorry? They’ve set a date and everything. Let me see that.

[ Chuckles ] Molly, they’re giving me a hearing. Not just that, they’re giving you hope! Mom, mom, this is hope!

[ Laughs ] Whoo!

[ Laughs ] You need to find reasons for you and molly to come together that aren’t about the baby. It’s those — it’s those moments of now, the moments when it’s — it’s just the two of you. Those moments are precious, too. Now, as much as I enjoyed that egg sandwich in this beautiful park… and the incredible company of your grandson.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that, too. But, man, get your behind over to the store and buy all the ingredients for molly’s favorite dinner. Just make sure it’s reheat-able in case she does have to work late at night. But wouldn’t that be nice for molly to come home and see her favorite meal on the table waiting on her? Molly would love that. Hey. Don’t you spend the next three months wringing your hands over what kristina is or isn’t doing. Spend the next three months with your partner being just that, partners, before you become parents. ‘Cause I’m telling you, boy, you in the catbird seat. That molly, she a very special woman. Yes, she is. Thank you, granddad. Hey. There it is.

[ Chuckles ] Chase: Alright. Mimosa for the bride-to-be. Here you are. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers. I cannot believe it’s true. Oh. Believe it. Oh, florence, the uffizi, the duomo, david? Whoa! Who’s this david guy? Oh, my god. And we have to take a day trip to pisa and — and an overnight to verona, the city of romeo and juliet. You’ve thought a lot about this. I am telling you, this is like a bucket-list thing for me. Oh, and — and I can’t wait to — to look up all the best restaurants. And we are going to have gelato every single day, no exceptions, okay? Yes, ma’am.

[ Laughs ] And, um, oh, we are going to drink wine at sunset in every piazza we can find. This is going to be so incredible. You’re so incredible. Oh, my god. Chase, we have, like, so much planning to do. Okay, we have to — wait. What’s wrong? A honeymoon to florence is a lot more expensive than one stateside. I mean, the airfare alone. It’s okay, I — I have the money for it. How? I sold my truck. Maybe you and jack weren’t friends, but you certainly knew each other, right? Of course we did. You know, when — when you were working with pikeman, in your dealings with them, did — did you ever get the sense that he was involved? You think jack brennan is working with pikeman? I do. Yeah. I can’t get him to admit it. But when you were an intermediary, did anything jump out at you? I wish I had something useful to offer you. Sadly, I don’T. Okay. It was worth a try. Maybe when I go back to see him again — don’T. I’m sorry? Pikeman and brennan are dangerous. If they’re working together, then they’re not to be messed with. Thank you for your concern. I can take care of myself. Please do. Sure. Thank you for breakfast. Thanks again. Oh, again? I don’t think you thanked me the first time. Then thank you. And not just for saving my hide on the docks, but for getting me back here and keeping an eye on me all night. You’re welcome. It was good to be… friends, uh, I guess, even if it’s just for a minute. Just a minute? Are fbi agents not allowed to have friends?

[ Chuckles ] Oh. Oh. What, are they worried you’re going to divulge classified information? Something like that.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Makes sense, I guess. Yeah. But, um… how do you know you don’t talk in your sleep? We’re in the middle of a meeting, nina, so try back later. W-what were you going to say about my mom? What did you do now? I didn’t do anything. I just thought drew would want to know that carly moved on quickly from him and is now sleeping with everyone’s favorite fbi agent, john cates.

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