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Eric calls the landlord at home, who informs him that he and Sloan have been late on rent two months in a row which surprises Eric. Eric notes that things have been hectic with a new baby but Sloan will be home soon and they will get the rent to him. Eric hangs up and guesses Sloan forgot about paying the rent. Eric tells Jude not to worry about it and they will get it all squared away.

Sloan meets Jada at the Brady Pub. Sloan says she was knee deep in research for her case. Jada asks if she found a way to get her out of her marriage. Jada pays Sloan her retainer fee and asks if she found any loopholes. Sloan informs her that unfortunately, the law leans in Everett’s case because of his condition.

At the Spectator, Stephanie tells Leo that the article on Stefan’s arrest is gaining a lot of traction. Leo comments that he knew Stefan had a dark side but didn’t think he was a drug dealer. Leo wonders how Chad is taking the news. Leo hopes the readers also check out his column and remarks that it may be his last. Stephanie encourages that things always look up. Stephanie says she has to go check on another account so she’ll see him later. Stephanie then goes to exit as Everett arrives. Stephanie greets him and asks where he’s been.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square with Victoria. Xander talks about feeling almost like a free man. Sarah encourages that he will never be locked up again. Xander says he appreciates her support which Sarah says she will always have. EJ walks in to the town square and gets a call from Kristen which he ignores. EJ runs in to Xander and tells him that he has some news about his case, so he might as well hear it from him.

Kristen is at the DiMera Mansion and leaves a message for EJ, complaining about DiMera stock plummeting. Kristen demands EJ prove that he cares about the company and call her back before they lose the family fortune. Kristen hangs up and questions if this day could get any worse. Nicole then storms in and asks what the hell is wrong with her.

Stephanie asks Everett if he’s okay. Everett says he’s good and it’s nothing he wants to get in to right now. Everett asks how the article on Stefan is doing. Stephanie says it’s great and shows him. Everett calls that good news at least. Leo suggests a follow up article but Everett tells him to stay in his lane. Leo remarks that Everett is clearly singing the blues so he will steer clear of him. Stephanie asks Everett to tell her what’s wrong but Everett says not now as he’s trying to work. Jada then arrives and asks if Everett is as stubborn as he is psychotic and demands that he sign the divorce papers.

EJ informs Xander that he believes he belongs behind bars and admits he would’ve relished putting him there but their forensics team have examined the images and confirmed that Xander did not shoot Harris Michaels, acknowledging the difference in pants. EJ reveals he has officially dropped the charges against him and congratulates him as he walks away. Xander can’t believe it and asks Sarah if that really happened. Sarah encourages that Xander made it happen with his determination and wants to celebrate his freedom. Xander jokes about being congratulated by EJ as he kisses Sarah.

Nicole questions Kristen telling Holly that she’s a bad influence on Rachel. Nicole complains that Kristen is picking on a girl who nearly died and now she’s upstairs crying. Kristen calls Holly a drama queen and a drug addict. Nicole argues that she’s not a drug addict. Kristen points out that Nicole had no idea that Holly was doing drugs before. Nicole says she made a mistake while Kristen complains that Holly covered it up and lied about it while Tate got beat up in prison over it. Kristen argues that she has every right to keep her daughter away from Holly. Nicole tells Kristen to come after her if she wants to go after someone so Kristen asks if she wants to fight.

Sloan goes home and thinks back to arguing with Leo about him costing her a fortune. Eric greets her and asks how her day was. Sloan calls it exhausting. Eric says he just put Jude down and thought maybe they could talk. Sloan notes that he sounds serious. Eric reveals it’s about their finances as he came home and found the rent note under their door.

Jada asks Everett again to sign the divorce papers. Stephanie questions them still being married while Leo calls this juicy. Jada explains that Bobby never signed the divorce papers and he still won’t do it now. Leo questions who Bobby is. Jada tells him that it’s Everett, leaving Leo confused.

Nicole asks if Kristen punching down makes her feel powerful. Kristen argues that she just told Nicole’s daughter to stay away from her daughter. Nicole tells Kristen to come to her if she has anything to say to or about Holly. Kristen mocks Holly being a druggie and calls her just as selfish and manipulative as her mother. Nicole asks if she wants to compare daughters to mothers, calling that a dangerous place for her to be. Nicole talks about feeling sorry for Rachel and remarks that she’s bound to be a bad seed just like her mom.

Sloan tells Eric that she feels terrible that the rent must have just slipped her mind. Eric says he figured and points out being late last month too, but he knows she’s had a million things on her mind. Sloan talks about the expenses increasing with formula and diapers. Sloan promises to be more on top of it and says she will send the rent now. Sloan adds that her case load is increasing so it shouldn’t be a problem. Eric adds that at some point, his business will pick up. Eric suggests they make a family budget together. Eric grabs a paper to come up with a list of expenses but Jude wakes up crying so Sloan says she will go take care of that.

Jada tells Everett to just sign the papers as Robert Stein so they can get this over with as they don’t want to be married to each other. Jada argues that it’s just a signature and no one will know or care. Everett responds that he’s sorry but he can’t sign the way she wants him to. Leo asks for clarification on Everett being Bobby, then points out Stephanie being with him so he asks if Stephanie knew him as Bobby. Stephanie tells Leo not to go there. Leo asks how he can’t when his gossip column has been starving for a scoop. Everett also tells him not to go there. Jada questions how long he’s going to torture her with this.

Xander and Sarah go home to eat together. Sarah says they are going to sleep like babies tonight now that this whole nightmare is over but Xander says it’s actually not completely over.

Kristen warns Nicole to keep Rachel out of this because Rachel isn’t a screw up like Holly. Nicole argues that Holly has been nothing but kind while Rachel is an entitled brat. Nicole brings up Kristen’s felonies so Kristen asks if she wants to compare notes as they yell at each other. Kristen brings up Nicole kidnapping Jude while Nicole brings up Kristen stealing Tate as a fetus. Kristen argues that she learned baby stealing from Nicole and goes over her past including breaking up Daniel and Jennifer. Nicole says she actually regrets it and is trying to turn her life around. Kristen tells her to spin her way to Hell where she belongs. Nicole brings up Kristen drugging Eric and having sex with him. Nicole adds that Kristen paraded around town in a mask of her to seduce Brady. Nicole declares that Rachel only exists because Brady had sex with Kristen, thinking she was her. They start to fight until EJ runs in to break it up, screaming at them to stop and questioning what is going on.

Sloan returns from changing Jude’s diaper as Eric shows her a list of expenses that he came up with. Sloan tells him it looks all good. Eric questions what is missing. Sloan claims she isn’t thinking of anything but Eric says something isn’t adding up right. Jude starts crying again so Sloan decides to go feed him.

Everett tells Jada that this isn’t personal. Jada complains that they are still married and she takes that very personally. Jada asks what the big deal is as no one will even care and they can move on with their lives. Leo points out that it would be forgery but Jada argues that he is Robert Stein legally. Jada tells Leo to shut up and stay out of it. Everett repeats that he’s sorry but he can’t sign it right now. Jada then storms out, so Stephanie goes after her.

Sarah questions Xander saying the nightmare is not over. Xander talks about every night in jail, trying to figure it out because he knew he didn’t shoot Harris but the evidence was stacking up against him. Xander thinks he was framed and whoever set him up did a bang up job, but the only question is why him.

EJ separates Kristen and Nicole and questions if this is the example they want to set for their daughters. EJ questions Kristen attacking a teenage girl. Nicole thanks EJ for sticking up for Holly. Kristen asks EJ if he heard the things Nicole was saying about Rachel. EJ argues that the difference is that Nicole said those things to Kristen while Kristen fired her missiles right at Holly’s face. Kristen asks if EJ is kidding by giving Nicole a pass. EJ states that Nicole is his wife and Kristen will show her respect. Kristen calls Nicole a scheming gold digger while Nicole calls Kristen a homicidal maniac. EJ screams that is enough and warns that if Kristen is unable to get along with Nicole, then she will have to find another place to live.

Sloan puts Jude to sleep so Eric asks if she can sit down and go over the expenses now. Sloan says she would but she just noticed Jude is out of diapers. Eric asks if she’s sure as he thought they had one more pack but Sloan says they are all out, so she will be right back and then exits. Eric wonders where all their money can be going.

Leo tells Everett that he can only imagine what this is doing to him. Everett calls the whole thing a nightmare with Stephanie right in the middle of it. Leo talks about no one seeing this coming. Everett states that he’s not the victim but the bad guy in the situation since Jada thinks he’s a two timing bastard and Stephanie is debating whether he’s that or a nutjob. Everett adds that either way, Stephanie has lost trust in him and he hates this. Leo says if he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t remember and encourages him to stop being so hard on himself. Leo insists that Everett is a good guy who is going through an identity crisis. Leo says he can only imagine what it would be like to be two people with two sets of rotten memories. Everett tells Leo that he appreciates his support. Leo says they all need someone to listen to their side of the story. Leo asks if he can write about this in his column and promises to be gentle with the story. Everett asks if he’s out of his mind and tells him to drop it. Leo decides he will leave so that Everett can clear his head. Leo adds that he’s there for him, but he does agree with Jada that he won’t be able to move forward until he puts this behind him, so he has to figure it out. Leo declares that otherwise, he’ll never get Stephanie back and it’s obvious that he’s in love with her. Leo says he knows the feeling as he exits the office.

Stephanie and Jada go to the Pub. Stephanie thanks Jada for telling her about the divorce snafu and trusting her enough to open up about it. Jada knows it can’t be easy for her either. Stephanie admits it’s been pretty shocking. Jada tells her that she’s sorry for biting her head off more than once as she realizes she’s been taking all her anger out on her. Stephanie says she can’t imagine what she went through when her marriage ended and what she’s going through now. Jada says it’s no excuse since Stephanie is a victim here too. Jada asks if Stephanie can forgive her for the awful things she said.

Xander tells Sarah that someone went through a lot of trouble to set him up, starting with the phone call. Xander thinks back to the night he got that call. Xander says someone obviously duplicated his jogging outfit and planted the gun in their apartment. Sarah adds that they put the money in his account. Xander says it has to be someone who knows him with money. Sarah wonders if it was Clyde. Xander calls it possible that he financed it since he does have a vendetta against Harris, but questions why Clyde would pin it on him when he hasn’t had any contact with him in years. Xander thinks it would be odd for Clyde to go to such lengths to set him up. Sarah brings up the Spectator article saying that Stefan was doing Clyde’s bidding through the Bistro, so maybe Stefan hired the hitman. Xander decides he’s going to visit the jail to see if he can see Stefan. Sarah asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea.

Kristen asks EJ who he thinks he is and says he doesn’t own the house, adding that she’s been a DiMera longer than Nicole has. Nicole tells Kristen that it’s a big house and suggests agreeing to keep their kids away from each other. EJ says that’s settled and now he’s going to DiMera Enterprises to show some leadership as the board made it clear Stefan is out as head of DiMera, so he needs to take the reigns. Nicole asks if he can do that and still be district attorney. EJ says he can and the company needs someone with the family name while Tony doesn’t want that responsibility while he’s traveling with Anna. EJ adds that Chad never expressed interest while Johnny is too young and inexperienced. Kristen argues that there’s a DiMera right here which EJ laughs off and says he doesn’t think so.

Xander asks Sarah why it would be a bad idea for him to see Stefan. Sarah says he’s all free and clear now so she thinks it’s a bad idea to poke the bear. Xander feels he has to figure out who did this to him. Sarah says they are in this together. Xander thanks her and decides he’ll see about visiting Stefan tomorrow. Sarah jokes with him about bringing her cheese in bed which Xander promises to do every night as they kiss.

EJ says he’s off and asks if he can trust Kristen and Nicole to be there alone. Nicole decides she will go with EJ and he can drop her off in the town square as she could use some retail therapy and then they can have dinner out. EJ calls that perfect. Nicole says she will go check on Holly and let her know they are heading out. Nicole and EJ exit the room while Kristen grabs her phone and calls Mr. Shin, saying she thinks they need to have a talk.

Jada tells Stephanie that she really let her have it but it was all misguided anger as she’s not to blame for any of this and she believes that she had no idea Bobby was married. Jada hopes that Stephanie will forgive her someday when she’s ready. Stephanie admits the things that Jada said really hurt. Stephanie knows she was coming from a place of pain and wasn’t trying to hurt her, so she forgives her as she knows she was only trying to protect herself. Stephanie says they just process things differently. Jada calls Stephanie the calm and rational one while she’s a total hot head. Stephanie says she’s had her moments too. Jada says she’s been so wrapped up in her own world that she didn’t take time to think about how this was affecting Stephanie. Stephanie admits it’s been rough. Jada asks Stephanie if she’s furious with Everett. Stephanie confirms she is half the time, but the other half she’s thinking about what he must be going through. Jada asks if she believes his story. Stephanie says she doesn’t know but she feels for him, losing chunks of his life and identity while having nobody. Jada points out that he has Stephanie and guesses she still has feelings for him. Stephanie wishes it was that black and white.

Everett remains at the Spectator office and declares there is no escaping Robert Stein. Everett then grabs his phone and calls Marlena but it goes to voicemail. He leaves a message, saying he needs to see her.

Sloan meets Leo in the town square. Leo asks if this was really urgent since he has a pedicure. Sloan complains that he just had one and her baby comes first. Sloan talks about what Jude needs. Leo remarks that she should be on a budget. Sloan complains that she can’t keep hiding Leo’s expenses as her bank account is drained and she’s late on rent. Sloan points out that Leo is legit working now and compliments his article on Paulina. Leo is shocked that she didn’t insult him. Sloan calls him a decent writer and points out that he’s getting more assignments. Leo talks about those assignments costing money too. Sloan encourages him being a talented writer and asks for a little bit of help. Leo says because of his fondness for Jude, he will cut her allowance by 10%. Sloan was thinking 40%. Leo says they’ll meet in the middle at 25% only because she complimented his writing. Sloan hugs Leo and says he has no idea what this means to her.

Eric continues going over expenses and says he doesn’t get it as something’s not right here. Eric guesses that Sloan must have some big expenses that she’s not sharing with him. Eric declares that he’s going to get to the bottom of this.

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