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Recap written by Suzanne

Sonny chats with Dante, who’s walking around in the hospital but still very weak. Sonny tells him that Jason is an FBI informant, so he’s ready to write Jason off.

Jason drops by to see Elizabeth and Jake at home. Jake is angry that he’s been gone for two years and didn’t even call. Jason tries to explain, but Jake doesn’t want to hear it. Elizabeth is glad Jason stopped by. She tries to explain to Jake later what Jason is like.

Jason drops by to visit Dante, too. They chat. Jason assures him that he’s not informing on Sonny. Dante wonders what the feds had on Jason to get him to work for them, but Jason won’t say.

Diane visits The Intruder to tell Alexis that she may have a way to get her law license back. Neal’s brother, Fergus, was one of the original lawyers on her committee and had to recuse himself. However, his law partner took his place. Alexis has some concerns but is very annoyed with being at The Intruder now that Nina owns it, so she tells Diane to go forward with it.

Blaze is about to sign her Deception contract when her mother, Natalia, rushes in to look at her contract first. She doesn’t want Blaze to be a spokesmodel or do any interviews (concerned that her being a lesbian will become public). Blaze meekly agrees. Maxie is annoyed, but Lucy agrees to Natalia’s suggestion that they get a second Face of Deception to do the publicity things.

Anna tells the man that runs the police academy that she has a potential candidate: Dex. He wonders if it’s a good idea to have Sonny’s former employee become a cop, but she thinks he’ll be useful. She tells the cop, who thought she was partial to Sonny, that she wants to focus on organized crime in Port Charles.

Later, Sonny visits Anna, wondering is she’s going to press charges against Jason. She tells him off, angrily. He wonders why she’s being that way. She tells him that she’s been nice to him because of Robin and Stone, but she was not OK with his beating up an old man (Cyrus). She orders him out of her office.


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