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Steve brings Kayla her flowers at home but she’s not interested. Steve sees she’s still upset with him and says he will be on his way. Steve tells Kayla that he’s really sorry that he disappointed her as he regrets helping Ava with Clyde, but repeats that he was afraid of losing his son which made him do something stupid and reckless. Steve guesses he will just have to live with that. Kayla stops him and says she knows that he feels bad for what he did, but because she loves him, she’s going to forgive him for the risk he took by breaking Clyde out of prison. Kayla states that she needs to stay mad at him at least for today. Steve says he understands. Kayla then accepts the flowers and thanks him.

Tate eats with John and Marlena at the Brady Pub. John asks Tate about his spring break plans. Tate says he has a ton of school work to catch up on and he’ll probably just hang out with some friends. Marlena brings up Tate’s parents forbidding him from seeing Holly and asks how he feels about that. Tate says it sucks because he likes Holly and she’s his friend but they are probably right about them being toxic for each other so it’s for the best.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Holly that she’s so proud of her for telling the truth about her drugs. Holly says she should’ve told the truth from the beginning. Maggie understands she was worried about her mom. Holly points out that she still lied and got Tate in big trouble. Maggie goes to get snacks from the kitchen and says she wants to continue their discussion. Holly then texts Tate, saying she has to get out of there.

Stephanie walks through the town square and runs in to Everett. Stephanie says she’s kind of in a rush but Everett stops her and says he just wants to say he’s sorry about everything as he knows it’s been hard on her in so many ways, including how it’s hurt her friendship with Jada. Everett says he was really worried when they stormed out of the Spectator office. Stephanie informs him that she and Jada talked things through but it’s none of his concern. Stephanie then asks if he still has feelings for Jada. Everett says no and asks how he could have feelings for someone that he doesn’t even know. Stephanie questions why he’d want to stay married to her then and why he won’t sign the divorce papers.

Ava goes to Harris’s room and says she needed to see him. Harris asks what for. Ava responds by kissing him.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s not going to sign divorce papers as man that he doesn’t know. Stephanie argues that he was identified as Robert Stein. Everett warns her not to ever call him that again.

Steve reminds Kayla of the time they snuck onto a river boat on the Mississippi and how beautiful she looked. Kayla says she appreciates it but she’ll let him know when he’s out of the doghouse. Steve says there’s something else he wants to get off his chest that doesn’t have anything to do with Ava or Clyde. Steve adds that this happened a long time ago before they were together when he was working for Victor. Kayla says she’s listening. Steve explains that on Victor’s orders, he escorted John to Greece when he was The Pawn’s handler. Steve says it was his job to protect John and see him through a mission which was to send a message to Konstantin which shocks Kayla. Steve informs her that while they were on the mission, something terrible happened and Konstantin’s daughter Catharina was shot and killed, possibly by John. Steve says for years, he tried to bury it out of his mind and pretend it didn’t happen while doing everything he could to protect John from knowing about it. Steve adds that when John recently found out, he was ready to fall on his sword and give himself up by flying to Greece, turning himself in, and possibly spending the rest of his life in a foreign prison. Steve says that because he was spending so much energy and time protecting John, he forgot to deal with his own feelings, guilt, and shame about it. Steve thinks it’s about time that he did.

Marlena is glad that Tate understands his parents decision that he shouldn’t see Holly. Marlena knows it has to be difficult because they are fond of each other. Tate gets a text from Holly but claims to them that it’s a friend helping him study for a test. Tate asks if they mind if he meets up with him. John tells him to go ahead because school comes first. Tate says he will refill their water before he goes. John asks for some hot sauce too as Tate heads to the back. Marlena tells John that it makes her happy to see him smile. John says she always helps him and notes that a talk he had with Harris gave him some perspective, so he’s going to try to take his advice on self-forgiveness by reminding himself that he was a victim too and he chooses not to be one anymore. John figures if Konstantin was willing to forgive him, maybe he can try doing the same thing, so he’s really trying.

Konstantin sits in his room with a photo of his daughter Catharina and talks about his heart aching for her every day as her life was cut short so cruelly. Konstantin declares that he pretended otherwise, but he will never forgive her murderer. Konstantin then flashes back to his confrontation with John in the park where he was able to control him with a card, turning John back in to The Pawn. Konstantin promises Catharina that her death will be avenged as he then exits his room.

Holly gets Tate’s text to meet in the park in ten minutes. Maggie returns to the living room with snacks. Konstantin enters and hopes he’s not interrupting. Maggie introduces Holly to Konstantin. Konstantin says he’s heard so much about her and it’s a pleasure to meet her. Konstantin says Holly reminds him of his daughter as she was around her age when she died. Holly says she’s so sorry. Maggie explains that Konstantin is an old friend of Victor’s, visiting from Greece. Holly decides she should get going. Maggie points out that she didn’t have her tea or lemon bars. Holly claims that Nicole is expecting her and promises to go straight home as she exits.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s so sorry but maybe now that it’s all out in the open, everyone involved can leave it in the past. Steve is not sure because he doesn’t think Konstantin’s forgiveness is genuine. Steve talks about Konstantin grieving Catharina’s death and planning to avenge her, so he’s not buying his 180. Steve adds that he thought from the moment he came to Salem that he was scamming Maggie and he still does, so he will be keeping an eye on him.

Stephanie tells Everett that she’s sorry as she didn’t mean to offend him. Everett says he should be sorry as he’s been really stressed about all of this. Everett says he’s trying really hard to figure this all out and he’s on his way to see Marlena now for another session. Stephanie hopes he gets some answers and peace of mind. Everett says that he’s sorry about everything and walks away.

Harris and Ava lay in bed together. Ava tells him how much he means to her and talks about having someone who is good to her that she can count on, who won’t abandon her even when she’s in trouble. Harris questions her saying that and if she’s in trouble. Ava claims she was just getting emotional because she’s never had someone be so kind to her. Ava mentions telling Wendy and Tripp that she would be moving out, but she doesn’t have a place to live. Harris invites her to stay with him. They joke about being roommates with benefits as they kiss.

Holly meets Tate in the park. Holly says she’s really glad to see him as they hug. They talk about turning off their phone trackers and Nicole having no idea where Holly is. Holly is grateful that Tate could get her a burner phone. Tate mentions his parents being in a meeting while Holly says her parents are at dinner. They talk about it being dumb that their parents are forbidding them from seeing each other and joke about comparing it to Romeo and Juliet. Holly says that their parents not wanting them to be together only makes her want to be with him more as they kiss.

Kayla tells Steve that she’s going out for some much needed girl time with Stephanie. Kayla says she’ll see him later tonight and goes to leave right as John arrives. Kayla hits John, who questions what that was for. Kayla says she thinks he knows and then exits. John guesses Steve told her, which he confirms. Steve admits to John that he told Kayla about Clyde’s prison break and about Konstantin and Catharina because keeping the secrets were eating him up. Steve says he now feels relieved, like a weight has been lifted off of him. John responds that he knows that feeling all too well.

Everett goes to Marlena’s office for his next session. Marlena is glad he’s there and that he’s committed to learning more about his past. She asks how he’s feeling today. Everett responds that he’s struggling and wishing he were anyone but him.

Tate and Holly eat donuts from the bakery in the park. Holly mentions being chilly so Tate gives her his jacket and wraps a blanket around her as she calls him her hero.

Konstantin tells Maggie that Holly is a lovely young lady. Maggie talks about being grateful that Holly came back to them and how she makes her feel like part of her son, Daniel is still with her. Maggie calls her children and grandchildren the lights of her life. Maggie then apologizes to Konstantin.

Kayla meets Stephanie in the town square. Stephanie explains to Kayla how Everett is still married to Jada as Bobby Stein, who he doesn’t remember being. Stephanie mentions Everett telling her that he has another session with Marlena lined up, so she hopes he makes progress in finding out who he is or was. Kayla remembers Stephanie bringing Everett to the hospital for an examination and it was clear he had head trauma but no signs of memory loss. Kayla reveals that she asked Marlena if she thought Everett was faking it. Stephanie is surprised and asks what she said. Kayla says that Marlena didn’t really have an answer but didn’t rule out the possibility.

Marlena questions why Everett won’t sign the divorce papers. Everett responds that he can’t sign as someone else because he is not Robert Stein, so it would be forgery to sign as him. Everett adds that’s not the only reason he wanted to see her today. Everett then reveals that he wasn’t completely honest with her about what he saw during hypnosis. Marlena questions what he saw. Everett informs her that he saw himself staring back at him and he really needs to know what it means.

Tate and Holly hold hands and talk about the fresh air as they were both stuck inside for way too long. They agree that it’s really nice to be here together. Kayla and Stephanie then walk through the park and run in to them.

Ava texts Tripp that she will be home soon to collect her things as she found a place to stay. Ava asks Harris if he’s sure about this. Harris confirms he is and they kiss. Ava feels it will be much safer for Tripp and Wendy with her not being there. Ava still feels so terrible about all the trouble she put them through with their lives at risk. Harris says she can’t stare in the rear view too long because there’s a big, beautiful road ahead. Ava worries about Clyde still being out on the loose and who knows if he’s going to come back again. Ava asks Harris if he has any new leads on Clyde or Goldman. Harris says unfortunately, the trail has gone completely cold so he suspects they are long gone by now and possibly out of the country. Ava responds that she wishes Clyde was long gone by now.

Steve tells John that he’s his best friend and his partner. Steve says they have been through so much together so he’s going to be honest with him. Steve thinks it would ease his mind if they could get to the bottom of this thing, so he asks John to let him help him. John agrees to give it a shot. Steve asks where to start. John says with the facts. John brings up the night that Catharina was killed, there were three people there and that was them and Konstantin. Steve points out that’s all they know of but there are no videos or photos, so he questions how they can be sure that someone else wasn’t there. Steve states that if someone else was there, that person could be holding a very dark secret.

Kayla greets Holly and Tate, saying it’s nice to see them. Kayla asks Holly about her physical therapy which she says is going well. Tate asks them not to tell their parents that they ran in to them because they aren’t supposed to be with each other. Holly asks them to pretend like they didn’t run in to them. Stephanie agrees not to say anything and Kayla guesses it’s not her place to tell. Tate and Holly thank them, so Stephanie tells them to enjoy their day and Kayla says she’ll see them later as they continue on. Holly tells Tate that was a close one. They decide it’s best to call it a day. They agree to see each other soon as they kiss goodbye.

Stephanie and Kayla walk back through the town square. They admit they feel bad not telling about Tate and Holly. Stephanie points out that they are young and in love and compares it to Kayla and Steve. Stephanie admits it also made her think of her and Everett since she has told herself to stay away from him, but for some reason, she doesn’t want to. Kayla understands she has very conflicted feelings. Stephanie knows she should hate him, block him, and move on, but she still feels drawn to him and feels bad for what he’s going through. Kayla tells Stephanie that she always wants to protect her and tell her to move on to not get hurt any further, but she’s so proud of how kind and compassionate she is as she hugs her.

Marlena tells Everett that she’s not entirely sure what seeing his own image staring back at himself means. Marlena says he’s clearly struggling with a dual life and thinks he’s also struggling with feelings for Jada that he’s not ready to accept. Marlena asks if he would be comfortable with another hypnosis session to get to the bottom of these things but Everett says no more hypnosis or digging. Everett declares that some things are better left unknown as he then leaves her office.

John asks Steve if Victor could’ve been there. Steve says he couldn’t be as he was in Monte Carlo at the time where he won big on a bet. Steve asks about one of Stefano’s men. John brings up Catharina’s mother living there. Steve confirms that Konstantin said they separated a few years after so she could’ve been in the house or maybe she knows something. John suggests they investigate to see if she’s still alive and if she is, maybe they can track her down. Steve agrees that’s a very good place to start.

Konstantin tells Maggie that she has nothing to apologize for but Maggie feels it was insensitive to go on about her children and grandchildren. Konstantin says he delights in her delight and he loves knowing that her heart is full. Maggie calls that very kind. Konstantin tells Maggie that he’s going to miss her as his travel VISA is expiring and he’s been denied another extension, so he’s afraid he’s going to have to leave Salem.

Harris guesses that Ava thinks Clyde is still around. Ava reveals that she knows he is. Harris asks what she knows. Ava informs him that Clyde called her earlier and wants her to do another job for him.

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