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Harris and Ava wake up in bed together. Ava says she’s so glad that he showed up at her door last night. They talk about finally having to get up but decide they have nowhere else to be. Ava says her son is safe and her business partner is in prison. Ava assures there’s nowhere else she’d rather be as they kiss.

Johnny joins Chanel in the town square and notes that she looks tired. Chanel talks about the bakery being crazy busy. Chanel says now that Paulina is healthy and in remission, she has to start focusing on the Bakery again. Chanel adds that she’s basically on her own since she let two of her staff take off. Johnny calls her a good boss. Chanel tells Johnny that her break is over and she has to get back to work.

Stephanie joins Julie at the Horton House to help with the remodel. Julie talks about wanting the house to have new life but still wanting it to say “welcome home”. Stephanie says she loves interior design. Julie talks about having an antique shop years ago and she thought Stephanie could have a pleasant diversion to take her mind off of Everett.

Everett goes to Marlena’s office to try hypnosis. Marlena is glad and hopes they can get some clarity on his past. Everett then decides that he thinks coming here was a mistake.

Chad visits Abigail’s grave and brings her flowers for Easter. Chad talks about the kids having an Easter egg hunt at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad calls it crazy that they are living there but the Horton House is being renovated, so they should be back home soon. Chad states that he misses Abigail so much and he’s sorry that the man who took her from them escaped. Chad declares that it’s all his fault.

Stephanie tells Julie that she was lying in bed last night, trying not to think about Everett and her mind randomly wandered to the time capsule. Julie says she still can’t open it and has been obsessing over where the key could be or what could be inside. Julie is afraid the key must be gone with the wind. Julie is sure that Tom wanted everyone to figure it out together like a puzzle. Stephanie suggesting posting a picture of it online and using the internet for help. Stephanie offers to help with that but Julie says not now as she’s decided to dedicate all her focus to the house project instead of the time capsule, because she knows her grandparents would want the place to be ready for all generations to come.

Chad blames himself for interviewing Clyde and putting his picture in the paper as then he never would’ve retaliated but he pushed him and put the whole thing in motion. Chad says he just wanted to make Clyde pay for what he did to Abigail, but instead he tried to kill their babies and family by sending a henchman to torch their home. Chad says that was Abigail’s great grandparents home where she spent all of her happiest days as a child. Chad feels he let Abigail and her family down and now Clyde Weston escaped. Chad promises that he will make it right.

Marlena sits Everett down and says there are a lot of misconceptions about hypnotherapy. Everett confirms he’s read a good deal about it. Marlena explains that they try to access parts of his memory that weren’t available. Everett admits that’s what freaks him out as part of him definitely wants to know the truth but another part of him is afraid of what he might find out. Marlena understands but encourages that he will be safe with her and if he feels unable to go on, they will stop. Everett then agrees to give it a shot.

Ava asks Harris what he’s thinking but Harris says he doesn’t want to ruin the mood. Ava insists so Harris brings up that Clyde and Goldman are still free and they don’t know where they are or if they are coming back. Harris says Clyde really wanted his freedom, so he doesn’t think he will jeopardize that by showing his face around anytime soon. Harris decides he’s going to join the manhunt as soon as he can which Ava points out is not today. Ava comments on Harris healing really fast and almost having all his strength back. Harris mentions being hungry and suggests ordering more food but Ava reminds him that she is a great cook. Ava tells him not to move as she goes to whip something up for him.

Johnny helps Chanel lock up at the Bakery. Chanel then gets a big order for tomorrow and decides she’ll have to prepare for it now. Johnny suggests she do it tomorrow but Chanel insists on doing it now. Chanel doesn’t want Johnny to have to wait so she says she’ll catch up with him later. Johnny offers to help. Chanel thanks him but assures that she can handle it. Johnny points out that she needs the help and he gets to spend a little extra time with her so Chanel decides they will get to work.

Julie and Stephanie look at ideas for the house remodel until Stephanie gets a message from a potential new client. Stephanie mentions that she could use it since she’s thinking about dropping the Spectator. Julie questions why and guesses it’s because of Everett which Stephanie confirms. Stephanie admits it will be even more upsetting if it turns out to be true that Everett was dating her on the side while married to Jada. Stephanie adds that now Jada can’t stand her. Julie argues that it wasn’t her fault. Stephanie explains that Jada accused her of missing the signs that Everett was hiding something big and maybe she’s right that she ignored what was right in front of her the whole time.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Everett. Everett recalls being with his mother, Helen. Marlena asks about his mom. Everett praises her and then Marlena asks if there’s anything he’d like to ask his mother while he envisions her. Everett then gets agitated and imagines asking his mom why she did it.

Chanel explains baking to Johnny and instructs him to begin helping by pre-heating the oven as they kiss.

Julie tells Stephanie that she cannot blame herself for Everett’s lies since she didn’t know what was going on and was devastated when she found out. Stephanie says the timing couldn’t have been worse as she was just starting to think that maybe Everett was the one again, but then everything blew up in her face again. Julie asks how she feels now. Stephanie responds that she feels confused and furious as just when she thought she could trust Everett again, this happens. Stephanie adds that she feels guilty for being mad and not sympathetic for what Everett is going through. Julie tells her to forget Everett’s problems as she should be taking care of herself. Julie encourages that she’s not alone and has the family to lean on. Julie declares that when the truth comes out, they will get her through it. Chad arrives and says he didn’t expect to see them there. Julie says the same as she thought Chad was coming by tomorrow. Chad says he was stopping by to check on Thomas and Charlotte’s remodeled bedroom. Julie says he can go check it out upstairs and come back to give his opinion, then he can come back down and help them.

Under hypnosis, Everett continues questioning why his mom did it. Marlena encourages that he’s safe and no one is going to hurt him. Everett responds that he’s not safe as he continues to struggle with his visions.

Ava brings Harris breakfast in bed which he says hits the spot. Harris jokes that anything is better than hospital food. Ava craves fresh pasta and suggests they go to the Bistro since it’s closed and shut down now, so they could have a private dinner. Harris decides that sounds like a plan. Ava says she will be the chef and pick out the menu. Ava guarantees it will be very satisfying as they kiss.

Chanel jokes with Johnny that sometimes she forgets they are married since they didn’t have much time as newlyweds and haven’t had a real honeymoon. Johnny suggests going back to Italy but knows she has to stay close to home for awhile. Chanel says as soon as the time is right, they will definitely take that trip. Chanel reminds him about taking Sarah up on her offer to use the Horton Cabin on Smith Island. They talk about it just being the two of them. Chanel says it sounds perfect as Johnny asks how soon they can go.

Chad returns to the living room and assures that the kids will love the remodeled bedroom. Julie offers to get snacks and goes to the kitchen. Stephanie tells Chad that the kids must be anxious to move back in. Chad confirms they can’t wait. Chad asks Stephanie if there are any updates on Everett or if he’s going by Bobby now. Stephanie informs Chad that she met with him yesterday to talk with him about hiring a new PR firm to the Spectator. Chad questions that, arguing that she’s terrific and can’t leave them. Stephanie says she feels awkward and knows he understands. Chad asks if she wants him to fire Everett again. Stephanie tells him not to do that, at least not yet. Chad jokes for her to just tell him when. Stephanie asks what he thinks about the house. Chad calls it amazing and mentions feeling responsible for the fire, so it breaks his heart that Doug and Julie had to go through all this. Stephanie argues that it wasn’t Chad’s fault but Chad feels he practically goaded Clyde in to it. Stephanie says that Clyde is a lunatic. Chad still feels responsible. Chad knows it doesn’t make any sense but he went to Abigail’s grave to talk to her about it since Clyde is the one who took her from them. Chad remarks that God only knows what Clyde’s going to do next.

Marlena asks Everett to tell her what’s happening and what he is seeing. Everett stops and says he sees nothing but darkness. Marlena asks if he can find a light. Everett struggles but says he can’t. Marlena decides that’s enough and brings him out of hypnosis. Marlena assures that he’s safe and asks him to tell her what he remembered.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing at the Bakery.

Everett tells Marlena that he’s sorry but he doesn’t know and turns away. Marlena brings up that he said he saw some darkness and something was disturbing after seeing his mother. Everett claims he’s not sure as it was kind of fuzzy. Marlena asks how he feels now. Everett admits he’s a little shaky. Marlena calls today a very good start but says there was something blocking him from going forward. Marlena suggests they could deal with that in their next session if he’d like to. Everett says definitely. Marlena asks him to let her know if he has any memories at all which he agrees to do. Everett decides he should get back to work and thanks Marlena. Everett says he will set up another appointment and exits the office.

Stephanie hopes that visiting Abigail helped ease Chad’s mind. Chad confirms that it did. Stephanie repeats that what happened was not Chad’s fault. Stephanie points out that everyone is safe and the house is still standing, so before long it will be as good as new. Stephanie adds that Chad’s family and friends care about him so much, so he can lean on them. Chad thanks her and tells her the same since she’s going through a rough time as well. Julie returns with snacks. Stephanie says she has to run actually to go meet the new client that she mentioned. Julie gives her a sandwich and an apple for the road. Stephanie tells Julie to keep her posted as she exits. Julie notes that Chad doesn’t look too happy and asks him to talk to her. Chad responds that he’s just so sorry about the house and declares that it’s all his fault.

Ava and Harris decide on going to the Bistro to get rejuvenated. Harris feels he should shower soon as he’s sweaty. Ava mentions she’s been just as active as him, so she needs a shower too as they kiss.

Johnny and Chanel continue kissing. Johnny starts to undress her but Chanel says doing so in the kitchen would be a health violation. Johnny decides they can wait. Chanel mentions the storage room as they continue.

Stephanie goes to the Brady Pub and sees Everett seated alone. Stephanie greets him, so he invites her to sit. Stephanie asks how he is. Everett responds that he had his first hypnosis session today. Stephanie asks how it went. Everett calls it intense and reveals that he saw something that scared the hell out of him.

Julie encourages Chad to let it go. Chad feels he’s made such a mess of everything and now Clyde is free. Julie assures that nobody blames Chad for the fire and gets Chad to say that he’s not to blame. Julie hugs Chad as he talks about struggling. Chad sometimes feels he’s doing his best to raise his kids without their mother while other times, he feels like he’s failing. Chad cries that he misses Abigail so much all the time. Julie cries that they all miss her and this isn’t something he can do alone. Julie encourages that the family all support him and that she wants to build the house back because it’s a constant in their lives and a symbol of family, love, and hope as they hug.

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