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Sonny: Good to see you up and walking.

Dante: [ Weakly ] Yeah, you know, I might as well… be moving backward.

What matters is you’re doing it.

Yeah, unsteady though I may be.

You know, I wasn’t there when you took your first steps, but I’m getting a taste of that right now. This time, if — if you fall… I’ll be there to catch you.

Elizabeth: Jake, will you hurry up? I’d really like to take a shower after my shift! And the plumber hasn’t fixed mine yet, so hurry up!

[ Knock on door ]

Aiden, can you get that? I’m not dressed.


Hi. It’s, uh, aiden, right?

Yeah. You’re jason.

Yeah, it’s, uh — it’s been a while.

Sorry. Do you want to come in?

Thanks. Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi.

I hope it’s okay that I stopped by.

Yeah. Of course.

I saw you at my arraignment, and I just wanted to say thank you for being there.

Yeah, well, I-I just wanted to see for myself what was going on. Congratulations on having the charges dropped.

Thanks. Yeah, I’m sorry, I should have — I should have dropped by sooner.

No, no, I-I mean, it’s — it’s fine. Um, to be quite honest, I don’t know what sort of reception you would have received had you shown up any earlier. So maybe now the timing is just right.

Nina made me associate publisher, and I have every right to weigh in on where my pieces run.

Well, you don’t have any right to decide the layout of the paper, because that’s my job.

Oh, why don’t we call nina?

What —

see what she says?

You 5 years old? This is not kindergarten. You’re going to call the principal? No, we’re not doing that, adrian.

[ Knock on door ]

Diane: Knock, knock. Bad time?

So, how does it look?

Seeing it in print makes it seem real.

[ Laughs ] Of course it’s real. And we — we are all so excited to have you as the new face of Deception.

Thank you. I’m glad you circled back and that it’s working out this time.

Of course. Of course it’s working out. You are the perfect pairing with Deception, like peanut butter and chocolate or wine and cheese or a facial and a massage —

you know what? Lucy is right. This is going to be a great partnership. I say that not only on behalf of Deception, but also as your music manager. This is a really smart step for your career.

Maxie: Yeah, your popularity as an artist will bring eyes to Deception, and Deception’s large ad reach will boost your profile and expose your music to a whole new audience. It’s a win-win. We just need your signature.


[ Laughter ] Hi. I am so sorry I’m late. Traffic was just crazy. Have you signed that yet, honey?

Not yet.

Okay, perfect. Because it is so much harder to tear these things up and start from scratch.

Excuse the mess. Um, I just got off a double shift. I’m a head nurse now.

I heard, and epiphany died. It’s just so much to process, you know? First bobbie and then britt and epiphany. So much can happen in two years. But I’m happy you made head nurse. You deserve it. I know epiphany would be proud of you.

Thanks. Big shoes to fill, but so far, I’m loving it.

You look good. Happy.

Thank you. You look different.

It’s because I am.

Diane, I’m so glad we could meet. I was just showing adrian out.

In point of fact, we had not yet finished.

Go ahead. Call nina. In fact, she’s probably really busy. Why don’t you e-mail her and make sure you cc me?

Hold space for the review on the front page!

Perfect timing.

[ Laughs ] It looks like your day’s going well.

Nina has foisted this gossip columnist on me, made him associate publisher, and now I think he — he runs the place.

Oh, I’m sure that’s fun for you.

No. Nina is determined to turn the invader into some fluffy, gossipy rag magazine and making my life a living hell.

So you could obviously use some good news.

Do you have some to share?

I’ve done some digging, and with the information that I have found out, we are half a step closer to getting you back to practicing law.

So, I understand that this is not the first time you’ve approached alison about being the face of Deception. The woman who had the position until just recently, why did you two separate?

Um, that’s sasha gilmore. Sasha gilmore was wonderful and amazing, and we love her. And we’re so grateful to her for all she contributed. It’s just that, you know pop culture. It’s ever evolving and changing, and her look was just a little too wholesome. And the magazines right now want hipper, edgier, you know, the gen z that has that style. Which Blaze as a musician obviously has in spades.

Yeah. That’s, um — that’s unacceptable.

Which part?

Well, I’m just not going to have the word “edgy” associated with Blaze, because it just has less than savory connotations. Now, creative, gifted, those are acceptable.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Blaze, uh, what do you think?

Well, my mom makes a good point. I define myself as a creative. Whether people find my look, my presentation edgy, so be it. But that’s not something I’m striving for.

Uh, well, you know, we just want you to be your own lovely, wonderful self.

Thank you.

Um, okay. I have a little problem here with clause number three. It says something about Blaze being a “spokesmodel” for Deception products. What exactly does that mean?

Anything you need, you, you know, just say it.

Look at me. [ Chuckles weakly ] I want my strength back. I feel like I just ran a marathon or something.

That’s going to take time. You’ve been through a lot. But you’re getting your color back to your face, right? So, when you were unconscious —

hey, I’m going to be okay. Alright? You’re not getting rid of me that easy.

That’s good to know.

Uh, you know, I was shocked when I, uh — when I heard that jason was arrested for shooting me. I’m glad — glad I got that all sorted out with anna.

You positive that that’s what happened?

Yeah. Yeah, I went after the two suspects. Caught up with them at the — at the pier. Told them to stop. One of them — one of them did. The other didn’T. The guy that did, I told him to turn around with his hands in the air. And when he did, it was jason. Then the other guy, he came back, and he opened fire.

I saw on the news you’d been shot.

Uh, yeah, I’m okay.

Thank you.

Okay, mom. The bathroom’s all yours. And, um, if you still want to get me that electric razor for my birthday —

hi, jake.

Why are you here?

Diane: Something about the disciplinary hearing that resulted in your disbarment has never sat right with me, so I did some digging. One of the original attorneys on the panel had to recuse himself.

On what grounds? I don’t know. You tell me. The attorney in question, fergus byrne.

Byrne. Byrne!

As in the older brother of dr. Neil byrne, with whom you had a relationship and then lied to the board to protect.

And also the reason I was disbarred.


I had no idea there was a third brother. And yet he was the lawyer that recused himself on my case?

Mm-hmm. The byrnes were quite the overachieving irish american family — a doctor, a lawyer, an executive turned blackmailer.

This is really intriguing. Although how does it help me?

When fergus byrne recused himself, he was replaced with his very own law partner. Now, that alone gives the whole proceeding an air of illegitimacy, don’t you think?

I wanted to talk to you about a possible candidate for the police academy.

Oh, yeah. Well, we’re always looking for new recruits, especially one that comes recommended by the police commissioner.

Oh, yeah. Um, his name is, uh, dex heller. And I wanted to talk to you because you’re an instructor over at the academy, and I just wanted you to assess his potential.

Sure, I’d be happy to meet with him. How’d he do on the written exam?

He didn’t sit that yet. I-I wanted us to get the ball rolling first.

Okay. Uh, why is that?

He’s ex-military. He served in afghanistan. And so, therefore, I’m sure he’ll pass the physical and the jst and, you know, the alcohol and drug screening. I-I just wanted him to have extra time to study for the written exam.

Okay, that’s definitely not the usual process, commissioner, but I-I trust your judgment.

Thank you. Yeah. I have a good feeling about him, about dex. His experience with his former employer I think is going to be very useful for us.

Really? Uh, okay. What was he doing?

Working for sonny corinthos.

You know, the guy who shot me, I’d never seen him before. Not that it matters. Anna said they can’t find his body anywhere. No forensic evidence, nothing.

I guess jason knows what happened to him ’cause they were working together.

They were together on the roof, yeah. Lining up a shot at me.

Yeah, I don’t know what he was doing with that guy anyway. But I remember he was — he was trying to get me help. He was trying to stop the bleeding.

I guess we know where our tax dollars are going.

Tax dollars? What are you talking about?

I saw jason last night. He’s working as an informant. For the fbi.

You’ve been on the news a lot. Everyone’s talking about you, but I haven’t heard anyone say where you’ve been all this time.

All I can say is, uh, I got into some trouble, had to take a job I didn’t want in a place far away from here.

And they didn’t have phones in this faraway place or computers. Or — or did you just not feel like telling us you were alive?


it’s — it’s okay. I’d be asking the same question. I know this doesn’t make much sense to you, but if I could have gotten in touch, I would have. And I know it’s a lot to ask, but please… believe me.

Would you believe you?

Blaze would represent Deception at all our in-store product launches and of course on the home & heart shopping channel. She would be showing off our merchandise. And look at that face. This face would sell millions of units of beauty and wellness products. Yeah, it’ll get a ton of eyes on Blaze. We can’t buy that kind of publicity for her music career.

Absolutely not.

I’m sorry?

No, she — Blaze will do photo shoots, yes, but she’s not going to be personally hawking products on some home shopping show or live events. No.

Okay. I’m sure we can come up with a compromise that works for everyone.

Natalia: No. No compromise. You will not be signing the contract unless you agree that the face of Deception is completely separate than this traveling salesperson of Deception.

In the old days, organized crime would quietly infiltrate the force or hand out bribes to put some cops in their back pocket. So now you’re telling me the department is actively recruiting mobsters?

Well, dex had a somewhat contentious parting with his former employer. I believe that he has left that life firmly behind. And he will be 100% loyal to us here.

You know hiring this guy is going to cause conflict with corinthos.

Yes, that — I think it’s natural that there’s conflict between law enforcement and racketeers.

I always thought you had a soft spot for corinthos and tried to go easy on him.

Well, I apologize if I gave that impression. We go back, sonny and — and detective falconeri is his son. And I know that raises a few eyebrows around here, but he has never cut his father any slack, and nor will anyone else in this department, including me. Sonny corinthos will be held to the same standard that we hold everyone else.

Can I ask what prompted this change of heart?

Say it was a series of events that occurred recently that shed light on the fact that we have to check organized crime in this city, specifically limit sonny’s influence. To that end, dex will be invaluable to us. He will be able to give us insight into how sonny’s operation is run. I think that if we pass up this opportunity, we will never get one like this again.

Jason’s been working for the feds this whole time?


Why? Did he explain it?

Not really. He just said he was working as an informant for the fbi, and he wanted me to swallow it. But how can I swallow something? That’s the worst thing he could have done.

I guess I know how you feel about it.

I mean, working for the feds? He’s dead to me.

Come on. Why don’t you get the full story first before you write him off?

I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. Go ahead, say it, dante. Whatever it is you’ve got to say, say it.

Jason was your right-hand man, for years. You relied on him.

When I came back from nixon falls, I had amnesia. And I come back, my wife’s marrying my — my best friend. I have feelings for another woman. Things were never the same after that. Maybe jason’s not the jason that I know. I’m sorry. I don’t — I don’t want to waste, you know, our valuable time talking about this right now. I want you to get better. I want you to even make fun of me if you want.

[ Chuckles weakly ]

I really don’t care. Hell, I’ll even let you. How’s that?

I’m gonna hold you to that.

[ Chuckles ] You better.

This is all very intriguing. But I-I don’t want to get my hopes up.

I believe the implication of bias gives us further grounds to appeal your disbarment.

Wish I had paid more attention to neil’s family tree. I mean, I knew there was a lawyer out there somewhere, vaguely. But if neil’s brother fergus was at his memorial, I never met him.

Well, maybe there’s a very good reason why fergus didn’t introduce himself to you. If he was even partially responsible for your disbarment, he’d want to stay as far away from you as humanly possible before you started putting the pieces all together.


But fergus is no longer on the disciplinary committee. I checked. So he won’t be a factor in your appeal this time.

All joking aside, I truly am impressed with the progress that you’ve made on this so quickly. [ Sighs ] I’m just not sure that I should proceed with this.

Why the hell not?

Because my job at the invader is annoying, and it’s frustrating, but an argument in its favor is I get to sleep at night. I won’t be up at 3:00 in the morning making revisions on a closing argument or having nightmares that I make a procedural error and I get my client wrongly convicted.

Yeah. Well, there’s a lot to be said for a restful night’s sleep. But the alexis I know never took the easy way out for anything. You love a challenge, and you love being a lawyer. So, my friend, what is this really about?

Molly’s worried. She said the last time that I practiced law, I also happened to be a raging alcoholic, and I turned my life into a car wreck. And she’s worried that if the appeal is dismissed, I’ll dive right back into the bottle.

I see. Well, what did you say to that?

She’s got enough on her plate right now, so I don’t want to worry her, but I told her that I go to meetings regularly, and I’m working the program. And that is all true. But what if my trying to get my law license back derails my sobriety and everything else that I’ve worked so hard to salvage from the ruins of my old life?

Okay. I have crossed out all the sections about the live participation in pitching products, and the rest of it looks good to me.

Okay. Well, what if we want the live participation sections to remain in force?

Well, then you will have to find another face of Deception.

Hey. Look, I know that your mom wants the best for you and for your career.

Of course.

But you do realize being the face of Deception is a very prestigious role. I mean, it’s big, big, big. Are you really willing just to pass that up?

No, I don’t want to. Uh — but my mom makes a valid point. I’m a singer, a performer, not a spokesmodel.

Ah. I see.

But I don’t think that means we have to forget about the whole thing. Would you be open to hiring a second face? Someone to do the home & heart appearances and meet and greets? I’d do print advertising and related media.

We really need to discuss —

that is so perfect. You know, two faces, two are better than one. And I have a great idea how we’ll handle home & heart without you.

I-I told you everything I can.

Which is basically nothing! Am I supposed to give you extra points because you aren’t lying?

I-I know that I have a lot of things to make up for. I’m just hoping that if we can spend some time together, you can see that you can trust me.

Why would i want to spend time with you when I don’t even know how long you’re planning to stay this time? Or what even brought you back to port charles, because it obviously wasn’t me or anyone else in your family. But hey, at least you dropped by and got to play dad for a minute, right?

I didn’t want to leave, jake. I didn’t have a choice.

And you came back just as soon as you could, right?

No. No. I-I can’t explain… why, but I can see how much it hurts you.

You don’t know anything about me, so stop pretending you do.

I didn’t mean to upset you. I should go.

Then go!

Elizabeth: I’ll walk you out. You know, um, part of me wants to apologize for that, but… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get where he’s coming from. I have a lot of those same questions for you myself.

I know.

But… despite all of that… …it really is good to see you. Your death never felt real to me. I’m glad it wasn’T.

Yeah, me, too. Jake has every right to be angry. I’m glad he’s not afraid to say so.

Don’t kid yourself. He may act tough, but he is still just a teenager who’s afraid of an awful lot. Mostly, he’s afraid of losing his father.

I know this isn’t easy. First you had to mourn your dad and accept that he’s gone. And now all of a sudden, he’s back with no real explanation of where he went for so long. But this isn’t good for you to be so angry with him.

Well, I don’t think it’s good for you to be so okay with this and act, like, all nice to him, like — like he didn’t do anything wrong and everything’s fine.

That’s not what I’m doing. Jake, I understand that you’re hurting, but it doesn’t make it okay for you to lash out at everyone around you. So can you tone down the snark just a little?

Did you know?

Know what?

That my dad was alive. He didn’t call you or get in touch with you or send you something? Did you know and — and keep it a secret from me?

No. No, god, no, jake. I didn’t know he was alive, I promise.

Okay. It’s just hard, you know? It’s like, I-I feel guilty because — never mind. It doesn’t matter.

No, no, no, no, please j– tell me. All of your feelings matter. And you get to feel however you want to about this. And you can talk to me. No judgment here, I promise you that.

Well, it’s — I-I feel guilty because I was so sad when dad died. I used to lay in bed at night wishing I could talk to him just one more time. But now I think that it was easier to have a dead father that people would tell you stories about, rather than one who’s alive but only shows up to commit crimes and get arrested and has nothing to say to his own family.

[ Knock on door ]

Come in.

Hi, anna. How are you?

What can I do for you, sonny? I’m very busy. Um, I don’t have a lot of time.

Oh, okay, I’ll get to it. Um, I just got back from seeing dante.

How’s he doing?

He’s doing — he’s doing alright. He got up, and he was walking. You know, full recovery’s going to take a while, but, uh — I hate seeing him that way.

Of course. But then, the alternative is much worse.

Dante also said that it — he’s positive it wasn’t jason who shot him.

I’m aware of that. Like I said, I have a lot of work to do, so if that’s what you came here to tell me —

yeah, well, if jason, uh, isn’t guilty of shooting dante, he was still on the roof with that sniper who shot at me.

Fortunately, you weren’t hit.

Yeah, I was lucky. But, you know, um, you know jason was there, so do you have any idea what you’re going to charge him with?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.

No, I just didn’t, uh — didn’t expect to see you here. Um… I’m happy you are here, though. I wanted to, uh — I wanted to thank you.

For what?

Well, for the bandage. For calling 911. I think I, uh, probably would have bled out by the time the ambulance got there.

Well, if it hadn’t been for me, you wouldn’t be down on the pier in the first place.

Huh. That’s a good point. I take it back.

[ Chuckles ]

You know one thing I can’t figure out? Why’d you turn around? You didn’t want to be identified. Why didn’t you keep running?

Because I knew you wouldn’t stop chasing us. And I thought it would be… safer if I let you arrest me, but it turns out that I was wrong.

Let me ask you this, as a — well, as a cop and a victim. Can you tell me what happened to the guy who shot me?

No. The name I had for him was fake. But what’s real is he’s dead.

What happened to his body?

Uh, I have no idea. I have some theories, but it doesn’t really matter.

Well, maybe you can tell me this, then. Was he also an fbi informant?

My friend, none of us knows the future. If your appeal is denied, could the disappointment that you feel cause you to start drinking again? I don’t know. I — I guess anything’s possible. But I know you, and I know how strong you are. You have accomplished everything you have set your mind to. So there’s no reason to think that this would cause you to start drinking again. Hell, you say this place is a nightmare, but you’re not tossing ’em back, are you?


No. So there you go.

Thank you.

Now let’s get to my other big news. My petition to petition the appeals court was granted. So now the justices just need to agree that there are grounds for an appeal. Even though, technically speaking, that window was closed a long time ago.

Diane, we both know that motions to vacate disbarment are rarely granted.

God! I do not have the time right now to manage your fear of success. So would you please stop being the voice of doom? Honey, I’m ready to run with this, but only if you are committed to seeing it through and of course, paying me back for all the hours I will be logging by joining my practice once we see this through.

Nina and I had a great idea I’d love to run by you.

I’m in the middle of something. Can it wait?

It’ll just take a minute. Everyone has been loving my column so much that nina and I thought we could split it off into daily pieces. We’ll call it something like “spotlight of society,” highlighting what all the movers and shakers of port charles are up to, who are the hot new couples, who’s getting divorced, who lost all their money. It could be a big hit. What do you think?

I think that if you don’t leave my office right now, you’ll be putting out the evening’s edition all by yourself.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. I know that’s meant to be a threat. But I’ll have you —

get out, adrian!

[ Sighs ] Do it.


Please. Get me the hell out of here.

[ Laughs ]

Here you go. Consider this contract official.

Thank you. I will walk you out.

[ Laughs ] And thank you.

You know, I am so glad that we could work things out. We are going to do amazing, great things together.

Me, too. I’m the new face of Deception.

And a gorgeous face it is!

Congratulations.I’m so happy for you, baby. I have so many shoot ideas I cannot wait to talk to you about.

[ Women laugh, speak indistinctly ]

See? Everybody is so, so excited to get started working with you.

Oh, uh, just one more thing. And this doesn’t have to be in writing or anything, but I really would like your word that moving forward, alison will be a woman of mystery.

[ Chuckles ] What does that mean?

Just that her private life will remain off-limits. So she won’t be doing any interviews. You won’t publish puff pieces about her. Alison, or Blaze as you’ll be calling her, will just be known to the public by her beauty and her music.

Okay, um… is that what you want?


Your father is a man of few words, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He wouldn’t have shown up here if he didn’t want to see you.

Maybe he just felt like he had to.

No. No. I don’t know where he’s been for the past few years or why. But I saw the way he looked at you just now. He wouldn’t have stayed away on his own.

Why is he like this?

He’s complicated. But he never makes things up. And he doesn’t lie. He may not say a whole lot, but every word that comes out of his mouth is the truth.

You always defend him.

I’m explaining him. It’s different.

Doesn’t matter anyway. He knows I’m mad at him. I doubt he’ll ever show up here again.

I wouldn’t count on that. He’s not going to make some big declaration about how he’s your dad and he loves you. Instead, he’s going to keep showing up until you realize that’s the only explanation.

Guess you’ve been talking to sonny.

Yeah, he left a — he left a little while ago. You know, you working for the feds, that’s really messing him up.

I’m an informant, not an agent.

Sonny thinks you’re a traitor, but… there’s something else going on here. I mean, how many deals did you get offered over the years, and you didn’t take them? How many times could you have flipped on sonny, and you didn’t do it?

I didn’t inform on sonny.

Then who?

[ Sighs ] That I can’t — I can’t say.

Well, the fbi, they must have some serious leverage, something big, to get you to cooperate.

It was something big enough that I had no choice to… take their deal and do exactly what they wanted.

You swear to me it has nothing to do with my father?

Sonny has nothing to do with this. He’s safe. And I’m going to do my best to make sure he stays that way.

Son of a bitch. You have the gall to come in here and try to get me to file charges against jason?

I just wanted a heads up, just in case I have to testify.

There are no charges to file. It’s clear that jason stopped that sniper from shooting you. Anyway, this is an fbi case now, so if you’ll just — I mean, if you want me to arrest someone, I can always circle back to the attack on cyrus on christmas eve.

Anna, where is this hostility coming from —

no, I mean, it’s an open case. It’s in my jurisdiction, and I have a lot of dna evidence collected from the victim indicating you as the attacker. Cyrus may have declined to press charges against you, but I — honestly, I don’t need him in order to move forward.

Wh– I thought we were, like, getting closer, and that doesn’t seem to be the case now. What’s — what’s happening?

No, it’s — it’s not the case, sonny. It’s not. I think my attitude towards you was really colored by your friendship with robin and what you did for her and for stone. But if you thought for one second that I was okay with you beating an old man bloody and unconscious, no matter if he’s a vile person, you were sorely mistaken. I’m police commissioner. And your days of thinking that you can skate no matter what the offense, they’re over! So if you don’t mind — e-even if you do mind, get out of my office!

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