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Brook Lynn: Detective! Looking good! You’re looking good, too, but for different reasons. Dante, that was amazing! “Amazing.” I don’t know about that. I need help getting to the bathroom. You are getting stronger every single day. It may not be happening as fast as you want it to, but everyone can see that you’re making progress. Here. Oh, yeah. It’s true. All the nurses are talking about it.

[ Groans ] Oh, that’s just ’cause I left my gown open when I went for a walk earlier.

[ Chuckles ] Well, whatever the reason, you have a lot of adoring fans out there. And in here. You should have seen this guy when he found out you were awake. He was jumping up and down so hard, we got complaints from the neighbors. Oh, yeah? I appreciate that. And, hey, even though I was out, I knew you would have been here. You’re my partner. And my friend. Where else would I be? Thank you. Hey. Why don’t we, um — why don’t we stop calling it a coma? You know, we can say I took a — like, a long nap or something. A nap? Yeah. That’s what you’re going with? Yeah. Yeah.

[ Laughter ] Resting up for all the dancing we’re gonna be doing at your wedding. Yeah. I’m, uh… I’m gonna need a little more than dancing from you. This is a nice surprise. Oh. I’m here so often, I should pay rent. Hm! Put out little café table, I could have my own bobbie’S. Oh, I think the seating would be too limited. Wouldn’t be profitable. Hm. What’s on your docket today? Dr. Kramer. I’m having a follow-up. You? I just had a blood draw in preparation for my “annual wellness” visit with dr. Randolph. It’s a perk of being a board member, although I think they’re playing a little fast and loose with the term “perk” in this context. I remember when my doctor visits were annual. Looking back, it really was a “perk.” Morning, tracy. Elizabeth. Gregory, if you’re ready, we can head to the exam room. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Maybe I’ll see you later? Hi. I am so glad you decided to stop by. Kristina: I want to clear the air. I am really not okay with what you did to carly and drew. But… i am willing to accept you made an impulsive decision that spiraled out way beyond what you ever intended. Yes! That’s it. Exactly. Yeah. One bad decision doesn’t negate all the good you’ve done. And, nina, you have done a lot of good, especially for my dad. And I know how happy he was with you. And even if he never admits it, I know that he misses you.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Horse neighs in distance ]

[ Chuckles ] Put me in, coach. Are you sure? Yes. I got my check from deception, and now I can finally do something besides worry about how I look. Well, you still look way too good for this place. Nothing and no one is too good for this place. And that’s a fact. Alright. Comet isn’t here. You can save your flattery. Are those — are those new? They may or may not be. As you know, I am looking for my new purpose in life. Hm. You think you’re gonna find it here in one of these stalls? Because, believe it or not, this isn’t exactly the résumé builder you might think it is.

[ Laughs ] Honestly, I don’t know what I’m looking for or where I’m gonna find it, but I figured that if I’m someplace comfortable and happy, then inspiration might find me sooner. So…if it’s okay with you… hey, are you sure? You really want to — oh, come on! Put me to work! What’s the worst that can happen?

[ Doorbell rings ] You must be isaac. Come on in.

[ Sighs ] Here’s my pride and joy.

[ Romantic music plays ]

[ Sighs ] I’d like to be honest with you, if I may. Well, I hope you’re always honest with me.

[ Chuckles ] Um, unless I’m mistaken, this is a standard follow-up… and yet somehow it merits the attention of the head nurse of a very busy hospital. Well, I assist doctors and patients all the time. You have more important things to do, and we both know it. You are important. Thank you. And while I’m honored to have you look in on me, I was hoping to keep some aspects of my life private. I’m sorry if I made you feel like your privacy hasn’t been respected. No. You’re always very respectful. But, uh, as my disease progresses… I would like to try and keep my patient life completely separate from other parts of my life. I understand. You’re very important to my son — and to me. So I realize that that may be easier said than done. Not at all. It’s not a problem. I mean no offense. I hope you know that. None taken. And I hope you know that I never meant to presume. Yeah, I do. Well, if you’re ready, I will let dr. Kramer know that you’re here. And, gregory… thank you for telling me. Thank you. Brook lynn and I were planning on downsizing the wedding to a civil ceremony at city hall, family-only reception at the quartermaines’. We didn’t see the point in throwing a big bash without you there. We want you to be a part of it. Now, finn is gonna be my best man, but I would be honored if you would be my groomsman. The honor will be mine.

[ Chuckles ] That is so wonderful. Except — look. I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but being a groomsman, it involves a lot of, um, standing and walking and dancing. You think you’ll be ready for all that? Hey. Come on. You’re getting married in, like, a month. I better be ready, right? Yeah. I hope I am, too. I still have so much to do. Whoa! Oh, no. You have been wonderful! Really! It — but let’s face it, okay? It is crunch time. We still have, like, a million details to lock down and decisions to be made and a seating chart that has to be finalized. Hey, you know, I don’t care where I sit, but when the dancing starts, I want you third, okay? Not fourth after some rando cousin or weirdo uncle. It goes him then ned then me, okay? You may have to fight my dad for that third-place spot on brook lynn’s dance card. Well, of course. I’m a gentleman. I’ll concede. How’s your dad doing? Uh, he’s not looking too great at the moment. He’s also not good at telling us what his doctors have to say. Maybe he just wants a tiny bit of privacy. If he had it his way, he wouldn’t have told us he was sick at all. Well, that is because he is a self-sufficient adult who’s losing control of his body. And who he chooses to share or — or keep things private from is — is one of the few ways he still has agency. But we are his family. We love him and we just want to help. I — he just wants to be your dad, chase, not your dad who’s sick and needs your help. Look, everybody deserves a little privacy sometimes, even from their family who loves them the most.

[ Knock on door ] Hi. -Hey! -This is a nice surprise. Hey.Hi. Mwah. You… you just kissed a groomsman. Did I?! Yeah. So now we gotta get me all rehabbed so I’m ready to go. Well, don’t you worry. Between me and the kids, we will have you fixed. Good luck! Guy’s not known for his patience. Oh, I’m way ahead of you there. Hey, we’re heading out, so if you need anything… we’re good, but, you know, you go — protect and serve and stuff. I’m on it. Hey. Am I in time to take you on your morning walk? Uh, you know what? Actually, I went for a walk with chase. For, uh, you know, like, a 90-year-old man, I didn’t do too bad.

[ Laughs ] What’s going on? You got a new case? Um…sort of. I asked danny’s vice principal to text me in case he ditched any classes. So far, so good. Think maybe you’re giving him a bit of a hard time? I don’t know, dante. Danny’s made some bad decisions lately, and I don’t know if I can trust him. I certainly can’t trust his father. Y-you think sonny misses me? Yeah, I do. I think that’s why ava and avery are still there at his place. Fills up the quiet, and it helps him forget what he lost. I don’t know if you and my dad are ever gonna work things out, but I hope that you do. That’s it. That’s all I came here to say. Thank you, kristina. This means so much to me. Yeah, I think you know I’ve always liked you, nina, and I want the best for you, so whatever that might be. Yeah, and I want the best for you, too — yeah, with whatever is going on in your life.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I’m, um — I am pregnant with tj and molly’s baby. I’m their surrogate. Oh, wow! That’s wonderful! Yeah. What an amazing, generous thing that you’re doing. Oh, don’t sanctify me just yet. It’s amazing, but it’s also been difficult. I mean, the morning sickness has been hard, but the hardest part has just been not being able to tell everyone, you know? I — for so long, I just wanted to, like, shout it from the rooftops and tell strangers on the street like, “I’m having a baby!” I mean, I-I’m h-having a niece or nephew baby. It’s probably, uh, the hormones talking. Yeah.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, um, that’s my 10:00. Okay, well, I’ll leave you to it. Thanks, nina. It’s good to see you. Yeah, very — very nice to see you, too. And thank you for reaching out. Of course. -Oh! Hi, kristina. -Hi. -Hi! -Nina! -Beautiful. -Oh. Thank you. So do you. Um, I’m sure you recognize her, but I wanted to introduce you to the new face of deception. Uh, blaze, this is nina reeves, the editor in chief of crimson magazine. Of course, I recognize you. And I’m a big fan. And congratulations. Thank you. It’s, uh, very nice to meet you, too. I remember you from sonny’s compound in puerto rico when we got married. Belated congratulations to you. Thank you. So you remember kristina, then. I absolutely remember kristina. It’s a big change for deception. Yes, yes. It’s very new. And you are among the very first to find out. I should hope so, maxie. This is crimson after all. Well, I’m gonna — I’m gonna head over to G.H. And visit my brother, so I’ll let you guys get down to business. Uh. Wow.

[ Chuckles ] Face of deception. Yeah, I can really see it. Congrats.

[ Chuckles softly ] My neighbors growing up had horses, and I used to love brushing them and feeding them. And I would just sit on the fence and watch them do horse things. Do “horse things.” Wow. You really — you really are sounding like a ranch hand.

[ Laughs ] Ahh. One day, my neighbor put a saddle on the horse and let me mount. And I-I did, and I fell off like a dozen times. But I never cried and I kept getting back up. So eventually they got me my own saddle. And the rest is history. And maybe your future… if your love of horses and stables continues. I love being here with… the stables. What about you? What do you look forward to in your post-deception future? I’m doing it right now.

Your dad has an appointment today with dr. Kramer, and I told his assistant that I would do his pre-appointment check-in. Everything okay? Yeah, everything is fine. However, he did tell me — in the kindest, sweetest way possible — that I’m overstepping. Which means… we’re all overstepping. Mm-hmm. He’s my dad. I love him. We’re all just trying to support him. It’s possible that our support makes him feel like we have already decided, without consulting him, that the time has come for us to take over — and it hasn’T. Because he can still make his own decisions and do things for himself. And, really, we have to let him.

[ Scoffs ] I always feel like I don’t do enough for him. Because you feel like you should be doing more for everyone else all the time. No. It’s who you are. I don’t — I don’t know. You know… I reached out to this, uh — this buddy of mine who’s a neurologist, you know, see if he had any als advice. And? We didn’t get much of a chance to talk. I mean, we worked doctors without borders together. He’s in the ukraine, literally putting people back together in the middle of a war zone. Made me kind of miss those days. Made me feel a little useless about what I do here. Must be contagious.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah? What are you talking about? It’s how I feel at home right now. Just useless with jake. Everything I do or say is wrong, and I feel like I’m making everything worse. I think you’re being hard on yourself. You’re an amazing mom. It didn’t feel that way when jason came by yesterday. It was a complete train wreck.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, fair to say things aren’t improving. I’m worried about your shortness of breath. Yeah, it’s gotten a little worse. But it’s manageable… if I don’t push it. Which I can accommodate — with one exception. Which is…? I need to know if I can still preside over my son’s wedding. I’m not a psychic. I’ll settle for your educated guess. Can I make it through the month speaking and walking under my own steam? Well, this is no more than my educated guess, okay? But I think a month is a safe bet. And when my son comes by asking for an update… I won’t discuss a patient with anyone, not even with another doctor, without the patient’s express permission. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you. Yes. That person — that’s not an act. That’s who she actually is! I do need to know — what happened to sasha? I don’t think I have ever felt so betrayed in my life. I mean, I thought — we all thought that jason was dead. And then he shows up out of nowhere, and he tells our son to keep a secret from me. I mean, no explanation, no idea where he’s been for the past two years. I don’t know if jason is different or if I’m actually seeing him clearly for the first time.

[ Knock on door ] Kristina: Knock, knock! Is this an okay time for visitors? -Yeah. Come on in. -Hi! -Ohh! -[ Groans ] Well, well! It’s about time you woke up. You scared us. I mean, not that you did that on purpose or anything, but maybe try to be a little more careful next time? Yeah, you know, I’m all about the caution. Right. Yeah. But you — wow. You’ve done some growing. I know! Right?! Isn’t it crazy? Yeah. It’s awesome. I’m just, like, waiting and waiting and waiting to show, and then finally it’s just happened. Uh, my apologies for the interruption, but… detective falconeri, how would you feel about going home today?

[ Laughter ] How did your appointment go? Well, the doctor thinks that with, uh, some rest, medications, continued use of my cpap machine for breath support, I should be in good shape for chase’s wedding. Ah. You must be so relieved. I am, yes. And I’m guessing that alexis will be relieved, as well. Why is that? Well… alexis is a very accomplished, bright woman. Hm. Spare me the preamble. But she’s not particularly close to chase or brook lynn. And were it not for you, she wouldn’t make the guest list.

If we do it right, it could be huge. Definitely. Okay. I am on board 100% for all of it. Okay? Isn’t it really nice what kristina is doing, acting as a surrogate for her sister and tj? Do you think it would be, uh, you know, too much if I just sent sonny a casual note congratulating him? ‘Cause that baby is gonna be his great-niece or nephew. Hmm. That depends. Do you care if sonny casually throws that note in the trash? Maxie! You said it yourself. Your marriage to sonny is over. Not legally. Not yet. Maxie! Kristina was just in here. I think it’s only natural if I offer good wishes. Right. To molly and tj. And then kristina. And you think it — it looks desperate if I also include sonny.

[ Scoffs ] I have some time before my appointment with dr. Randolph, and I was going to get a cup of coffee while they run my blood work. Would you care to join me? Ohh. More than I can express. But my mission, which I had to accept, is just getting started. I have to have my blood drawn and an ekg and then a nerve-conduction study. That’s a full day. Hm. Once upon a time, als was just my diagnosis. Now it’s my full-time job. Gregory, you are much more than your diagnosis. You are much more than a patient. It’s hard to remember that on a day like today. Let me remind you. You are… terrifically charming and, um, uh… a wonderful conversationalist. And you’re intellectually challenging a-and… …you’re not bad to look at.

[ Chuckles ] You vixen, you!

[ Laughs ] Jake has more reason than most to be shaken up by jason’s reappearance. Shaken? That’s a-a mild way to describe it. Hm. His anger with jason is all over the place right now. Yeah, well, I suppose that’s understandable. How was it otherwise seeing jason again? It was strange.

[ Sighs ] I mean, he’s so — he’s just vague about everything — where he’s been, what he’s been doing, why he never reached out to anyone. I mean, he’s never been a big talker, but even for him, it was — it was maddening. Yeah, I know a little bit about that. To think about some of my past relationships and the things that I just accepted and I… I wonder, how was that ever enougfor me? And then I — I think about you and what we have. It — it’s deeper. I feel the same way. Like, why did I ever settle for someone who was so limited with what they could or would share of themselves with me? I’m glad I got it right this time. Me too.

[ Door opens ] Hey. Are we allowed in here? I suppose you’re staff-adjacent, so we’ll bend the rules. Is everything okay? Perfectly fine. Well, except… we need your help to save our wedding.

Try to spend some time with dad when you can. I mean, he’s just — he’s been worried about you. We’ve all been really worried about you. But dad… he’s been blaming himself. Alright. Yeah. I will. I’ll, uh — I’ll spend time with him. He can come visit me, and I’ll get my, uh — get my exercise walking down the hall to see him. Tell me what you think. About what? Ava’s still living there. Really? With avery, of course, but… the whole thing just feels a little weird. Yeah, I agree. It is weird. But look — I don’t think sonny’s gonna care one way or the other what I think about ava being there. But I’ll — I’ll keep an eye on it. Yeah. Maybe just in your spare time.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. The most important thing is I want you to focus on a full recovery. Yeah. I’m way ahead of you there. Love you, big bro. Mwah! I love you, too. Okay. Let me know if he needs anything. Will do.

[ Door closes ] Well, there’s general rejoicing about you coming home from the hospital today. Well, as there should be. But I did tell olivia no visitors — not until tomorrow. ‘Cause I know you’re gonna be exhausted tonight oh, probably, but, you know, I’ll just be so happy at home. Hey… is everything okay with kristina? Yeah. Why do you ask? I don’t know. It was just something I picked up on while I was in here. You know what? If it’s private, you don’t have to say anything to me. I shouldn’t even be asking. No, no, no. She, uh… she’s worried about my dad… and, more pointedly, the fact that ava’s living with him. She thinks it’s weird. So do I. You think sending sonny a casual note and nothing more comes across as me looking desperate? Really? Yes, really. Because you are desperate. No, I’m not desperate. I just miss sonny. That’s all. I don’t want my marriage to be over. See, y-you’re saying all the right words, but it’s your tone that gives you away. You want sonny back, and you’re willing to do anything. I have two things — two things that give me hope that I can have it back. The first thing is, I haven’t signed the divorce papers yet. The second thing is, maxie… I have a secret weapon. I must admit — your post-deception life has very good coffee.

[ Slurps ] Yeah, I have a connection that can get me corinthos coffee whenever I want. What more can you ask? Uh, not much. I’m not one of those guys who’s, like, sweaty with want, you know? I like my job. I get paid enough to cover basic expenses and…got my own room and board. And monica enrolled me on G.H.’S hmo in case one of these… buckos kicks me… or I put a nail through my hand instead of a horseshoe.

[ Chuckles ] Has that ever happened? Not here, but, uh, I haven’t, believe it or not, always been the consummate horse whisperer that you see before you. Don’t tell james, though. He’ll never let me live it down. He is maxie’s son.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. He is. He’s a fun little dude. Leo, too. You know, sometimes there’s more kids here than there are horses. I love it. It’s kind of like being a part of a family. You do actually have a family that you could be part of if you just come clean with mac. Yeah, yeah, that might be more than I can handle. Horses are enough. What? Nothing. No. Come on. Tell me the truth. What, did I make myself sound like too much of a loner? I don’t think women our age should color our hair. Oh, there’s a shock.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t think I could carry the green off anyway. Yeah, well, I don’t think she is, either. Uh, I happen to have some time to kill before the appointment you relentlessly insisted I make with dr. Randolph. May I join you? Yes. You may. And I am not apologizing for insisting. I have to get back soon, too. I just needed a cup that wasn’t from the hospital cafeteria. I’d rather be audited.

[ Chuckles ] I heard that deception’s new face person was a woman of color. Yes. Blaze. Well, you sure wouldn’t know from anything in here. Well, it’s too soon. She just signed on. And, by the way, in those magazines, women of any color make me feel like I’m from another planet.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, to be young. Yeah. Amen, sister. Amen. Mm!

While I am sitting here waiting for my blood to be centrifuged, may I ask you a question? Yes, you may. Why are you still working? Don’t you want to retire? And do what? Knit. If I were in baltimore, I’d have a whole group of friends, mostly widows, that I could hang out with, but if I didn’t have anything better to do with my life than play matchstick poker on thursday nights with the family, I would lose my mind. Why don’t you play for money? Fear. Theirs.

[ Both laugh ] But you’re from here. You know everybody. I do. I know hundreds of people. But social acquaintances are just that. They’re cordial, superficial. Not that that bothered my mother. My mother was gracious to everybody. She had more friends than she knew what to do with. I gather you take after your father.

[ Chuckles ] I do. And I was proud of it. I still am proud of it. But… truthfully, it has its disadvantages. I, uh — I don’t have a lot of deep, meaningful relationships with people, and… one of the very few, I — he’S… he’s otherwise occupied. No, no, you’re — simon, you’re absolutely right. Yep. I will. Thank you. Dad’s doctor won’t tell us anything about how he’s doing. Patient confidentiality and all that. I, uh, never really had to ask before ’cause I used to go to all his appointments with him, but, uh, then he asked me to stop. So now if we want to find something out… dad’s gonna have to tell you himself if and when he chooses to. Okay, well, until your father decides to talk, can you please help us pull our wedding back from the brink? Yeah. What happened? I thought you had everything under control. Yeah. It seemed like dad was getting worse. And then dante was in the icu. So instead of just canceling altogether, we just thought we’d downsize. Significantly. How significant? A courthouse wedding with two witnesses. Chase in a suit and tie. Me in something understated. -No gown, no veil. -Okay, well, you can relax. Because dante is being discharged. And now dad’s holding his own. And now we want everything to go back to the way we originally planned it. Yeah, absolutely. Hey. Listen. We’re here for you guys. Whatever you need, we’re here. Yeah, let’s get you guys married in the style you deserve. Okay. See? Everything’s gonna work out. Yeah. Ava and avery are still at sonny’s because of security reasons, and ava can act as my advocate. Oh, nina… if you are depending on ava for anything, you’re going to be disappointed. I disagree. Oh. Okay. Really? Let’s name one selfless or generous thing that ava has ever done. Not a nice gesture. I’m talking about something real where she put someone else ahead of herself. Ava has nothing at stake here. I trust her to act in my best interests. See, I don’t think you know what your best interests really are. Any man you have to plot to get back is not a man you’re gonna keep. And, to be honest, I never really liked you as sonny’s wife anyway. Since when? Since you started being sonny’s wife. It took over your life, nina. And, frankly, I never thought you’d become one of those women. The nina I know was erased by “mrs. Corinthos.” And I missed my nina.

I don’t think you’re a loner. I’ve spent enough time with you to know better. Well, that’s a relief. I would say that there’s something… a little… aloof about you. Aloof? Uh-huh. Is that because I don’t give you long, lustful looks and try to manhandle you? Well, then you would be trading “aloof” for “creepy.”

[ Laughs ] You know what I mean. You made it very clear that you’re not ready for anything. I know, and I like how comfortable and easy it is between us. Me too. That’s why I’ve kept my very significant interest at bay. But I got to be honest — sometimes I think that two or three days of manhandling could be fun, too. Stella, isn’t it hard to work with people that are suffering? How do you… keep from feeling sorry for them? Sometimes I can’T. But I don’t let those feelings keep me from treating that person as a person. They’re much more than the terrible thing that’s happening to them. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I, uh… I have a friend that’s going to appreciate it, as well. Nothing annoys him more than… being “handled.” And as a matter of fact, it annoys me, as well. I never would have guessed. Hm. You know, if you’re up for some matchstick poker, I’d be happy to leave you humble. How do you feel about backgammon? Love it. Be happy to beat you at that, too. You’re on. Alright. Sister.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone dings ] Is that my mother? Uh, asking what she should bring for dinner? Sorry. Or is that — is that danny? It’s actually my mother saying if we need anything when we get home. And, yes, I do admit — I was checking to see if there was an update on danny, and there isn’t one. That’s good news, right? Well, for today. But what about tomorrow or next week? I know danny, and when he decides to do something, he does it. And I know he’s gonna try and see jason again. Alright, well, maybe there’s like, a — like, a compromise in there somewhere. I don’t — I don’t think so, dante. Danny being anywhere near jason is dangerous. You are actual living proof of that. Oh, you can’t blame — I do. I do blame jason for putting danny in danger. And i will make sure it never happens again. Excuse me, elizabeth. T-the desk nurse told me that I could find you in here. Yeah. What can I do for you, dad? Did you call dr. Kramer about my “condition”? Yeah, I just, uh, wanted to check in with him. From now on, I’d appreciate it if you would… check in with me. Okay. Understood. Um, how did your appointment go? Dr. Kramer said I may have had a little slump, but, uh, I’m much better now. Good. That’s, uh — that’s good news, dad. Chase and brook lynn just left. Do you want me to call them? They might be able to give you a ride home. No, no. I can get my own ride. Hamilton, don’t end-run me again. You’re right. I need to step back. It’s gonna be hard.

[ Sighs ] I mean, I know we have like a thousand details to finalize, but t-the venues are booked, the flowers have been picked, the menus are approved. My dress is still a work in progress. What about the honeymoon? Excuse me. You, me… alone together. Somewhere romantic. Ha ha! Funny! We’re going to palm beach. Unless — chase, did you cancel the reservation? I mean, that would be totally fine, and we could probably just rebook it. We still have our reservation. Ohh! Phew! Don’t scare me like that. But I am just checking in. Are you sure you want to go to palm beach? Absolutely! We already went over the places that are in our price range.

My price range. Your family is paying for this big wedding.

I want to cover the honeymoon. And you are. And it is going to be amazing. Look, I’ve never been to palm beach, but everyone tells me that it is gorgeous. And the hotel that we picked looks exquisite. Any other superlatives you want to throw in there? Just one. We are going to palm beach as mr. And mrs. Harrison chase. And that will be perfect. I can do better than perfect.

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